NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Christians around the world were enjoying quality time with their families this Christmas, and churches have been packed with worshippers commemorating the birth of Jesus, Magee Hickey reports.

At the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine choir sang Psalm 98 as worshippers celebrated. For some, going to this cathedral on Christmas Day is a continuation of a family tradition.

For others, it’s the start of one. “It’s such a powerful place that it really sets up a tradition, especially with our 3-year-old son, said Jennifer Mujat-Kearns.

“Taking a bit of time out to reflect on the years past and where we are going,” said Denny Jumpertz.

New York’s Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan greeted the dignataries that filled the front pew: Mayor Bloomberg, Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly before placing the baby Jesus in the manger.

“A blessed Christmas to everyone. We are all home for Christmas here at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. This holds true for this silent night,” said Dolan.

In his Midnight Mass homily, Dolan sounded a theme of forgetting the materialism of Christmas and bringing back the spirituality of this sacred day.

Many attending Mass on Christmas agreed. “It was beautiful. Nice to have family there. The altar looked gorgeous and the music heart-lifting,” said Nancy Biaggi.

Asked what Christmas meant to her, Mildred Brennan answered “Family, thinking of Christ child and memories.”

“To spend time with family and friends, be thankful for everything you have,” was Emily Foster’s answer.