Last Updated: Dec. 30, 2010.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As you all know, a  blizzard walloped the Tri-State Area over the weekend. It is now Thursday and many people are still snowed in and several streets remain untouched.

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Has your street been plowed? Were you able to commute to and from work ?

Please share your comments with us below.

And hang in there!

WCBS 880 listeners describe what’s happening on their block

WCBS 880 listeners tell WCBS 880 “We Need Help”

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  1. David says:

    My street in Brooklyn is just not being plowed. Since I must use my car to get to work, I was forced to take a vacation day for Tuesday. Since I remember, my streets have always been plowed at least half a dozen times by the second day after severe snow storms. Now that he is not running for Mayor anymore, Mr. Bloomberg just does not seem to give a damn any more. All he cares for is that Manhattan is completely cleaned up so that he can tell his subjects to relax and go enjoy a Broadway show (obviously his comments are targeted at Manhattan residents). Oh yes, he’s very good at raising taxes and water rates – he’s strictly a financial guy.

  2. NYorker says:

    Whitestone and Bayside, Queens are not plowed at all. The mayor is not taking this seriously. He tells us to call 311, and 311 does not work. Then he says to call after the storm! This is a disgrace.

  3. NYcitizen says:

    Did I hear someone say “Impeach Bloomberg” ??? Then fire the bigwigs in Sanitation Dept. for putting New Yorkers at a risk for fire trucks, ambulances and police cars not being able to get access to us because the snow hasn’t been plowed!

  4. Ridgewood Queens says:

    67th Street in Ridgewood Queens has not been plowed which is an outrage since many young children and elderly reside on this block!

  5. DeltaForce says:

    Those 5 NYC MTA O65 buses are still idling, one with engine still running on 14th Road in College Point, between 119th St. and 114th Street – making it impossible if we ever get snow plows and salt trucks into this area. Bus drivers and MTA supervisors are standing around, talking, joking & waiting while getting paid – the rest of us can’t get to our job unless we walk 2 miles to the shortened route’s last stop or all the way to downtown Flushing to find transportation. Meanwhile, large trucks are driven onto 14th Avenue, blocking streets and denting parked cars already snowed in. Abandoned NYPD marked vehicle from 109 Pct. abandoned here, rear end blocking narrow lane of snow covered street for traffic.

    1. DeltaForce says:

      Dead end streets around here and in Whitestone seemed to seen some plows and salting, but not vital primary/secondary avenues and streets, including roads where buses normally come along. All we see are snow plows driven on already clean streets on College Point Blvd – hello! Meanwhile, surrounding streets leading to/from the DSNY Depot & Garage are squeaking clean, down to bare pavement.

      This is a DISGRACE – time to call out and bring in the National Guard. Public hearing – sure, we took plenty of photos for members of City Council – if interested.

  6. Pinny says:

    Flatbush – NOT plowed! – NOT even my street which has a HOSPITAL!!!
    Bush had his Katrina.
    Obama had his BP oil spill
    Bloomberg has Blizzard 2010!!!

  7. Thomas boyle says:

    The rotting apple. I am embarressed to call myself a new yorker. i have not seen one slow pllow since this has started. cars stuck in front of my house for days. today i had to wait almost an hour for a bus in the street because the sidewalks are snow covered and people are taking the street because the bus didnt come with speeding cars approaching while people are walking. what a joke. no wonder why so many people are moving out of this joke city

  8. Had Enough says:

    Bensonhurst Brooklyn- not plowed!!.. No subway service (N Line), no buses are running.. I had to walk 20 blocks to the F train this morning just to get to work; many people were doing the same thing. Someone dropped the ball big time and people should be held accountable. The boroughs get completely ignored, last I checked we were part of NYC as well and we all pay the same taxes however we are treated like unwanted step-children time and time again. I really wish that the media would take this a little more seriously. There are elderly people that are stuck in doors because access-a-ride can’t get to them, or their food delivery can’t get through their unplowed streets. Is the DSNY even working? I’ve yet to see a truck drive by in Brooklyn. What a joke

    1. The Truth says:

      They work when they hear Pension. Forgive me glorified welfare! Hang Mike he’s to blame. The bum dont care about us. Destroy all Bloomber Terminals. Put him out of biz. This he will understand. Remember this moron gave all the UNIONS big increases which increase PENSION/WELFARE cost. Future is gonna be bad.

