NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — The New York Jets suspended assistant coach Sal Alosi indefinitely Wednesday after he acknowledged that he ordered five inactive players to form a wall along the sideline for a punt return, during which he tripped a Miami Dolphins player.

General manager Mike Tannenbaum said Wednesday that Alosi, the team’s strength and conditioning coach, did not initially volunteer during the investigation Monday that he told players to stand that way.

“As we continued our investigation, we discovered some new information,” Tannenbaum said in a conference call from the NFL owners meetings in Dallas, “and the players at the Miami game were instructed by Sal to stand where they were to force the gunner in the game to run around them.”

Tight end Jeff Cumberland, who was inactive Sunday, said it was nothing new for the players to line up next to each other as they did against the Dolphins.

“Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been instructed to line up behind the (white) line,” he said, adding that it was only Alosi who has told them to do so.

Coach Rex Ryan and special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff both have denied they ordered anyone to do what Alosi told the players.

“It caught me off guard,” Ryan said.

During a news conference Monday, Alosi fought back tears as he called his actions “inexcusable and irresponsible.” He also said that no one was instructed to stay up on the sideline to prevent Dolphins players from running out of bounds on kicks.

“Obviously, there was new information that came to light and that’s a big concern to us,” Tannenbaum said. “That’s why we felt that taking this step today was necessary and appropriate because we didn’t have all of the information when we initially reviewed the situation.”

Tannenbaum said he met with Ray Anderson, the NFL’s executive vice president of football operations, on Wednesday morning and the league supported the Jets’ decision. Tannenbaum added that the NFL was also looking into the incident.

“Once we get all the information, we’ll make a final determination,” Tannenbaum said. “But, based on this information, Sal’s been suspended indefinitely.”

Tannenbaum did not rule out the possibility that Alosi will be fired. A decision will be made once he and Johnson return from Texas.

“All options are on the table,” he said.

League spokesman Greg Aiello said that “Ray Anderson and his staff are reviewing and clarifying sideline protocols with the teams at today’s league meeting in Fort Worth and will follow up with a memo to the clubs this week.”

The Jets suspended Alosi for the season without pay Monday and fined him an additional $25,000 after he stuck out a knee and tripped Miami’s Nolan Carroll, who was covering the punt in the third quarter of the Dolphins’ 10-6 win Sunday.

Tannenbaum said the team looked at the game film of the play and “it looked to me like it was unusual for them to be standing that way.” The Jets interviewed the players who were standing near Alosi, but will not take any action against them.

“This is just about Sal,” Tannenbaum said.

While it appears the Jets didn’t break any league rules by lining up the way they did, the latest decision by the team comes “for the totality of the situation,” Tannenbaum said.

“Over the course of the next couple of days, more information came out and that really doesn’t sit well with us,” Tannenbaum said. “That’s why we felt that this additional step was necessary.”

Alosi was first with the Jets from 2001-05, then worked for the Falcons for one season before he was hired by then-New York coach Eric Mangini in 2007 to be the head strength and conditioning coach.

Alosi will be replaced for the rest of the season by his assistant, Bryan Dermody.

“I’m really disappointed,” Tannenbaum said. “Sal’s done a lot of good things as the strength and conditioning coach and done a lot of good things for the organization, but, yeah, I’m very disappointed with what’s happened.”

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  1. Carlos says:

    craig your a front running Moran. You kiss the Jets add when they on your show then you rip them off the air.. You’ve some nerve you idiot..

  2. Mr. Untouchable says:

    Mr. Alosi is only being targeted because he is Italian, why because he tried to rub out Nolan Carroll? You’re stupid.

    He purposely tried to take out a player from an opposing team which is interfering with the game.

    1. The Good Samartian says:

      Your wrong

      The Good Samartian

  3. The Good Samartian says:

    Mr. Alosi is only being targeted because he is Italian

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  4. joeymaz says:

    This guy was told by Special Teams coach Mike Westoff to form this wall. Westoff was with Miami for 7 years and knew they run along the sidelines. Check the tape from the Sept Miami match up and you’ll see the same formation on the Jets sideline. This goes deeper than just Sal Alosi, and the Jets are covering it up.

    1. The Good Samartian says:

      Mr. Alosi is only being targeted because he is Italian

      The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  5. Charlie says:

    It makes me laugh that people compare a stupid lifestyle decision by Michael Vick or Ray Lewis or Zach Thomas to a football act that happened during a game. The other situations aren’t realivent to the game. Huge difference. All these “innocent never did anything wrong people” get a life. He cheeted in the game. He effected the game. He should be fired.

  6. man named jane says:

    carton said it first. that clown sal needs to be fired immediately.

  7. Shai says:

    Mia – yes. As a conditioning coach, how can he purposely injure another player. A player, btw, who is not a starter and probably could be replaced easily. He tears his acl, he’s out of a job. All bc this coach out of nowhere stuck his knee out. Disgraceful.

  8. Carmine says:

    Sometimes coaches are more pumped up for the game then the players are and at times, do things they immediately regret in the heat of the moment. Was he wrong? Yes. Should he be fired? No. He made a public apology and admitted he did the wrong thing. Its not like there was no consequences. There are people in the NFL like Mike Vick who killed innocent animals and Ray Lewis. These players are stars and loved by their fans. So why should a coach be fired. Its just the way the league is. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

    1. HooDooWitch says:

      @Carmine – Mike Vick killed innocent animals and Ray Lewis?

  9. Tim Hassan says:

    Zach Thomas is a bitter washed up dude who has a habit of making advances towards masseuses who worked on him during his career. He needs to do his own inventory before he spectuates on how the Jets operate.
    Look at the dude does he even remotely look intelligent.

    1. Mia says:

      How does any of your comment have anything to do with this incident? It’s so ignorant to defend an action by firing back randomly. First of all, there’s no reported incident about Zach Thomas and a masseus that I’ve ever seen… if so it’s inexcusable, but also completely irrelevant. And no, he’s probably not all that smart, but you don’t have to be to know that was an extremely unprofessional and unsportsmanlike move on the part of that “coach”.

      What happened in the game is just plain wrong and the guy should have been fired IMMEDIATELY! Failure to do so is quite suspicious. How can someone that has dedicated himself to athletic wellness and strength purposely try to hurt a player on the field. It’s disgusting.Who knows if they have orders to trip gunners at will or not, but the fact that he wasn’t fired makes you think that the Jets coaching staff in general doesn’t really have too much of a problem with that kind of behavior.

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