Students Say Revolt Came In Response To Overly Strict Policies

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Hundreds of students at Murry Bergtraum High School took a stand this week after being told they couldn’t use the bathrooms at school.

Fed up with what some say are strict policies, crowds of angry teens rushed the Manhattan school’s halls, creating chaos, reports CBS 2’s Derrick Dennis.

It was literally a riot — students crowded the hallways, screaming at the top of their lungs and protesting what they said was the principal’s decision to close all the bathrooms to students.

“What happened was two students started fighting, and the principal got mad, and closed all the bathrooms, and then all the kids went crazy and just started a riot,” one student said.

The unrest happened Thursday in the middle of the school day.

Students said Principal Andrea Lewis, who started at the school just this fall, got on the loudspeaker and announced bathroom access would be restricted, after what students said were two fights that broke out during class.

1010 WINS Reporter Glenn Schuck finds out what happened at the Manhattan school

The principal is also accused of threatening that anyone caught fighting again would be arrested.

When asked if Lewis did indeed close all the bathrooms, one student said, “You can say that, but she did say if it’s an emergency you can use the bathroom at the nurse’s office. Everybody got mad and it started a riot.”

The bathroom ban was apparently the last straw at the 2,400-student school next to the Brooklyn Bridge. The building is equipped with its own surveillance video, which school officials said was used to identify those involved in the riot, leading to some being disciplined.

But students said it’s the principal who needs discipline over her strict no-bathroom policy.

One student said the principal’s actions were unprecedented.

“No, this was the first time, because she’s really upset,” the student said.

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  1. Bar Thomp says:

    The government should not fund Banned Parenthood. Or is it Planned Barrenhood? Yes, they target minorities.

  2. canarsiekid says:

    the kids that needed to go should have relieved themselves in the principals office..maybee right on his desk..i wish my principal would have been dumb enough to try that on us when we was in hs.

  3. Dennis says:

    Just Google Margaret Sanger and you’ll see how true this is, by the way Margaret Sanger is one of Hillary Clintons Idols.

  4. Shanellnell says:

    why don’t these pregnant women just not get pregnant

    1. Tom says:


      why don’t these pregnant women just not get pregnant”

      That would imply some sense of personal responsibility. We can’t have that now, can we?

      1. WOW says:


  5. HB says:

    TP – AMEN! The next time someone refers to conservatives as “racists,” I’ll quit arguing. I wonder how people can type with a white hood on their head!

    1. David Nance says:

      A kid no matter what color should be able to take bathroom break. And get an education without getting beat up.

  6. jimonthebeach says:

    TP, when people behave like animals, it’s time to take away their rights. Animals don’t have rights regardless of what PETA may say.

    1. Conservative T and T says:

      This school took away the right of the kids to go to the BATHROOM! We live in a society where parents do not go to the schools anymore for this type of thing, the send their attorneys to tell the school they will be sued. If nothing else, this principle leaves the school wide open for lawsuits by making a rule like this. Those kids who did not fight should not be punished for something they did not do. Of course, I think this would have made a little better story if the kids would have all went into the hall and went in the hallway instead of the bathroom. That may have proved their point.

  7. bush says:

    Simple solution. Adult diapers.

  8. dave says:

    This might be something Obama can handle.

    1. Barry says:

      Well that depends. You see, essentially it directly competes with the things Barry Obama holds near and dear – 2 work outs a day, an afternoon nap, several hours of ESPN hoops, golf practice, vacation planning, and posturing authoritatively in front of a full length mirror before a scripted 12 minute teleprompter appearance. The man (I think he’s a man) has a busy schedule.

      1. Liz says:

        Barry, that was absolutely brilliant. “Posturing authoritatively in front of a full length mirror before a scripted 12-minute teleprompter appearance” had me howling.

        Well said, sir!

      2. B. H. O. says:

        I’m doing the best that i can with the mess that G W Bush left me.