  9. david11238 says:

    Regardless of whether the weather’s effects are Bloomberg’s fault, he got rid of the Two-term law because he said NYC couldn’t have any other man but him to run the City. Well, here’s your first obvious test. And you are failing. You also said you drove the streets in all five boroughs and saw abandoned cars, the snow and visibility was so bad. So! How was your car able to get around where mere mortal cars couldn’t? It doesn’t make sense. It sounds like a lie.

  10. Ed says:

    I live in Glendale Queens and it took me 3 hours to go to work downtown on Water St. I waited over an hour for my Q29, and it never showed up. The other poor slobs waited 45 minutes for a Q55, yet there were 6 that drove by the other direction. I waited another 20 minutes and took the Q55 to the M train. All the while again there were 3 buses the opposite direction again, plus it took 40 minutes to get there, whereas it should only take 20. Then waiting 20 minutes for the M and another 20 for the J. ASIDE from being a mountain climber to cross streets and get on buses, because of our lazy sanitation workers. They should fire ALL MTA and NYDS employees. They are all overpaid, useless to society and too stupid and/or lazy to hold down a real job. Get rid of the unions and hire people who will actually work for their money!

  11. Janet says:

    Our whole neighborhood here in Mill Basin and Bergen Beach area in Brooklyn has not been plowed. I missed two days of work already because of this. Even the main roads are blocked with snow no buses are passing and the cars are not able to pass the streets. Sanitation trucks just pass by our area even if they already saw how bad the streets are here. Sanitation trucks kept plowing the streets thay are already plowed!! What’s the point of that?!!! They should plow the streets that are still not plowed!!

  12. OverTaxed UnderServiced says:

    It’s been 48 hours and we have yet to see a snow plow. I live near Main Street in Flushing and in 34 years of living here, I cannot remember ever going 24 hours after a snow storm without the streets being plowed. Mayor Bloomberg just lost my confidence and my vote for governor or president or whatever other office he plans to buy next. What were all those tax hikes for?

  13. joe says:

    If you see a snowplow acll 911 it’s probably stolen

  14. B says:

    Commuted from Nassau County, Town of Hempstead, to Times Square this morning. Even Times Square, usually cleared quickly of snow, has mountains of snow blocking passage for pedestrians between the sidewalks and the streets. Hempstead Tpke, a major artery, between Belmont Racetrack and Jamaica Avenue in Queens is unplowed and down to a single lane for both east and westbound traffic to share. Very dangerous. Secondary roads in Town of Hempstead are virtually unplowed as well. Buses are discharging passengers both in Queens and Nassau counties on top of 3 foot mounds of snow, soon to be 3 foot mounds of ice. Very dangerous as well. Let’s see if in the coming days City of NY and Town of Hempstead succeed in clearing this mess. As of the morning of Tuesday, 12/28, they have both failed the taxpayers.

  15. unknown says:

    Please plow Brown Place in Maspeth!!!

    1. fred says:

      They are not plowing since the union is sticking it to bloomberg for firing 400 sanitaion workers.

  16. Rod Feish says:

    Disgusted and frustrated are not even close to expressing how I feel. Not even a sound of a snow plow much less a siting of one. And what’s the political BS that is going to be handed to us this time while you are smiling, Mr. Mayor? Do I get to deduct my financial loses from my tax bill this year in the same manner as the city would collect and bill us for cracked sidewalks and shoveled snow. I am glad I did NOT vote for you and will make sure not to in the future.

  17. JR says:

    I live in East Elmhurst, Queens, and our street is busy because of the traffic that comes into and out of the Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond nearby. We have not seen a snow plow yet. Cars are being backed up in our street because some cars are still getting stuck in the snow, spinning tires and all. A pickup truck has been sitting in the corner of our block since yesterday afternoon because the driver gave up on trying to get it moved. The lack of plowed roads around the city iis a failure and embarassment given how punctual the snow plows have been in the past. The Sanitation commissioner should be fired for his lack of control of the situation.

  18. Debra Anne says:

    Wasn’t he on tv making big claims on Saturday night? Something about partnering up with EPA trucks to get things done even faster? I suspect he just didn’t want to pay Sanitation OT… And won’t declare an emergency so everyone has to use their sick/vacation days if they want to get paid. Talk about getting railroaded…metaphorically of course – because the trains aren’t running in real life…

    Guess third term’s not the charm…Someone voted for him. It wasn’t me.

  19. mig says:

    in south riichmond hill. not one plow has passed none of the side streets have seen a plow.what the hell is going on?

