NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Gov. David Paterson continued defending decisions made in his final month in office, including two dozen pardons.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports

Pateron gave out 24 pardons this past week because he feared the overzealous and unjust actions of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials would have led to deportation.

“I believe in rehabilitation and redemption. ICE clearly does not,” Paterson said.

All of the offenses were minor and many occurred years ago, Paterson said, adding that his decision was purely about justice.

“You can’t get a pardon because you committed a crime and they won’t let you into law school or your business is not taking off because people know your previous criminal record,” Paterson said.

He created a special immigration pardon panel in order to guide his actions.

“The power of pardons for governor is profound. Pardons should not be taken lightly and they should only be issued in cases involving justice,” he added.

Paterson called actions of ICE arbitrary and inflexible, saying that their enforcement was often times random at best.

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  1. Mary Eaglefoot says:

    My American Indian Ancestors welcomed and greeted forigners! What, are you scared of white people? Afraid they may come , in commit genocide and wipe you out? hmmmm….funny.

  2. NH says:

    It is so heartening to see that are men of principal and courage in government. Thank you Governor Patterson for standing up for the core values on which America was built. It seems though, that we are a country still striving to be a Democracy and that America continues to be a work in progress.

  3. Francis says:

    California–The ultra Sanctuary City and a State overrun by the illegal immigration major issues. Sacramento crammed with Ultra Liberal extremists that are destroying the once great state, by catering and subsidizing the unceasing invasion. Mind, this not the only recognized city that is stealing money from legal residents, to pander to millions of illegal aliens. This would be exposed if Senator Harry Reid had not tabled a mandatory E-Verify program, to reveal the illegal nationals working all around the nation? It is my suggestion that their was some ominous goings on during the voting for Sen. Reid, seeing that Nevada is also crowded with illegal immigrants. I Know? Can’t vote? Your out of step, if you think that the lax laws Public assistance is inundated with instant citizenship babies, that the parents exploit by accessing the welfare and public services. The schools are the domains of non-speaking alien children, which have literary taken percentage-wise over the education through K-12 in California. Most Americans don’t logically realize that without the infiltration of these economic people, much of our slipping economy would be saved.

    THE 1986 SIMPSON-MAZZOLI BILL WAS A TRAVESTY OF IMMIGRATION REFORM. IT WAS ONE HUGE FRAUDULENT ESCAPADE PLAYED ON THE US TAXPAYER. OVER THE YEARS THIS ORIGINAL AMNESTY BECAME A SEVERE ATTRACTION FOR ECONOMIC ILLEGAL MIGRANTS TO SETTLE HERE, WITH COSTS THAT CANNOT EVEN BE CONCEIVED TO THE TAXPAYER. The Heritage Foundation recently released a account that analyzes what low-skilled households cost the U.S. taxpayer. For every dollar they pay in taxes they get three dollars in benefits. The drain on the U.S. economy will be unsustainable in future years if this complete indifference to taxpayers continues?

    The health care system is falling apart because of the constant stream of people without insurance are using the system. Without fear of contradiction-the Lib and Democratic militants, will find a way to usher the millions of illegal aliens into Obamacare? There are some essential provisions in the law, that doesn’t give the abhorrent insurance companies the legal right to reject patients with pre-existing conditions, but much of the other legislation must be repealed. Like most far left wing agendas, their is a dribble of Republicans have endeavored to push through Congress an incessant flow of foreign minimum wage workers and their families. The Dream act if it passed would afterwards allowed the legitimized applicants to eventually bring in family through chain migration laws, causing even more disruption in the welfare system. Chain Migration is full of fraudulent financial bonds by the sponsor, which finally doesn’t pay for the support of his older family members.

