NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Miami Dolphins’ Week 14 practice schedule contains an interesting wrinkle – an early trip to the New York area.

Ahead of their matchup with the New York Jets, Tony Sparano’s Dolphins will hold their Friday afternoon practice at the Giants’ training facility in East Rutherford, N.J.

“It’s despicable that they’ve allowed this to happen,” WFAN’s Craig Carton said about the Giants Wednesday morning.

A Giants spokesperson said the Dolphins asked to use the practice facility “about two or three weeks ago.”

The Giants have been using the Timex Performance Center for two years, and according to the spokesperson, the center has never hosted an opposing team for practice.

LISTEN: Boomer & Carton on the G-Men welcoming Miami

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  1. Peter B. says:

    I loved the way your Giants played in the playoffs OOPS they didn’t make it. Oh well maybe next year

  2. LT says:

    Peter Bland, you seem to be somewhat educated. How you ever seen a Yankees fan root for the Mets or wear a Mets jersey, even if the wife or girlfriend bought it for him, it spells L-O-S-E-R-S, but one walk to the woods together and him coming back alone would take care of that. Have you ever seen a Celtic fan root for any other team? God forbid. Have you EVER seen a Giants fan root for the Jets? No Giant fan would be caught dead wearing green & white, its spells L-O-S-E-R-S. Those are not rules Peter Bland, those are commandments. And then we have you, with your Oprah and The View rules, enough said. .

    1. Peter Bland says:

      I know many ppl that root for more than one team. The guy that lives next door to me is a hardcore NY fan. He loves all the NY sports teams. My dad is a yankees and Mets fan, my collage football coach was a Dallas and Seahawk fan (bless the dead) I stopped rooting for the yankees when they got rid of Reggie to keep Dave. I’m still a Mets fan and always will be even though them a$$ heads make my chest hurt all the time the way the fu@king choke. I’ve been a Celtic and Knick fan since the Bird days and the King days with the knicks
      You came up with the rules that you can only root for sports team not me or anyother person on this site. I guess you forgot about that huh?

      1. Peter Bland says:

        @lt here is where you made your ststement that real men only root for one team only. YOUR words not mine.

        Peter Bland,still cryiing. Your intelligence is showing. My guess here is you attended FIT for fashion, I seen your clothes on Lady Gaga. You bring up other teams because you know you can’t compare the Jets to the Giants history. My other team the Steelers, real men ONLY root for one football team Peter Bland, only girls root for more then one, read above on Dee and that’s because of the colors of the uniforms, again, that’s goes back to your years at FIT. LOL,LOL

        December 8, 2010 at 10:59 pm | Reply | Report comment

  3. LT says:

    Dee, learn to read, the person who stated “my other team Pittsburgh” was not me, I was quoting him. Tipicial woman, sticking your nose in a man’s business, getting involved and base an opinion without knowing what’s going on. What happened, no Oprah re-runs, no women tennis, women golf, women softball on TV lately?, if you call those women games a sport. Yes, the color purple is wonderful, if you’re GAY!!!!

    1. Peter Bland says:

      I have a question for you.
      Useing your logic of one man one team. Did you play sports and if so did you want the team you played on to win?
      If so you broke your own rule of rooting for only one team.
      Have you coached sports and did you want the team you coached to win?
      If so you broke your rule one man one team
      Do you have any kids and if so do they play sports?
      If they do how do you tell them that you can’t root for them to win because you have a rule that only real men root for only one team and since you are a real man you can’t root for them.
      Aslo by your own rule you can’t root for anyother pro or collage baseball,hocky, or basketball team?
      If so you have a poor sports fan life.
      Remember it was your words that said that only a real man roots for only one team and women root for more than one.

  4. dee says:

    Hey LT – Real Women root for one team – I said I am a Jets Fan forever and I enjoy watching the Giants. “Real Men” must not be able to read! I’ve been going to Jets games since before you were born! And it’s not the colors that makes me watch them. You wrote “Real Men root for one team” and then in the next sentence you write “My other team is the Steelers” – I guess you like their colors – you cave man! Let’s go Vikings!!!!!!!!!!! I happen to really like the color purple this week!