    2. Nani says:

      you give Oblunder too much credit…lol

      1. Nani says:

        lol @ barry, well said

    3. Conservative T and T says:

      I am not so sure he can even handle that duty on his own Dave. I think he has people for that and calls them the tinkle czar

  9. Sheri says:

    Nobody watches or listens to CBS any more because you are censoring free speech in this country. You might as well be the state controlled media in Russia. You haven’t had any credibility since Dan Rather tried to smear President Bush during the 2004 election campaign.

  10. James Woods says:

    I’d be more concerned about the cameras in the school.

    Im for metal detectors in all schools to make sure some kid on prescription drugs isn’t going to go on a shooting spree but im also for faculty to have access to arms.

    We don’t need cameras in schools. What do cameras do other than provide a birds-eye view of what happens after it happens?

    We need to say enough with the human experiment and either start to conduct ourselves as a civil society or we are going to find ourselves all living in cages.

    Perhaps it won’t be a traditional cage with bars, but it’ll be a cage no less.

  11. Joe says:

    At least they didn’t have time to scrounge up enough of their own feces to overcome the officers with poop volleys.

    1. jimonthdbeach says:

      Well put, WS. That was the smartest comment I’ve heard in a very long time. It’s too bad we can’t send them back where they came from and I don’t mean Brooklyn..

    2. Steven says:

      If there was a button for it, this post would have a few thousand “likes.”

    3. David Nance says:

      The Founding Fathers were good but not perfect.

  12. TruthBTold says:

    Keep the bathrooms open for kids who want to learn and close the schools to monkeys that want to fight. Permanently. You have the right to an education, if you don’t exercise it rightly, that’s your problem. Goodbye.

  13. E F says:

    It’s amazing how 13% of this country’s population ruin it for the rest of us.

  14. Planet of the Apes says:

    Actually it’s bankers and financial oligarchs posing as a federal government, mouthpieced by an empty suit, espn-watching imbecile that are ruining this country.

    1. Conservative T and T says:

      Planet, I watch ESPN, am I a bad person? Did I ruin this country for you? I am so sorry. I know it is easy to follow Alex Jones and blame the bankers and everyone else but yourself for this countries problems, but maybe if you grew up you could take responsibility for a little bit yourself. You sound like a dang Liberal

  15. Alejandro Lupus says:


  16. Steven says:

    If the savages at that school were capable of acting like civilized human beings, there would be no need to lock any bathrooms and there would be no story here. Period.

  17. Hale Bobb says:

    So let me get this straight: You force people to attend a baby-sitting service and call it an “educational facility” and you treat them like cattle, and like criminals; you take away their basic human rights, and then you’re surprised when they lash out in rebellion?
    If humans who desired to learn were allowed to pay for schooling, all the miscreants could be out washing dishes, slinging burgers, washing cars or learning a trade.
    Legalize freedom; Abolish the Communist School System.

  18. Kevin says:

    Welcome to the feminized US fools. It’s ALL downhill from here…

  19. SFNative says:

    Seems like some of you people spend more time in the bathroom than the classroom getting an education. Look at your writing!

    1. SFsucks says:

      Keep voting for Pelosi…socialist.

    2. jimonthebeach says:

      No, as I understand it, SFNatives spend a lot of time in public restrooms.

      1. The Bobster says:

        Yes, they love their glory holes.

  20. The Truth says:

    If no one remembers there was a teacher who lost her baby due to two morons fighting in the Bronx. Perhaps this may have influenced the Principal but still no excuse for people acting this ways. Animals is all you can say!

  21. CrayZ says:

    Welcome to da HOOD

  22. Whipster says:

    Sadly, I could tell this school was predominately black just by reading the headline.

    1. Steven says:

      You’re the idiot for keeping your head in the sand. Ignorance truly is bliss. Time to wake yourself up.

    2. Apeon says:

      As I did you!!!

    3. Damon F. = racist says:

      @damon You’re a bonafide racist, admit it. You would really permit your child to attend a school where he/she is not permitted to use the bathroom because “a” fight, “one” fight broke out? That’s like saying one person sped down the highway and caused an accident so we should ban everyone from driving unless its an emergency. Get real.

    4. Tim Frost says:

      You can call him an idiot, but you can’t tell him he’s incorrect. Maybe you libs should focus on the actual problem instead of trying to sugarcoat it all the time.

