Store Owner Takes Different Approach To Getting Customers

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — She loves to design greeting cards and she loves to pole dance.

One female entrepreneur in lower Manhattan is combining two passions to entice new customers.

Greeting cards are not the only items on display at Jill-Anne’s store on the Lower East Side.

“I always swore to myself I would always have fun at work. I have a wonderful time with my company, but I also need mini breaks and since I don’t have a water cooler or the Starbucks around the corner, I have my pole,” Jill-Anne told CBS 2’s Magee Hickey.

This pole-dancing, greeting card designer is trying a novel way to lure customers into her Allen Street store. Her store’s been in business for only two months now and during the daylight hours it’s actually tough to see what’s going on inside.

“Seventy-five percent of the people, when I’m poling, in my store who walk by are women who smile and clap, so it’s not a male lust thing. It’s empowering women thing as well,” Jill-Anne said.

Jill-Anne’s clearly a creative force from top to bottom as she spends her time hand-painting and printing her cards in the back of the store and sometimes playing bass guitar out front. While she’s quite an individual, so are her cards. They are not the standard commercial variety, but more quirky and cutting edge – with some featuring gay marriage or couples breaking up or pole dancing.

Since Jill-Anne is a serious greeting card designer with a thriving business for the last 10 years, doesn’t she worry that she won’t be taken seriously if she’s a pole dancer?

“Not at all. Everyone embraces my art in any form I do it,” Jill-Anne said.

From the to encourage sales and not gawking at her store customers who buy $50 worth of merchandise, get their own personal pole dance.

Jill-Anne said in these tough economic times female entrepreneurs must be creative and combine their passions to get ahead.

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  1. ryan says:

    why is my leg tingling?

  2. Frank says:

    id beat er buy

  3. wxman says:

    Congrats Jillanne for your creative advertising. Some here don’t seem to appreciate that a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, physically attractive, in shape and a clever enterpeneur should be doing this. These are primarily those who lack these same quaities. Good on ya and good luck with the publicity!

  4. Midwest Conservative says:

    She’s brilliant! Took an unusual hobby and got the attention of the news folks, now she has free nationwide advertising with links to her site, and more attention to her business than she could possibly afford to purchase. Wonderful business move.

    Pay your dues building your business – 11 years.
    Install pole in your shop – $250
    Sell cards for a dance – $50
    Be the subject of a story linked world-wide on Drudge Report – Priceless!

    Other entrepreneurs are no doubt wishing they had the same attention to their business in this economy.

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear MC,

      Yours is my favorite comment!! Very creative 🙂


  5. Smooter says:

    Uhm, could you open a store in Pittsburgh? I’d actually enjoy going card shopping for a change! And, love how you’re actually replying to all the haters and fans on here. I say great entrepreneurship, from one to another. You aleady have the location, might as well try to make as much money through any and all businesses you have while there!

  6. Walter Golumbowski says:

    It could be worse, she could be pole dancing in building 77 for INS Losers.

  7. Chicago Nick says:

    Whatever, better than selling herself for sex, that’s for sure/ But will it keep me from running down to walgreens when I need a card for someone? Prolly not.

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear Chicago Nick,

      Save the gas and the walk. Go to my site instead 🙂


  8. ken says:

    This is awesome, now if I wanted to leave a tip, is it on the tip jar on the counter or in her g-string? No hate from me, girl can do what she wants as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

    1. JILLANNE says:

      Hey Ken,

      A gentleman and his wife and adult daughter actually tipped me by leaving the $40 on the counter. I pole in gym attire 🙂


      1. Barnestormer says:

        Yes, I noticed your cross-trainers.

      2. JillAnne says:

        Dear Barestormer,

        From a comment above: Its impossible to do pole with tennis shoes because you cannot climb. The purpose of the shoes is to #1 extend your calf muscles for a better workout an #2 the material on the shoes grip onto the pole for climbing. You can do pole barefoot, but you will bruise your feet horribly.


  9. TonySazo says:

    I hope she gives lap dances also if I buy a card!!!!!!!!

    1. JILLANNE says:

      Sorry, I don’t do lap dances. Just Pole Fitness. But you have to spend $50.00


      1. TonySazo says:

        Awww Man !!!! You should youtube yourself and play the bass! that would be awesome!!!

  10. waltinseattle says:

    Not your parents Hallmark Store. I.D. required,Over 21 only,

    Welcome to the nanny state…

    Is there a u-tube of her on the Bass Guitar?