    1. Peter Bland says:

      I’m with you on this. i’m a sports fan and i root for a few different football teams
      Jets, Steelers, Green Bay, and Washington. All for 30 years. This years my skins suck but thats fine with me you can’t win them all

  5. LT says:

    Peter Bland, give it up. You’ve been beaten like the Jets were on Monday night by the Patriots.

    1. Peter Bland says:

      i do think so. The jets are 9-3 and i’m happy with it. Also it seems to me that you are the one that has been beaten, I used your own words against you. I can see you can dish it out and talk smack like all sports fans do but you have to make sure what you say to try to insult a person doesn’t apply to you in the same debate.

  6. CoachB12 says:

    Peter Bland can’t spell J-E-T-S or G-E-D.

    1. joe says:

      jets fans looking for excuses already

    2. Peter Bland says:

      Don’t have to spell right to be right

  7. LT says:

    Peter Bland,still cryiing. Your intelligence is showing. My guess here is you attended FIT for fashion, I seen your clothes on Lady Gaga. You bring up other teams because you know you can’t compare the Jets to the Giants history. My other team the Steelers, real men ONLY root for one football team Peter Bland, only girls root for more then one, read above on Dee and that’s because of the colors of the uniforms, again, that’s goes back to your years at FIT. LOL,LOL

    1. Peter Bland says:

      you still havent told me where i said the jets won it all? since you had know valid answer to my first post YOU had to bring up the giants past superbowl wins. If you don’t like the jets why do you care if they win or not? Also in your blind hate for the jets and trying to be funny you say using YOUR words”real men ONLY root for one football team” and ” only girls root for more then one” but you say “My other team the Steelers” so does that mean that you are not a real man or a girl? remember you say only real men root for only one team and girls root for more than one?

  8. Dee says:

    I don’t know how I ever rooted for the Giants. I would watch the Jets and then watch the Giants, I am a Jets fan forever but have always enjoyed watching the Giants too, but after hearing what they did by opening up their facility for the Dolphins to use, I will now be a Jets and Eagles fan! Cowboys too. In fact next time the Cowboys come to town, I will be inviting all of them to dinner, and making sure they have a wonderful place to practice! Go Cowboys! Go Eagles! I will NEVER root for a Giant team again! They are classless!

    1. Jack B says:

      Dee, invite the entire NFL to your house because unlike you guys, we don’t care!! If you think that practicing at the TImex facilities (not the stadium) is going to give the Fins an edge, that is scary!!! Then your team does not belong where they are! Come on guys wake up!!

  9. Danny says:

    Is this the same Craig Carton who an hour before he broke his big story, told a 59-year old Grandmother that he would like to douse her in Bar-B-Que sauce and lick it off her??? and he calls the Giants Despicable? What a Classless Jerk!

  10. LT says:

    Hey Peter Bland, still crying. 40 years without a champisonship. You sound more & more like your coach, all mouth with no action. Yes, Giants won back in ’07, but also in 1990 and 1986 and that does matter. You were not around when the Jets got lucky in way back when 1969. You’re saying the Jets won it all in 2011. Just to let you know, Superbowl XLV has yet to be played. It’s all in your mind. In those dreams that you have every year where you see the Jets winning. Dreams do not matter, reality does, so wake the F@@K UP

    1. Peter Bland says:

      when did i say the je won it all” show me? My other team the steelers won more superbowls than the giants but like i said it doesn’t matter who won it the past it’s all about who wins this year. So like i said you should worry about all the teams in the NFC that are better than your giants and hope they win so they can try and make the playoffs. So why should i “wake the f@@k up” because i support my team?

  11. David Vincent says:

    The Jets are a bunch of free-loaders anyway. Get your own damn stadium! anybody else in the NFL have to share a stadium. You play in the new Giants Stadium. I don’t care what you call it, if the teams moved from Giants Stadium then it’s the new Giants Stadium. I actually heard a commercial say come down and see the Jets at the new Jets Stadium. Makes me sick. Find a home for yourselves or go play in a cardboard box on West 53rd.

