ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – Police arrested an 82-year-old doctor selling addictive painkillers illegally on Long Island on Friday.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports

District Attorney Kathleen Rice said Dr. Martin Roginsky sold painkillers like oxycodone and roxycodone to anyone who walked into his Rockville Centre, Long Island office, said they had pain and paid the price.

The doctor did not even perform evaluations on patients before selling the prescriptions, WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports.

Rice said Roginsky made more than $260,000 by selling the prescriptions, which she said he had done since April.

Authorities caught Roginsky after an undercover officer received a prescription for oxycodone for $225. At no point during the meeting did Roginsky conduct a medical examination on the undercover officer.

If convicted, he faced up to five years in prison.

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  1. Angry and disappointed says:

    I thought he was a great doctor and having gone to him for 20+ years I thought I would always feel this way.
    However, he lied to me and others when he did not send in our Medicare forms and we are all out this money.
    If he could do this, then he could do anything. He is not a stupid man.
    I am very angry as now I cannot get my records and I am out a lot of money as I paid him upfront.
    Unfortunately, I actually believe the charges.

  2. Sarah Jane Cohen says:

    I have been a patient of Dr. roginsky for more then 30 years and he has always been professional and ethical ! And I am sure that all his patients wish him well and a quick resolution of this horrer !!!

  3. Ann says:

    I have been going to Dr. Rogimsky for a long time and really hope this is all put to rest soon. He was always wonderful to me and my family. Where should his patients go now? I need to be seen.

  4. anna says:

    I have to say he was a wonderful man and dr he helped me lose weight and get my life back i miss him and hope all of this is put to rest. I haven’t any more about this case since dec . If anybody knows what the latest news about dr please let me know and if anyone knows of a new diet dr please share your information

  5. Feel Bad says:

    Unfortunately, this Dr is from a different era where a man’s word is his bond. Many older people, Dr’s included, just don’t understand “con men” and how manipulative people today are. I’m not justifying everything he did, but rather simply trying to give a reasonable explanation for at least some of his poor decisions.

  6. Stephanie Grossbard says:

    Remember the good, not only the bad……this doctor did many chartiable acts and was not only a caring doctor, but a person who “listened”when you spoke and truly cared about the person….we can’t judge or speak, all we know is what we are told.

  7. BOB C says:

    He’s a greedy low life

  8. Ann says:

    He may have gone astray but this doctor is also a wonderful diagnostician and doctor. He has helped thousands of people – many thrown away by society – over his many years of practice. He deserves mercy.

  9. ellen says:

    First- he’s not a “dirty old man”. He is a nice man and a great diagnostician. I believe he went astray due to insurance and disability $. Doc volunteered in places we wouldn’t want to step in. He would never intentionally hurt people- just the opposite.

  10. jOHN says:

    i hope he had the hot girls give him some oral for the pills.MY HERO

  11. BOB C says:

    Shawn you’re an idiot. This guy is the worst kind of drug dealer destroying hundreds of lives and probably responsible for many deaths. This from someone who took an oath not to harm.

    1. roland conde says:

      all of those passing judgment and condemning this man have one thing in common: Not one speaks from firsthand knowledge and all are ignorant about this man’s excellent history dating back more than 30 years. I can only speak from my own and my family’s firsthand experience of receiving spot-on accurate and genuinely generous care from him. Shame on the shady undercover men and women hellbent on “making a name” for themselves at the expense of entrapping 82 year olds….what goes around comes around…YOU”LL GET YOURS IN DUE TIME>>>>

  12. Mike says:

    i recently had major lung surgery and I’m taking prescription painkillers under the care of a pain management doctor. If I could get all I want with no questions asked and took advantage of it I would be dead by now. Painkillers, when used properly, can be give you back your life. If I had access to all I want I might very well be taking more than my body can handle because the amount prescribed for me doesn’t eleiminte all my pain and only lasts for a few hours. That doctor should know better because people in chronic pain don’t always think rationally and sometimes their main concern is to eliminate the pain by any means necessary.

  13. Shawn says:

    The point here is police can’t catch serious/dangerous criminals, so they catch 82 yr old criminals. What a joke.

    1. billy says:

      absolutely. half or more of these cops wouldnt work in brownsville trying to get crack and keys ov coke of the street

  14. yokolee says:

    Shame on the dr!!!!

  15. George Robert says:

    “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at him.”….i’m just saying.

  16. Tina says:

    i’m all for the police doing there job , but we all have to admit , the sting thing dont need to be put in place if the start within their own department…save lots of tax dollars

  17. Will says:

    Lying cops, thieves and con men.
    They have nothing better to do than spend money on undercover to arrest a 82 year old Doctor. These stupid nasty police are sick and need to go get a life! The police and sheriff departments hire people that can’t get jobs anywhere else. Low life white trailer trash with massive egos. I am sick of all of them.

    1. lisajoey says:

      WILL is this a family member of yours that why you so mad at the police for doing there job

    2. lisajoey says:

      or maybe you doing something Illegally that why you so mad at the police maybe you will be next

    3. Ryan says:

      I suppose you believe its better to allow a doctor to illiegally sell highly addictive drugs to people who don’t need it, These drugs ruin lives.

  18. Qatari says:


    1. dee says:

      He also made lots of money not mailing in medicare forms that he made people signed. one and a half years going to him for my thyroid and diabetes I have not collected a dime and medicare has no record of me giving checks to him for this service he never reported my visits to Medicare How many other people did he did this to its not right.He was a good Dr until this I know him for 30 yrs since I took my 3 year old to him. I’m very surprised he went sour. I really liked him. has this happened to anyone else from him.
      Too bad I’m disappointed in him.

      1. MB says:

        The same thing happened to me. I too am waiting for Medicare to reimburse me. I have been going to him for over 20 years. I am very disappointed, he helped me so much over the y4ars.

      2. Sue says:

        I too have been going to Dr. Roginsky for almost 24 years and he was wonderful untilt the past 15 months when he did not send in my forms. I am out money that I trusted him to get back to me by signing forms.

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