Riders Stuck On Train With No Food, Water or Bathrooms

QUEENS, N.Y. (CBS 2) — For many New Yorkers, getting stuck on a subway train for more than a couple of extra minutes can be a serious annoyance – and the thought of being stuck for hours is a nightmare.

But in the midst of this blizzard, it became a reality for some folks trying to get home from Kennedy Airport.

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Stranded passenger Susan Jutt joined CBS 2 via cell phone from a crowded A train Monday morning just after 5:30 a.m. At that point, she and approximately 400 other riders had been stuck on the train for just over five hours.

“Most of the people are just waking up now, and there’s no water and no bathrooms so it’s a little difficult,” Jutt said.

The immobile train was sitting above ground at the Aqueduct Racetrack station, and according to Jutt, just about everyone on the train was coming from Kennedy Airport after their flights were canceled.

“There was no other way to get out of the airport, the air train closed down, so there were shuttle buses that took us to the subway,” Jutt said.

NYC Transit Spokesman Charles Seaton said snow drifts and ice on the third rail had stalled the trains at the Broad Channel and Aqueduct stops in Queens, north and south of Kennedy Airport.

LINK: Traffic and Transit Delays, Cancellations, Suspensions

Workers had been intermittently dispensing information to the passengers. At one point, the plan was to have another train come to pull the defunct A train out of the station.

“That never happened,” Jutt said. “I have seen workers, I know they’ve been trying.”

Most passengers remained in good spirits despite the frustrating situation.

“I think everybody’s been pretty good natured considering how difficult this has been,” said Jutt.

By noon the trains had been pulled into stations. Seaton says there are no trains stuck anywhere.

“It’s really still a mess out there on the subways and buses,” Seaton said. “Let us clean up the rest of the system, get the trains moving, if you do not have to use mass transit today, if you don’t have to go anywhere — don’t.”

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  1. facebook.com says:


  2. Bcash says:

    wow, this is a major issue, how dare they leave people trapped in there for hours? Total bs in my opinion. MTA should not be allowed to have such a delay. People’s lives are at risk here, and on the Subway, please. such a sad excuse. SHAME ON YOU MTA NYC….

  3. Newkirk Plaza David says:

    How can this moron (pictured leaning over the edge of the platform at Prospect Park) think she can do that and not fall onto the tracks? This is why the NY State Legislature should consider dummies who knowingly risk their lives by leaning over the edge of the platform to see if a train is coming, in addition to drunks who fall – – as both types of people whom should not be allowed to sue the MTA for their reckless and stupid actions. Lean over the edge of the platform and fall, tough – – nobody asked you to do that.

  4. Rj Rosen says:

    I really like when a grounded plane or subway says they cant open the doors. Im not a criminal but no one tells me I cant exit. No one has the right to. I dont care if they tell you theirs nothing their it is still a free country it wasnt Siberia. Id a left or at least went somewhere for a private pee & no one stops me, people dont fight for their rights so they are walked over

  5. Carl R. says:

    Couldn’t they bus everyone to Lefferts Blvd for the other A train?

  6. Gurd says:

    That is why those trains smell like bathrooms. I get it now. Put a bunch of people on a train and leave them there for 11 hours. They must have done that to every train at one time or another.

  7. brt says:

    Stuck with a bunch of crazy New Yorkers on a subway Yuck !!

  8. carolmcl says:

    You’re coming from JFK, a lot of them were probably travelers with luggage on their way home. Where were they gonna go? There were no buses running, no taxis, etc.

  9. That sounds like it must have been incredibly uncomfortable!

  10. jschmidt says:

    So they got pullled to the station. With 400 buses stranded due to the roads, did any of them get to a hotel if they were visitors trying to get out.

  11. dianne says:

    Can you imagine if you had to p.. or worse !!

  12. mike says:

    Don’t trip on the third rail when you jump out of the doors

  13. Are you dumb? says:

    ^^you’re the idiot what is the conductor going to do when 400 people try to open up a door. You think the conductor sat there with you that whole time YAY right he left and went for coffee. You people are morons for sitting in a train that was at a station for 11 hours. I would have opened the doors there is always an emergency exit.

    1. johnbirch says:

      Got any subways that run through your mountains? Didn’t think so. Third rails with 4600 volts on them hidden by snow? Hmmmm, too bad you weren’t on the train you could have showed NYers what a hick looks like sizzling on the third rail.

  14. Dave says:

    3-4 feet of snow. So what?? The NE USA citizens are wimps.
    I live at 7600 feet in the central CA Sierra Nevada mountains and we have
    26 feet of snow here.
    We get out and take care of business.
    Maybe they had better call obama for help!! LMAO!! Sissies!!!

    1. Jim M says:

      You live in your mother’s basement, and have probably only seen enough snow in your life to make a snow angel.

      California should slide into the pacific at its earliest convenience.

    2. johnbirch says:

      Got any subways that run through your mountains? Didn’t think so. Third rails with 4600 volts on them hidden by snow? Hmmmm, too bad you weren’t on the train you could have showed NYers what a hick looks like sizzling on the third rail.

    3. NinaPintaSantaMaria says:

      ha ha true Dave! Sissies! LOL!

      1. NinaPintaSantaMaria says:

        Why does everyone have to travel in the last weeks of December? Why cant you people go on holiday late november or early december, and return back before the holiday rush? Think! Use logic. It is so stupid to go travelling at the height of snow storm time. They were all looking to get caught in the blizzard. Bad planning.

    4. Allison says:

      Dave, have you ever BEEN to NYC? My guess is no, given your ridiculous comparison.

  15. silence dogood says:


  16. ed says:

    Anyone STUPID enough to just sit for hours rather than leave would be doing the rest of us a favor by freezing to death or sitting there til they starve. It would help clean up the gene pool.

    1. Ed is an Idiot says:

      They had no choice but to sit there. I was stuck on one of those trains. The conductors didn’t let anyone exit the train.

    2. Jim M says:

      I would think the doors would be shut and not able to be opened in a situation like that? And who knows what you’ll be near when you ‘Rambo’ your way out?Go for it Ed, and let us know how that works out for ya…

      1. DOUG says:

        I was on that train. I had some gas to pass! I had to pinch a loaf and loose last night’s beer, beans, franks and sour-crout and peeeee like a freakin’ race horse. I needed T.P. so a grabbed a passenger’s paper and headed to between the cars. I met two fine dressed women there squatting their load. One had a butt like a tub of cottage cheese and nothing to wipe it up with.! The other lady giggled. I think she was Bloomberg’s wife!!!

    3. johnbirch says:

      Hey dummy, where would they go if they left? They were on their way home from the airport, loaded with luggage in a freaking blizzard ! Good way to freeze to death.

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