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear Walt,

      I don’t have a vedio of me playing my bass yet, but will try and get one soon. It will go on:


  11. Smitty says:

    How much for a lap dance?

    1. JILLANNE says:

      See above.


  12. KMandingo says:

    For $10 she allows sniffs of the Pole, 6 hours into the day you can smell it when you walk into the door!

  13. davec says:

    Can we get that HERE??? Boo Yah!!!

  14. chiliboots says:

    Shirley, you can;t be serious. She doesn’t look Polish.

  15. cricket says:

    I actually wanted to see her cards… I looked them up at I almost feel it’s my duty to buy some as a fellow pole dancer..

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear Cricket,

      Thanks for the support. I also sell my designs on pole tanks and bootie shorts. Mention you’re a CBS fan and I’ll give you a pole card for free with your order.



  16. Jack says:

    It seems that this is only one, maybe two, steps away from the world’s oldest profession.

  17. Honest John says:

    Great entrepenurial spirit at work! Anyone who says that women are “victims of scoiety” don’t live in the free world and are swayed more by liberal ideology than reality. I got no problem with her using her talents for benefit – but please no whining about we poor women! The only legitimate “poor us” women I can think of are those who live under the yoke of Sharia Law.

    1. JILLANNE says:

      Thanks for your words 🙂 I personally don’t buy into the ‘poor women’ thing either 🙂


  18. Bob Terwilliger says:

    I think she is wonderful. Free enterprise at it’s best. I’d buy a card if they were available closer to me.

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear Bob,

      They may be since I sell nation wide to may retail stores. Email me and I’ll let you know if there is one in your area:


  19. Empowered Democrat says:

    How much for the shopkeeper?

    1. JillAnne says:

      I’m priceless… But you can buy my cards and calendars if you want 🙂



  20. mike in San Antonio says:

    Heck yes, I would spend money in there. You go Lady!!!

  21. shelisa says:

    typical liberal

  22. kevin says:

    If that shop with what, a few dozen items is the only place she sells her greeting cards, I wonder how she pays the rent. Hmmm. Oh, right, she’s “empowered.”

    1. JILLANNE says:

      Actually Kevin I’ve owned a successful wholesale greeting card business for over 11 years. My line consists of more than 500 greeting card designs and is always growing.


  23. She's JEALOUS says:

    Sounds like a typical dumb bimbo broad making a jealous comment like that.
    Ever wonder why you can’t keep a man ??? HA HA..jokes on you !!!!

    1. shelisa says:

      I take it you spent the 50 dollars for merchandise. 😉

      1. Practice says:

        You can always identify trailer-park trash by their comments, or lack there of it.

        What happened Shelisa ?? Ha Ha Ha.
        Now focus on keeping your guy !!!!!!!

      2. JILLANNE says:

        Dear Shelisa,

        That is correct 🙂 The performance the bonus. ,)


    2. SWALLOW THAT says:

      NOPE didn’t have to. I’ve got the best at home. Apparently you can’t say the same. Joke’s on you…BIMBO

  24. Rich Unger says:

    Good for her, brilliant concept, You GO Girl.
    Great idea.
    sell those cards, dance on that pole.
    Make Money Honey.

  25. j stuart says:

    This is good training for the future of women when we install Shari law and make them all property.

  26. John Keyes says:

    I wonder if Pelosi should do this to stimulate the Liberals..?? I can see it now..

    1. jayjohne says:

      Oh GOD, what a visual……..

    2. possom20 says:

      I just threw up in my mouth a little.

      1. Nauseating nancy says:

        Me too. Then I moved on to the full projectile version.

    3. Bdeholl says:

      They don’t have poles tall enough where she wouldn’t sag and touch the floor…

  27. Sean Patriot says:

    Is there ANYONE that’s NOT sick in the head in New York?

    1. Mr Steamy says:

      I live here and the answer is ‘No’.

  28. Barnestormer says:

    Um, her TV advertising budget is how much?

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear Barnestormer,

      From a previous comment:

      She’s brilliant! Took an unusual hobby and got the attention of the news folks, now she has free nationwide advertising with links to her site, and more attention to her business than she could possibly afford to purchase. Wonderful business move.
      Pay your dues building your business – 11 years.
      Install pole in your shop – $250
      Sell cards for a dance – $50
      Be the subject of a story linked world-wide on Drudge Report – Priceless!