    1. Peter Bland says:

      The Jets paid 50% of all cost of the new Stadium. I agree with you that they need there own stadium. they had a good place to build it in Queens but if you see that part of Queens you would not have taken it either.

  12. LT says:

    Why don’t you Giants fans worry about what your team has to do to win. Hey Peter Bland, Giants won the title just 3 yrs ago. I guess when your favorite team hasn’t won in over 40 years you get all Michael Jackson girly sensitive. “Why don’t the Giants fans worry” He should hear yourself. You sound like a girl on her monthly

    1. Peter Bland says:

      Why are you mad that i sad worry about your team? Guess i struk a nerve with you. Since i’m not a giants fan i don’t care if you wins or not so why should you care if the jets win of not? Yes you did win 3 years ago and the Saints won last year so how does that matter about this year…………………… doesn’t so like i said worry about your team trying to make it the the playoffs.

  13. Christopher Collins says:

    The jets are and always have been an awful team…the only difference this year is they’re barely skating by sub 500 teams…say what you want about indy they have peyton manning and the last time this new york team played new england we beat them. The jets suck and if they get past the first round of the playoffs it will be an ordained miracle.

    1. john greene rhode island says:

      you know what … i listen 2 them every day i would put my money on what carton says dude if u knew anything about the show .. u lie 2 women and dudes u keep it real u dummy why would u let them . come get some

      1. Jack B says:

        Keep putting money in whatever he says….think he said the Jets were going to win Monday…what the hell does “come get some” mean?

  14. Peter Bland says:

    Why don’t you Giants fans worry about what your team has to do to win and make the playoffs. Being a 30+ year Jets fan i’ve seen the highs and the lows so monday nights loss is no big deal to me. the Jets have a 9-3 record and only 2 theams have a better record than they do so i’m not worried about them at all. Let Rex run his mouth the way his dad did while he was coaching. All it does is put presure on the jets to back it up. Sometimes you back it up other times they get there foots stuffed in there mouths. That is whay football is all about. Games are won or lossed on the field not in the papers or by what you say.

  15. Mike says:

    First of all Giant fans must be smoking to much herb because was it this year that Indy killed you on national tv and last year the viking killed you.The second point if you woke up this morning and the Jets were leting the cowboys come up early to practice in there facility the Giant fans would be screaming from the roof top.

  16. Vince says:

    The giants are a low class tired old organization! Renounce and denounce them.Come over to the dark side and root for the Jets!

    1. Jack B says:

      Let’s see…low class…you have a coach that screams we are the big show in town, we are the best team, I am not going to kiss Belicheks rings etc etc….and the Giants go on their business quietly.. Come on buddy…Jets are low class org that encourages their players to trash talk as well as their coach. Never go to GANGRENE side. Forever Blue!!

    2. Peter Bland says:

      @Vince thats funny

    3. Jake27 says:

      Your words have come back to haunt you Vince…further proof your Jets are the low class org of the league!! That trip on the sideline and agagin, your coach…enough said. Hope your team can salvage the season. Got some tough ones coming up and against some good offenses….not the Fins.

  17. Frank Pirro says:

    I’ve been a fan of Carlton for a long time and find him both insightful and highly knowledgeable so if he said it it must be true! Give Gregg a break already.

    1. Paul says:

      Who is Gregg Carlton? Is he that other morning guy with Rumer Eliasion on UUFAM?

  18. Frank says:

    What a non issue. Can’t wait for the Fish to show the rest of the NFL how they are still the SAME OLD JETS.

    Second class citizens in this town until hell freezes over.

    Don’t ever forget that fella.

    1. Jerry says:

      Jets are already the better team..and haven’t been booed in their own stadium like the Giants have.. and don’t forget fella 2007 was the luckiest SB win ever.. luckier than the Brady “tuck” fumble in 2002..