      Face facts: In the US, wherever there is a majority black/hispanic population, that place — be it a school, town, workplace, restaurant, nightclub or street — sucks.

      I always wonder why, if liberals adore Darwin so much, they refuse to let natural selection play out? All you racist exploiters do is prop up those who nature would have die out.

  23. jazzbo washington says:

    what iffn da bruthas gotta pee? Who be tellin us to chill and not pea? I say pee on da floor and let em mop it up.

  24. Alisha Keyz says:

    Dr. Lewis always done this to other student.. She was the Principal in Acorn community high school when i went there from 2004- 2007. And as we all can see she never change. Those students are right they should stand up for them self but they are wrong for rioting about it. There are other ways to go on about this and this was not one of the ways. they don’t. But honestly this is sad to see how these school kids act these days. Its embarrassing!!

    1. carly says:

      You obviously didn’t learn anything in school.

    2. Mr. T says:

      I commend your grammar
      – stay in school fool!!!!!

    3. Vincenzo G says:

      These days? You didn’t get out of high school in the 60’s… you got out about 3 years ago. Get a grip, they were acting the same way when you were in school.

  25. Max Yakov says:

    The principal should have allowed only one student at a time into the bathrooms (any time and enforced, of course). There might still have been a riot, but at least he wouldn’t have been seen as draconian and would have been in a more defensible position. In that school it appears as though ‘defense’ (as in self-defense) is a necessity.

    1. OneDay says:

      So who would have been standing by to enforce your ‘one kid in a bathroom at a time’ rule? Frankly, they should have used their surveillance system to determine who was fighting, and watching, and undoubtedly cheering the fighters on, and had the police escort all of them all to the district ‘hard case’ school for a few weeks or forever. End of problem.

      1. Max Yakov says:

        Ideally, an armed NYC cop (may not be just ideally), otherwise rent-a-cop. Seems to me these kids should be protected from themselves.

        Video cameras in the bathroom?! Want another riot?

        Concur with some kind of action (suspension/expulsion) on the riot instigators.

  26. PeoplePower says:

    that is some stupid administration decision! while i don’t agree with a riot, i think all the students should have just left the school. people need to stand up to stupidity and i hope that administrator finds another job somewhere else because they clearly don’t know how to administrate.

  27. Harold says:

    The bureaucrats running government schools are, as a whole, incompetent. Like most government workers, they are what is left after business selects capable people.

    1. jackson brown says:

      amen to that.. they do a terrible-terrible job and continue to get promoted

  28. knowyermeme says:

    So ur with ur honey an yur making out wen the phone rigns.
    U answe it n the vioce is “wut r u doing wit my daughter?”
    U tell ur girl n she say “my dad is ded”.

    1. fred says:

      The phone was you spelling teacher telling you that you failed another test!

  29. Julz says:

    They did this at my school for no reason, I live in Arizona by the way. There was so many issues with this that I know one student who walked the whole entire high school (its a big school) trying to find one of them unlocked, he eventually had to go so bad he peed outside and he got in trouble with the law. It was ridiculous whenever someone had to go to the bathroom, no riot occurred at our school but enough people complained about it that they opened like one bathroom at first and then the rest. It was a bad judgement on the administrators side to close them down.

  30. David from San Diego says:

    I would riot, too, if you told me I couldn’t use the bathroom.

  31. igloo says:

    And we wonder what’s wrong with kids today…. Tell them no and throw fit and blame it something else….Take no responsibility for their own actions. And students you do not have the same rights as the administration and you are not their equal…. but being in NY I completly understand why you all feel that way as you are the only ones who truly know how things should work no mater what anyone else thinks….TRUE LIBERALS…….

    1. Damon F. says:

      Wrong. Students don’t lose their rights just because they enter a school building, no matter what your principal told you.

      1. Virgil Cain says:

        Actually the Supreme Court says they do.

  32. Jim says:

    Smile, your on candid camera

  33. Joe says:

    Sure looks like the Monkey cage at th zoo.