      Other entrepreneurs are no doubt wishing they had the same attention to their business in this economy.


  29. Fred says:

    A questionable endeavor.

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear Fred,

      See above.


  30. Vic says:

    Spell check does not equal proof reading guys.

    1. MrNiceGuy says:

      You are so correct, as evidenced by your misspelling of the word “proofreading”.

  31. ragu4u says:

    Why do the Pol;es have a ll the luck? Why can’t some of these babes dance on a Lithuanian once in a while?

    1. jayjohne says:

      That’s so funny……..!!

  32. Bret says:

    This will attract the nutjobs to her shop and may even invite sexual assault. Very foolish and shows a serious lack of common sense.

    1. under cover says:

      @ “Bret”…NUT Job #1..let’s all hope you won’t be spending the holidays in prison for sex assault.

      Stay away from the shop, it has surveillance and undercover police waiting on guys like you.

      1. JillAnne says:

        Thanks UC for setting the record straight.


  33. call me al says:

    Whoever edited this article should seek more suitable employment.

    As for those of you who think pole dancing somehow empowers women, and is an art form, I commend your ability to rationalize. It does reflect on your possessing a powerful intellect, though your common sense is clearly long lost.

    1. Long lost $$ingles says:

      AL. is that the name you go by at the strip joints ?
      Jill says you sound quite familiar, see you Friday night.

    2. Kat says:

      As another pole dancer (and professional engineer), al, you have No clue what you are talking about. pole dancing for my own personal pleasure is empowering. but really, your beliefs are your own, so I hope you enjoy being judgemental towards what you can’t possibly understand…

      1. JILLANNE says:

        Thanks Kat!

        xoxo JILLANNE

  34. seeker says:

    “From the to encourage sales and not gawking at her store customers… ”

    Ah, another fine example of modern day journalism in all of its illiterate glory.

    1. "Seeker of knowledge" ? says:

      Uh…DUH..what ?????? Dude, talk about ILLTERATE. School starts at 8:15.

      1. Bunky says:

        He spelled it right, slick. Oops.

  35. Justin Case says:

    Since every computer comes with printer software the allows you to make your own greeting cards, I don’t think she’ll be in the card business very much longer. It’s time to move on to selling poll dances on the internet.

    1. bean says:

      I am sending digital cards from now on-too much trouble to get addresses and all that bull-

    2. JILLANNE says:

      Dear Justin,

      With the advent of such good printers, I too thought that my business would go down the tubes. I have been pleasantly surprised to see it growing each and every year. Everyone is good at something, but possibly can’t be good at everything. Many enjoy my artwork and writing, thus they buy my cards.


  36. Nova Saigo says:

    Although this is about pole dancing, I’d like to hear more of the bass playing.

    1. JillAnne says:

      Dear Nova,

      Even though many are focusing on the fact that I do pole fitness for me it is really about following all my passions. Bass playing is certainly one of them. I currently do not have any of my playing on You Tube but am in a couple of bands. When we do get something, I’ll post it on:



  37. Doc says:

    LOL…we all know what she will be doing once her store closes down…

    1. WHAT'S DOWN DOC says:

      @ Doc the hater..from the sound of things your boy/girl didn’t give you “BREAKFAST” this morning. HA HA HA.

      Perhaps go buy some cards and/or novelties and she won’t close down !!!

      1. Homey says:

        Why is Doc a “hater”? Sounds like YOU are the hater….is he wrong? What do YOU think she’ll be doing when her store closes down?

      2. Business As.... says:

        Homey it is ?..Far from the hater. Apparently that’s what you and doc are.
        As a business person, regardless of the actual curriculum. Things have the tendency to go downward when the economy is downward. Meaning no finances being generated to keep afloat.

        Who’s feeding you homey, mommy ??
        Or my hardworking tax dollars ??, Homey

    2. JILLANNE says:

      Dear Doc, et al,

      When and if I close down, I will continue with my wholesale greeting card business that I own 11 years ago…and will continue to do pole fitness. You should see my biceps and stomach muscles!


      1. JC says:

        I would like to see your biceps and stomach musles. 🙂

  38. Zed says:

    This woman is smart, talented, and has a rockin’ body! 10/10.

    1. PBiz says:

      BTW. she sells the poles and it’s a demostration! love this business woman.

      1. JILLANNE says:

        Thanks PBiz!!! I do indeed sell X-poles.

        Best to you!

    2. JILLANNE says:

      Thanks Zed!!