  20. Lorrie says:

    Here in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, the plows have not even made one pass on our “secondary” street, they have barely plowed the “main” streets, like Ave U and Veterans Ave. We have 4 hours to shovel a path in front of our houses, how many hours does the City have to let us get out of our street. What if a Firetruck or an ambulance needs to get to us. My father is 81 years old, what if he needs medical attention. This situation is intolerable. I live on a school block. If the Mayor wanted to open schools today, you could guarantee that this street would be plowed. I guess when you are not up for re-election, the taxpayers don’t really matter anymore.

  21. Rich says:

    Bay Ridge is a disaster. Fort Hamilton Parkway in the 70’s looks like the Kuwait highway of death photos

    God help anyone having a medical emergency in Brooklyn

  22. Kenny says:

    Why it always someone elses fault when the Mayor is at fault ? The nerve of him to go on TV and claim the streets are plowed and the city is back to normal. Take mass transit he claims ! Hey Dopey the trains and buses are not running, your ambulances are snow bound and fire trucks and police cars cannnot get down the side streets. Now who’s fault is this ? CUT CUT CUT and this is what you get. I bet if his azz was stuck on a subway car freezing for 9 hours he would realise what a horror he and his cronies have created.

  23. furious says:

    Despite announcements claiming trains every hour this morning, the LIRR never showed up in Queens (Pt. Washington line.) Husband walked home, drove the truck to a municipal lot, and got the 7 three hours after he initially left the house.

    Adding insult to injury, Bloomberg won’t declare yesterday an “emergency,” forcing everybody to take a vacation day.

  24. Wolf says:

    The Mayor is trying to save money. What he does not realize is it costs the city and taxpayers money. If us working class NYer’s can’t get to work, we DON”t get paid!! No pay equals no taxes to pay!! Good job rich man!! Next time call a snow emergency before the blizzard. This was no Alberta Clipper. This was a Nor Easter

  25. taxpayertom says:

    Mike Blumberg: The guy who ignores 4 out of 5 boroughs…imagine how he would treat the country if he were president!!

  26. Milton says:

    Brooklyn ave l not plowed from bedford to flatbush ave east 23 to at least flatbush ave have not seen a plow ave M untouched
    b 44 bus 1 every 2-3 hours
    it looks like we have to wait for the sun to get us back to work

  27. Matt says:

    Bay Ridge Is impassible, Mr Mayor yet another failure on YOUR part!

    1. john says:

      i can verify that on Ovington Avenue in Bay Ridge….It looks like Siberia………..have not seen a plow yet and we have a senior citizen home on my block…

  28. Little Girl from Queens says:

    Dear Mr. Mayor,
    Our entire area has not been plowed and it has been 3 days since the snow started. My dad could not go to work. My grandma has a doctor’s appointment and I think we will not be able to make it. By the way, your 311 system does not work. I am worried that you will be on Santa’s naughty list. Happy New Year!!!
    From little girl in Queens

  29. NYcitizen says:

    169th Street and 22nd Avenue in Whitestone still not plowed as of 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, December 28, 2010. The City has done much better in the past with snow removal when we had much more snow! There is no excuse for this, and the Sanitation Dept. is being spiteful for Bloomie laying off300-400 of their workers!

  30. Carol says:

    As usual the Mayor of NYC has no regard for the real people of this city. No our streets have not been plowed. But hey Times Square has crews working overtime to get it ready for New Years Eve so the idiot mayor can be there. To hell with Times Square, your boroughs should come first.

    1. anonymous says:

      Your comment is valid problem is we have a Mayor that is both Manhattan-centric and looking at image to the world for his own personal benefit. The only way to counter him is to send in the photos to the media (NY1 or WCBS TV, etc)

  31. SnowedIn says:

    Here in Queens (Oakland Gardens section of Bayside), the residential streets haven’t been plowed at all. Reminiscient of the Lindsay administration, does this mean that Mayor Bloomberg has forgotten Queens? Is Michael Bloomberg actually John Lindsay version 2.0? Great job Mr. Mayor!

  32. anonymous says:

    Bloomberg is consumed with his own personal agendas of advancement be it politically oriented, etc. to putting in adequate personal time and resources into getting this resolved. The one thing he will respond to however is any threat to his public image of being a competent leader – he does not like looking bad, especially within the context of future political ambition. Send the photos of what counters his statements at press conferences. That way he can be cornered to accountability.