  34. Max Yakov says:

    Look at the upside: They probably won’t be rioting over university tuition as they are in UK so at least the rioting won’t be on the street and threatening Bloomberg’s limo. Oops, forgot they’ll be street rioting when no-cost-to-them government goodies run out or some other BS reason.

  35. none says:

    close the bathrooms?

    where are they supposed to smoke crack and have sex now?

    1. marcus leroy jackson III says:

      lmwao….hilarious!!!!…and so true

  36. DavidArizona says:

    Buy food for storage, buy ammo. The revolution is coming!!!!

    1. fred says:

      We don’t need a revolution no one needs to die there is a simple anwser to this problem…White people drop babies do it now matters not if you can afford it..Just do it keep having them don’t stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. uncle scam says:

        and make uncle scam pay for them just like the minorities and the millions of illegals do

  37. You could tell there’s a link to Idiot Liberal Bloggers R Us by the number of mincing, anti-American bigots making racial comments.

    Remember, the KKK is a Democrat organization.

  38. Barry Soetero says:

    Don’t mention Barry Soetero on here or CBSNY will delete it even if the comment was on topic and useful.

  39. DavidArizona says:

    It is Bristol Palin’s fault!!!!

  40. Justin Case says:

    Isn’t diversity great? Divide is what diversity really means. e plurbious divideous.
    One for all against one. Where is a nuke when you need one?

  41. summus says:

    bathrooms were closed during class time, but open during passing periods. I don’t know what’s worse- these kids who go to school to socialize instead of learn or the bad reporting from cbs.

  42. racial coward says:

    Take another look at the photo, they are all black and its an all black school. Did you Mama drop you down the elevator shaft when you was born?

  43. Racial Victim says:

    The school my son used to attend used bathroom access as a punishment for reporitng racially motivated bullying against my son. After doing the right thing and reporting that he and other white students were being threatened and assualted by african american kids, they told him he could only use the nurse’s restroom. I guess it only segregation if it used against african american kids.

    1. Sheri says:

      Government schools are hopeless because there is no discipline and no standards. That is why my children are in private school, even though it means my husband and I have to work two jobs to afford it.

    2. jimbo james says:

      @Sheri — and don’t forget you’re double paying.. your taxes go to the public school

  44. Barry says:

    Nothing but bad news comes out of NY. Taxes, police state, crime, excess government, ignoring the Constitution. Over 20% of all NYC residents have an STD! I hear you’re getting hundreds and hundreds of street cameras too. Didn’t watch the video either as I know exactly what to expect.

    1. Jason says:

      No Joke. What part of Africa was this at again anyways? Big city, Little town its all the same sh!t.

  45. Racial Victim says:

    The best way to make a statement would have been for everyone to go to the principals office and make that the new bathroom, in the corners on the wall in the desk drawers. Don’t forget to pick up some important paperwork laying around to wipe with.

    1. DavidArizona says:

      Sounds about right. Peeing in the corners izz wat day do bet!

  46. Henry Thoreau says:

    If my school had no bathrooms, it would no longer be my school. I’d take my business elsewhere. Oh… it’s a government school. Nevermind.

  47. August says:

    Have you seen the perimeter of that school? Those kids DO NOT EVER USE the bathrooms

  48. Getting closer... says:

    The cities are going to get so dangerous as the economy collapses. Just wait until the welfare checks are cut, or God forbid, stop altogether. It’ll be open season on “whitey.”

    Anybody foolish enough to stay there needs to get very well armed and disregard the unconstitutional gun bans.

    1. Usefull says:

      Again, the economy gets blamed for behavior that is wrong. If there was a direct correlation, poor people would riot whenever the economy dipped.

    2. Sheri says:

      We are armed and the men of our neighborhood will set up an armed watch if necessary. My husband, a retired army officer, will volunteer to lead it and we can provide 6 weapons plus weapons for my husband and our son.

      The ironic thing about this is that our children are adopted from Russia (legally, and are now citizens). This is the kind of stuff he has read about and heard about at school. He never would have believed that we would have to fight this stuff here in the U.S.

  49. Josh says:

    badly raised kids being raised by badly raised kids.

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

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