  39. boe says:

    How much does she charge for a Happy Ending?

    1. Stay on the porch boe says:

      “boe, you can’t afford it if you have to ask, joke’s on you pal !

  40. SIGN ME UP... says:



    1. Sheesh says:

      I just hope you have a dream where you realize that you should turn off your CAPS LOCK.

    2. JILLANNE says:

      Dear Sign Me Up,

      Thank you so much 🙂 I think you’re awesome!


  41. Regulas says:

    Good for her, I hope her store succeeds in this recession purposely brought on by the Obama regime.

  42. Scratch says:

    To me, it makes a difference that she owns the store. If it was an owner who just hired some girls to come in and dance, that would be on the trashy side. But this seems OK to to me, if a bit unusual.

  43. mark says:

    If you get a pole dance for $50, I suppose you’d get a lap dance for $75 and perhaps a trip to the broom closet for a $100. Where does the public display of deviant sexual behavior ever cross the line if we don’t stop moving the line. This is so trashy.

    1. M 1 says:

      “Deviant”? You should get out of the house more often.

    2. PBiz says:

      you’re gay

    3. Mark in the MARKET..... says:

      @ Mark….Whose that on line ? Oh, it’s Mark.

      1. PIGGY TO THE MARKET... says:

        Excuse me….I was watching the pole….”I MEAN WHO’S THAT ON LINE…IT’S MARK.

    4. JillAnne says:

      Dear Mark,

      Actually the deal was that if you buy $50 worth of cards/calendars then you get the pole performance. If you had looked at the video you would have noticed that my moves are from the ‘pole fitness’ genera rather than from the ‘gentman’s club’ variety. Nothing deviant about it.


  44. Jenny Bea says:

    Capitalism at its best. Good for her. You people should shut up about whether or not she’s a liberal- as a conservative, I’m saying who cares? She’s a productive member of society, people like her cards and support her business as part of the free will we all have to do that, and in efforts to bring herself more, she becomes industrious and promotes using the oldest trick in the book- sex. And good for her. She could have ten kids and living in section 8 housing, sucking up food stamps every month. She’s not. She has a business, she pays taxes, she supports the economy, and she continues to do it by swinging around on a pole. Somehow that makes her bad? Me thinks the amount of jealosy in this comment section is way too much.

    1. Mike says:

      Yes, she is totally cool. An artsy person, she’s into music and dance as well as her main business. Also realize pole dancing is essentially a form of gymnastics, been sexualized in strip clubs but in practice no more sexual than watching a girl on the balance beam.

      1. JILLANNE says:

        Thanks Jenny and Mike!


  45. WW3 says:

    she could not be a liberal – she owns her own business

    1. Phocion says:

      She shows up to work every day. Definitely not a liberal.

  46. mool n yam says:

    50 for a dance,,its five at the club

    1. JILLANNE says:

      $50 worth of amazing art AND a show? It’s actually quite a deal. 🙂


  47. JC says:

    Nice! I wish more people would have fun at work like this. If uptight parents have a problem with their kids seeing someone stretch on a pole, than they better sell their TV. That kid sees far worse on that boob tube.

    1. M 1 says:

      Political Correctness on both sides of the aisle prohibits having fun at work.

    2. JILLANNE says:

      I agree!


  48. Only You says:

    Only a stupid liberal would buy a gay marriage greeting card because some dunce is pole dancing in her store. Good body though, she’s actually an attractive liberal which you don’t see much of at all.

  49. Patty says:

    I don’t have anything against Pole Dancing which is now becoming more of a excercise and hobby. What I do have a problem with is that if I am walking in that card store to purchase a card with my child how would I even explain something like that. Its an art and its has its place to be done but not in any means in a card store. Just for the record I have friends that are Pole Dancers and I respect the hard work they put into keeping theirselves in shape and be able to do a dance on a pole. Just not in a card store. Maybe she should have a sale on her cards maybe business will get better that way.

    1. H.M. Phobe says:

      Patty, go home and give your husband some – if he’s still around.

    2. JILLANNE says:

      Dear Patty,

      I only pole if the audience is appropriate. Since I do realize that children may be walking by, none of my moves are sexualized. It literally is gymnastics on a pole. I also have a selection of kid, Christian, Judaica, Birthday, Sympathy, etc, cards. Please feel free to come by anytime.


  50. Trainer says:

    This is a post woman for body weight culture. Body weight training at it’s best.

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