TRENTON, N.J. (AP/WCBS 880) — New Jersey state senators have voted to force Gov. Chris Christie’s administration to rewrite proposed regulations for medical marijuana.

By a 22-16 margin, senators sided Monday with activists who say the regulations are so restrictive that patients who can benefit from marijuana may continue to get it from illegal dealers.

Wayne Cabot talks with Chris Goldstein, Coalition for Medical Marijuana in New Jersey, with an update from the State Senate

One main point of contention is the governor’s insistence on limiting the potency of the pot.

The Assembly has already voted in favor of rewriting the regulations.

The administration now has 30 days to do so. If it refuses, lawmakers could invalidate the regulations.

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  1. Gilderman says:

    Bottom line has always been that the majority of those who advocate legalization of medical marijuana are those who wish to just get high. You notice that none of the advocates proposes that the THC in marijuana be artificially produced to give the same effect without getting a ‘buzz” on. Either federally legalize it and tax it, or provide it sparingly to those who “reportedly” benefit from its effects. Sorry but headaches don’t count stoners.

  2. Captain Crunch says:

    Question: If the Senate overrides the Gov’s proposed regulations, is there anything Governor Chubbs can do to override the Senate? I don’t like the idea of Gov Krispy Kreme getting his way on this issue, since he clearly doesn’t get what’s going on!

  3. otto says:

    People seem to have an unnatural fear of cannabis. Don’t believe what the media and politicians have been feeding you.

    First, cannabis is 100% non addictive. It is significantly less potent than alcohol and much less dangerous too.

    Cannabis has been known to cure a multitude of ailments, both physically and psychologically.

    It also expands perception. This is what the government is most fearful of. It allows a person to expand their consciousness and think in many different ways.

    In my experience, it seems the majority of anti-marijuana people have never taken the time to do actual research – they simply repeat back what either the media or the government has told them.

    This is a very serious issue that needs to progress forward.

    1. Micha says:

      Hey Otto,

      Did you know the model T ford was made from hemp and ran off of hemp gasoline? We wouldn’t have to be dependent on foreign oil ever again. The constitution was also written on hemp paper. I also read an article in TIME magazine a few weeks ago that said lab tests have proven that marijuana CURED brain cancer in rats. BUT, people are ignorant and naive and believe anything the government tells them.

      1. otto says:

        You are right on the money, Micha. Sounds like you’ve taken the time to learn the truth. I wish others would do the same.

        The hemp value alone is incredible. Hemp cloth, hemp paper, etc.

        But I did not know that the early Model-T ran off Hemp gasoline – thanks for that bit of info … learned something new today 🙂

      2. KPMc says:

        I’m on the pro-legalization side but I really have to challenge your Model T hemp claim? How the heck is the car made from hemp and while it’s possible that hemp oil was involved can you please provide some proof?

        As for your Time Magazine reference a quick search only turned up a 1971 Time article that supports the harmful affects of marijuana. Again.. please provide some links or proof.

        While I believe if people were open minded and actually did the research most people would be in favor of medicinal marijuana and a fair percentage would also favor recreational legalization.

        But it is the misinformed BS that both sides keep spouting which keeps this debate from ever gaining any serious traction.

        Stoners… stop exploiting the medicinal laws for your own pleasure. It’s selfish and harms the availability for people who REALLY need it.

        I’d like to see it become legal recreationally some day but it is much more important that the beneficial medical aspects are fully utilized.

      3. dan says:

        RE: KPMc

        Hemp oil can be made into plastic. It that form it is biodegradable. a simple search will find many, many references to this.

    2. PANNERMAN says:


      1. KPMc says:

        Not sure who or what you’re referring to but if you can form a complete sentence and express yourself I would be glad to respond…. but somehow I doubt you have that capability.

  4. DemsLuvDestruction says:

    Yeah, all those idiot Dems cannot get through the day without their daily dose, evidently. WHY do Dems always side with the LOSERS of life? The non-motivated, the non-contributors, those in society who create all the ills of the country??? What’s next Dems? Legalize murder too?

    1. Michael H. says:

      That slope must be pretty slippery if you’re putting medical marijuana and murder on the same path.

      Let me guess, after gay marriage comes marrying goats, right?

      1. elixelx says:

        Hey, you said it, and redundantly at that, since gay marriage may always be considered a union of TWO GOATS, while YOU and EWE go Baaaa!

    2. jeff s says:

      You don’t drink beer?

    3. Gorsun says:

      Man, you need some serious counseling. All that hate and anger is going to get you. Take a toke.

    4. Devenio says:

      You surely have been hitting the crack pipe DemsLuvDestruction. Please just leave the crack alone. I’d rather hang out the a stoned peace lover than a sober war lover.

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