NEW YORK (AP/CBSNewYork) — A former emergency medical technician has pleaded guilty to misconduct charges, admitting he posted a cell phone photograph of a corpse taken at a crime scene on Facebook.

Mark Musarella also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct Friday.

Prosecutors say Musarella responded to a March 30, 2009, the emergency call in Staten Island, where he snapped a picture of 26-year-old Caroline Wimmer, who had been strangled. He then posted the image on the social networking site.

Musarella was fired by the hospital where he worked. Under the terms of his plea deal, he must complete 200 hours of community service and may never work as an EMT again. He faced a year in jail had he been convicted at trial.

The Wimmer’s killer has since been convicted of second-degree murder.

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  1. Sammie says:

    Our paramedics and first responders are taking gruesome crime scene photos and sharing them, our military are killing civilians and using their body parts as bets in a poker game, taking videos of their killings of civilians, posing grinning with the dead bodies of the people they kill. What monsters Americans have turned into.

  2. M. Pace says:

    The last sentence in the article reads “The Wimmer’s killer has since been convicted of second-degree murder.”

    This article is dated almost four months ago, and you still have such an ugly mistake?

    Where do you hire your copy editors from, kindergarten?

  3. Blue Peas says:

    @John Sheridan ..WRONG. Anyone w/ an “L” tagged on their sentence will never get out, which is why “to life” is added on. Attention seekers that dont do an ounce of research yet are the start & reason false information spread thru out the world, never cease to amaze me. I bet you’re also one of those ppl who intentionally provide wrong directions to travelers, sending them thru a maze of mishaps..jus to feel relevant.
    Ppl like you & the idiot in this article contribute to taking the light & lively-hood from the lives of others. If I were you I’d re-think my position in life and ask myself, “Is it part of being a decent human-being?”

    1. UnrulyPatchouli says:

      @ Blue Peas
      Actually, you’re wrong, 25 to life means a minimum of 25 years, miisbehave and it will be longer. Good behavior, you may get out in 25 or 30, but prisoners ARE indeed parolled all the time.
      Maybe you should also stop spreading false information.

  4. Sonny B. Southerland, Sr. says:

    This is why people can’t do their job, they’re too busy taking pictures on the taxpayer time. What a dummy….

  5. Constitution First says:

    That’s one Sick Puppy

  6. Scottk-n-Texas says:

    What a low life! people can be so sick!

  7. John Sheridan says:

    Only comments about that jerk, none about how come it was only 2nd degree murder and 25-life? You can look forward to having out in your midst again in 10-12 years.

  8. bob says:

    I’d beat his ass and the f!*%ken n!g that killed this beautiful girl.

  9. Joseph says:

    ESU’s also exist as a non-law enforcement agency based municipal, county or non-government entity and may exist as both career and volunteer groups which are located in both urban, rural and remote areas. In urban areas, ESU’s provide temporary emergency response to incidents during major public events to support the jurisdictions primary 911 EMS, fire and rescue service. Urban ESU’s also provide tactical emergency medical support, rescue of confined space victims, wildland/urban interface initial fire suppression, underwater rescue/recovery, high angle rope rescue, wildland search & rescue (SAR), auto accidents victim rescue, building collapses. In rural areas, ESU’s provide suppression of wildland forest, brush and grass fires that occur, cliff and mountain search and rescue, underwater search and rescue, swift water and flood rescue operations, The key rationale for the integration of the functions is that many rural and remote communities do not have dedicated staffing, resources and infrastructure to sustain immediate 24/7 emergency response.

  10. Ginger Szeles says:


  11. dsgdg tryry says:

    He’s a cop, shows he’s ESU E5 on his collar and a cop patch on his arm

    1. John Sheridan says:

      Not a cop, an Emergency Medical Technician. In NYC the EMTs are employed and dispatched by the police dept. but that does not make him a cop(no gun no police powers). Some people will take any excuse to bash the police.

    2. ScottK-n-Texas says:

      it’s ES (Emergency Services), use the brain you have in your skull.

  12. Gregg says:

    I hope the family is preparing a civil lawsuit against this moran !

  13. Ace of Spades says:

    what an idiot. What good did that do. Loser.

  14. KPMc` says:

    What a heartless moron.

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