  4. Francis says:

    The tide has finally turning and the TEA PARTY ADVOCATES, will be watching intently the Republican move to altering the laws involved. In border state of Arizona is exemplary fighting for the defense and protection of it legal citizens and permanent residents, only to find itself demonized by the Liberal progressives. Some border regions of US sovereignty land, Americans are prohibited to go, as drug smugglers are using it as a refuge with hardly any policing enforcement. Our country has been tormented and subject to billions of dollars annually in entitlement payments, for anybody who can slip past the border or overstay their visa with no real penalty. All patriots should demand that entry into our country is a felony, not a civil offense? Police forces throughout this country are everyday confronted by criminals from other countries committing a wide spectrum of heinous crimes.

    Several decades of administrations that seem nonobligatory to the American people, but pander to the invasion plans of illegal aliens. Years of government failure to build a real barrier, similar to the strong Israeli wall that keeps out unwelcome people. Eventually the Middle Eastern Jihadists will commit a massacre somewhere across this country, assisted with criminal drug gangs from across our porous border. We need the military along the length of the national border fully armed. The Tea Party will exact their own harsh penalty on any politician who authors any form of Amnesty, including those they voted into office. Americans of all walks of life, religion or race should entertain joining a local Tea PARTY.

  5. Jets Fan says:

    Thankfully this racist has been booted from office.

    1. DianeC says:

      Thank God!

  6. Johnson says:

    He also pardoned 6 earlier in month. These were not just here illeally, they were criminals, with convictions.. They did not deserve pardons.

  7. Joel Wischkaemper says:

    “I believe in rehabilitation and redemption. ICE clearly does not,” Paterson said.
    No.. ICE believes in enforcing the law. I have to ask if anyone has checked to see what other laws Paterson feels he doesn’t have to enforce?
    VERY clearly, this is a case of vigilante justice. I would ask what Obama is going to do about enforcing the law and prosecuting Governor Patterson, but I have a strong, strong feeling I already know: if Obama likes the way you are breaking the law… it is jussssst fine.

    We need a new President and Paterson needs to be arrested for interfering with the a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

  8. aldous huxley says:

    CBS intentionally picks the worst photos they can find. They find the photos where Paterson looks utterly perplexed. Andrew Cuomo photos show him yelling or shouting. Chris Christie always looks like his head is about to explode. Hey, how about like a “Three Stooges” montage with these three!

    Thank you CBS for a year of hilarious photographs!

  9. Jersey Boy says:

    Great journalism… not. Why do I read the news from this site when it’s so lacking in detail?

  10. amazed says:

    Dave is really showing his true color. Whats really amazing is the pardons he signed where givin to “persons of color” and illegal aliens the victims were caucasian. Isn’t this a “hate crime” in itself?

    1. Nick says:

      Give it Cicciaro’s. Everyone knows that you and your thugs are the only ones posting negatives. Everyone would have shot your thug son too. Too much of a coward to fight one on one. Had to get a gang together.

  11. DanTe says:

    A long time ago, two unwed illegals snuck into a wealthy country. They were named Joseph and Mary.

    There, they gave birth, to an anchor baby called Jesus (Hey Sus). And the local citizens had to pay for that birth (the 3 men who stopped by).

    Kick those gang banging welfared slimes OUT!

    Why are you celebrating illegals and their anchor babies?

    (sarcasm here. HYPOCRITES!)

    1. Vickie says:

      Pure BS. Nothing more.

      1. DanTe says:

        That’s right Vickie. Christ is nothing more than pure BS in the minds of things like you.

  12. ericm says:

    I think Paterson is a very smart man. That said, this pardon is the stupidest thing he has ever done with his power as governor.

  13. Captain Obvious says:

    Just wait until Andrew takes office. He is going to rule with an iron fist. His entire staff will be on edge 24/7. No one gets pardoned. No one gets a free lunch. Andrew is very clearly Presidential material. Obama knows it. That’s why he ordered Paterson to not run in 2010 – that was Andrew’s spot. Paterson will wind up with some nice parting gifts and a giant sack of ca$h, but he was ordered to fade into the background. Watch Andrew’s career just skyrocket now – big plans for this guy.

  14. Fermin Guzman says:

    I like this god job. ICE is racist and the worst people can deal with

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