NEW YORK (AP/1010 WINS) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Sunday revisited the subject of his possible aspirations for higher office, offering a definitive “no way, no how” when asked if he will run for president of the United States.

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Bloomberg said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he would be sticking with the elected office he holds.

“I’m not looking at the possibility of running,” Bloomberg told host David Gregory. “I’ve got a great job, and I’m gonna stay with it.”

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The Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent, already a generous donor, has said philanthropy is in the cards once his third term as mayor ends.

Bloomberg, who was re-elected in 2009 after persuading the City Council to change the term limits law for him, also repeatedly said he’s not running for president in 2012. He explored the idea of running as a third-party candidate in the leadup to the 2008 election before eventually deciding against it.

But those denials come along with actions that keep Bloomberg in a national spotlight. On Dec. 8, he gave a campaign-style speech in Brooklyn in which he aired familiar complaints about partisan gridlock along with vague ideas to get more Americans working.

In an interview in the December issue of GQ magazine, the billionaire mayor criticized President Barack Obama, saying he had broken campaign promises and needs better advisers.

In November, Bloomberg said an independent has a better chance at succeeding in the White House than a Republican or a Democrat. And on Monday, he was scheduled to speak on a panel at the launch of an organization looking to court people from both major political parties to find common solutions to problems.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I am working at a big Pharmaceutical company in Clayton NC and I endroce Barack Obama with all my heart. I invite all my friends and colleagues to vote for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

  2. Barre Flynn says:

    Thank God and Blessed Virgin Mary, St Peter and Paul and everyone else you might of prayed that he would stay away from Washington. Maybe there is a God.

  3. SQUIRREL says:

    i have lived in nyc, queens to be exact, for 52 years. when i was little, there were still farms here, and open spaces everywhere. i’ve seen alot of change here since then. i have recently retired as an nypd sergeant in the counter terrorism division. i know alot about nyc. and although the change has been for the most part not necessarily good, this present mayor has done more to ruin the quality of life here than anyone i have ever seen. he and his crony developer friends came here form boston, and made this city the most unaffordable police state in the country, and all for opportunistic reasons. he has never seen a tax he doesn’t like. he tickets anything that moves. cameras everywhere to mail to your home even more tickets. he considers his subjects as nothing more than a sorce of revenue. i’ve never seen a person ruin a nice place as quickly and thoroughly as he. his solution to everything is to raise or create new taxes. his new proposal is to have the fire dept issue $400 fines for responding to auto accidents, and they repond to almost all of them, but usually do nothing. i understand that next he wants to charge for sanitation pick ups. all these services used to be covered by our taxes. $12 dollar tolls on bridges, and on january they’re going up again. highest taxed city in the country, and yet we’re still not paying enough. before he leaves office, cops will be charging you a fee for every time they respond to your call for help. they may even be charging you an additional fee for having to stop to write you a ticket….

  4. zeppel says:

    If you believe the little despot, I have 3 bridges,and 2 tunnels, that you might want to buy. What will he think of next? I’ll bet you didn’t know he’s in the closet.

  5. Bloomberg Is Hitler says:

    Yes, and the Midget Mayor is known for not going back on his word. If the day comes that the the Moron’s Mayor decides that America needs him and only him (yes, much like Hitler) if he even wins a primary this country should be quarantined from the rest of the world and shut down. Many of the above comments are closer to the truth than even they know.

  6. Josh says:

    The fact remains that the majority of the country, especially the deciders in the swing states are not going to vote for a Wall St. connected, Jewish billionaire. He has lost tons of support in NYC, especially with the 3rd term thing. If you think what the media did to vet Sarah Palin was rough, just wait until they dig up Bloomberg’s dirt. This is why he won’t run. If he did, it would be a complete waste of his $$$. Nobody will elect a guy trying to buy an election.

  7. Bluntberg says:

    Why dont you run bloomberg? Cause you wont be able to buy the presidency, Dictator

  8. James says:

    When they say no, you KNOW it’s a LIE !!!! Just go ask Gov. Christe about this….

  9. Laboba says:

    OMG, Is he sick? That would be a disgrace for this country.

  10. sailordude says:

    Mayor of New York as President?


  11. Jason Sharke says:

    Sounds like Bloomberg has focus grouped his potential Presidential bid and realized that people would rather hammer rusty nails into their eyes than see that jerk in the White House.

  12. cygon says:

    Thanks be to God. I hope he just goes away.

    1. James says:

      You and many others can only hope !!!

  13. THA FACT says:


    1. otto says:

      Not necessarily true. He may run knowing full well he would lose.

      He may be asked to do a “Ross Perot”.

      Perot’s 3rd party candidacy took much needed votes away from George HW Bush and gave the election to Billy-Bob “I didn’t Inhale” Clinton.

      Believe it or not, despite Obama’s very low approval ratings, he WILL be re-elected in 2012 (I’d bet everything I have on it, and I’m no Obama fan). If “Bloomers” runs as a viable 3rd party candidate, he could pull a lot of Republican votes his way and leave the center wide open for Obama to take the election.

      This is a very real possibility.

  14. DanTe says:

    That’s what Caesar and Hitler both espoused before they became dictators.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both unilaterally broke the law on term limits and extended their terms due to an “emergency”.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both like to dictate what healthy activity or food the peons need to do or eat. Hitler was a vegetarian too.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both have grand automobile/people mover plans. The Autoban and the massive lane changes in NYC.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both hates it when civilians are allowed to own guns. Gee, I wonder why they both like a helpless citizenry.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both use “emergencies” to increase their special police’s powers. NYC’s SS even perform overseas “investigations”, like NYC is a wholly separate little dictatoriate.

    Bloomberg and Hitler both just love to control how our youths are “educated”.

    Bloomberg and Hitler people both wear monochrome colored shirts in a uniform manner. (While it’s true, this is placed here more so that the fascists can have something to respond to.)

    I wonder what “emergency” will occur for Bloomberg to break the term limit on the Presidency?

    1. aldous huxley says:

      Dan, I like the way you think! A keen insight, much like myself 🙂

      Bloomberg runs in a dangerous circle that includes Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, and the like.

      They do have a master plan for us. A final solution, if you will. The FEMA camps are all ready & manned.

      If you have never heard the term “False Flag”, look it up. It has great meaning!

    2. WOODSIDE MIKEYM says:


    3. James says:

      Wow, now this is deep… A little on the paronid side, but deep…. And true…

  15. Fred says:

    Sure, that’s what he says now.

  16. grant says:

    Thank goodness. Michael would have driven this country into the ground. We would have been doomed. Eugenics is such a bad idea.

    1. Hornet Montana says:

      Why do you take umbrage with those named Eugene?

      1. grant says:

        I love people named Eugene … I loathe the concept called Eugenics.

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