      1. Jack B says:

        Jets have been booed numerous times in their stadium!! In fact during one of your recent games the stadium was empty because even you diehard Jets fans didn’t think they could come back and beat the texans!!! Come on…and fyi, would not call that SB win luck. Giants outplayed the Pats and earned the victory. Oh, and Eli, well he is a SB MVP!!!! So if you consider that luck, your whole season is LUCK!!! Come on, worry about the Fins and Pats!

      2. Jerry says:

        Not this year they haven’t been booed. If the Giant fans are only worried about their next opponent why all the trash talking of the Jets when Carton is right you don’t help out a teams opponent when you share the stadium with them..

      3. Jack B says:

        You sure you are a fan? Thye have been booed, first half Texan game I beleive and some others. The response was triggered by Carton and friends rants about the stupid news that the Fins are being “allowed” to use the facilties!! Do you expect us Giants fans to sit back and let him put down our team??? NO WAY!!! Again, are you that worried about a .500 team coming in and getting and edge over the Jets jsut by practicing in NY?? Come on….in the words of Billy Joel, “we didn’t start the fire” but we’re sure not going to get burned by ignorance and hatred!!!

      4. CRIS says:

        GET A LIFE ! !

      5. Danny says:

        You must be that moron from Brooklyn who calls the show early, usually to knock the Giants, how can we forget beating an 18-0 team, altough I have forgot the Jets in SB III were lucky that Johnny U didn’t start….I was only 2 so forgive me

      6. Jake27 says:

        Hi Jerry, did you catch the Jet’s fans booing yesterday? Just checking….As i said, worry about your opponents and not the NYG…

  19. matt says:

    Carton, I find it highly amusing that we have heard nothing about big talk from this team and their fans all season long. How they are going to the Super Bowl like they are the 85 Bears. Now are you really saying that you are worried about a 6-6 team having 2 days of practice in cold weather? Did the 42 point ass opening you took on Monday shake your confidence that much, that you are scared of the 6-6 Fish? I find it so comical. Maybe the light has gone on for you and are starting to realize that maybe your whole season and team is nothing more than a mirage.

  20. Dak says:

    And you are the voice of reason. Thank you Boomer

  21. Win says:

    Craig come on stop your belly aching. In the words of Vito Corleone “You can act like a man”. Boomer’s post is dead on.

  22. Jack B says:

    BTW. “despicable” is that you use your position on radio to make these stupid accusations and slant the news to your liking. Thank God for Boomer the voice of reason on that show who when he pointed out the Fins were going to use the indoor facilities for an hour, you tried to shut him up…. I heard it loud and clear!

  23. Jack B says:

    Are you serious Carton?? You need to be more concerned about the spanking the Pats gave your Jets on Monday night! When you first announced that the Giants wer “helping” the Fins I thought they were giveing them film, strategy or something. When you revealed it was that they were opening the facilities to them for an hour on Friday, I laughed!! Are you that concerned about the Fins that you believe and extra hour of practice even if it is in the stadium would give them an edge? That is laughable!! As for the Giants, fans and org, being envious of the Jets successes, no way. By your ranting it is obvious you and your fellow fans are envious about the Giants successes and jump on any manufactured controversy you can come up with .

    1. Christopher Collins says:

      Thats right…New York only has one team. Lets go Big Blue lets take favre out permanently this week.

  24. MARKG says:

    jets will lose the next 3 games then beat buffalo in the last minute to get in playoffs win 1 game then lose to NE AGAIN IN A SHUTOUT. JUST SO US JET FANS CAN SUFFER MORE HOW THE HELL CAN REVEIS SAY THEY WERE FLAT.

    1. Christopher Collins says:


  25. MARKG says:


  26. Pete Reveille says:

    Dear Carton:

    Jets can’t lose by enough. Too bad New England only scored 45 on Monday night. You are a horse’s ass. Glad Giants are helping out any team that plays the Jets.

  27. Dak says:

    Get a life Carton. It’s not uncommon for a team to practice at their competitions field anyway. I guess you’re scared of the Fin’s after your J-E-T-S got spanked by the Pats

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