By Sweeny Murti
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Every marriage has a few bumps in the road, a few arguments that turn a little more heated than you hoped they would. Maybe you throw a few pillows or potted plants, say some words you never meant. Yes, sometimes these things end in divorce. But other times the marriage goes on when you realize its still a good relationship to maintain and you move into the next phase of your life together.

Welcome to Derek Jeter and the Yankees, married since 1992. He moved out briefly in the fall of 2010, some moments of anger to be sure. Jeter even admitted it at Tuesday’s press conference. But now they’re back together again, like he never even left Brian Cashman said.

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Funny though…most players can’t wait to become free agents. They love the attention, being wined and dined, told by multiple teams how much they would love to have him, several multi-year offers to choose from. But Jeter said right up front he didn’t like the experience. Listen here as Jeter chats about his free agency, the anger and resentment, and ultimate resolution of his contract…

Jeter doesn’t just say he was angry. You can hear it in his voice. He got to have his say Tuesday. He says now that he won’t let it linger, that it’s all one big happy family again. But you know Derek Jeter doesn’t forget. The Yankees, Jeter, and baseball finally became a business.

Nobody should feel sorry for Derek Jeter. After all, there is truth to what Hank Steinbrenner said about making him a rich man. Jeter will have earned more than $250 million dollars from the Yankees by the time his playing career is over.

But if you thought the hard part was over—getting that new contract signed—then you better get ready to drink some more reality potion. The hard part is just beginning. Derek Jeter trying to bounce back from the worst season of his career, trying to maintain his position on the field and in the batting order in the later stages of his career.

We can all be thankful this Jeter drama has come to an end. But there will be more down the road. You can count on it.

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