  33. pat says:

    Let the eat cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. ED says:

    I came to work today and am amazed that 72nd Street bertween York and the FDR has not seen a plow. I cannot remember ever seeing this happen.

  35. J. Rotella; Stranded Queens Resident says:

    No, my street has not been plowed! A bulldozer with Con Ed workers came through half way, but all the did was make a huge pile of snow in the middle of the block, rendering it in-accessible! Mayor Bloomberg always forgets about the outer boroughs, especially Queens and apparently from what I am reading, Brooklyn too! Bloomberg only cares about Manhattan! This truly demonstrates his lack of care or concern for the citizens of New York. We are tax paying citizens and deserve to be provided with snow removal!

  36. Rosa says:

    I live in Howard Beach, NY. I am on an intersection on 156th avenue and the sanitation trucks (approx 6-7) trucks have passed by on one side of the intersection but refused to passed by on my side. This is unbelievable, I missed work today and possibly miss tomorrow and have the possibilty of being fired. I am a sole provider for my kids.

    1. Allyson says:

      I hear you! I live alone, and have not been to work in two days. They passed by my intersection and I actually flagged one down. He refused to come down the block and said he has to “stick to his clipboard”. I hope the plows come by you!

  37. Joe says:

    no plows on my block in flushing ny. lirr said trains were running every hour which they were not. Wait for 2 hours on the platform and when a train arrived it was “at capacity”

  38. Michael Capricano says:

    Even in Jersey City, certain streets have not been plowed. It is Tuesday morning. My dad had to walk to the station yesterday and today. He walked more than 2.5 miles yesterday (since the station closest to our house was closed). Since our street is untouched, we cannot go anywhere by car. My grandmother has been postponing hospital appointments for the past two days.

  39. JP says:

    No plows here in Gravesend Brooklyn. Busses and cars r still untouched on ave x since Sunday night 9pm. Bloomie is a ASS. But lets get times square ready for a party. Meanwhile we have no access for emergency!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Naomi Dornbush says:

    I live in Far Rockaway and nothing has been plowed, I live on Harbour Court and nothing has been done. It is now 10:40 Tuesday the 28th.

  41. Cam says:

    Here in queens the streets have still not been cleared, people cant get to work, yesterday i had to walk to the subway and then in the evening I had to walk back home, some 30 blocks or more…Yet the mayor is MORE CONCERN ABOUT THE NEW YEARS EVE PARTY HAPPENING IN TIME SQUARE, who the hell cares about some party…..we need to get to work so we can keep our jobs….

  42. Mike Selinger says:

    Your Mayor is a pompous, incompetent ass. Instead of trying to micromanage
    New Yorker’s lives (re: smoking, food, etc), and appointing inexperienced flacks
    to high position (re: School Chancellor who isn’t certified in anything), he should do his job!

  43. Gary says:

    marine park 37 st not plowed what do I pay taxes for bus broken down 36 and ave r left there for 24 hours Great job MTA

  44. pssdOff says:

    Last stop on Q25 bus is at 130 th and 20 th ave instead of the usual 119th and 5th ave. Had to walk 23 blocks home yesterday,on 2 hours sleep after a 4 hour trip to College Point from Rockefeller Center where I work. I was there since Sunday afternoon,tried to get home sunday night but 7 train not running and got as far as Roosevelt Ave before I had to turn back. BTW – I had to get the bus in Jamaica yesterday due to 7 train not running again

  45. Seb says:

    Hey Bloomie, you and your corporate politics suck… There are 5 MTA buses stuck in the street in front of my house in College Point, Queens. They’ve been there for more than 48 hours!!!! The road is completely blocked and no signs of plows anywhere. And we thought NY was a first world city. By the way, one block away, where the Pepsi Bottling company is the road is completely clear. Of course, a big transnational corporation gets a great hand from you :-p

  46. Denise says:

    Our streets are still not plowed in Queens, NY (Rockaway area). When will they come through? It is very dangerous outside today–doesn’t seem to look much better than yesterday!

  47. henry says:

    There is no plow on all streets in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge area, even some large Avenue are still blocked by snow, and disabled cars. Please have government agency help those area and restore the normal life and business for the local resident and business people as soon as possible.

    1. James S. says:

      Fort Hamilton Parkway/8th Avenue are Horendous. Families slept in their cars all night. Thank God bars stood open for people to sleep,

    2. Tracy Miller says:

      None of the side streets in Sunset Park, Boro Park or Bay Ridge have been plowed. I live on 42nd Between 9th and 10th Aves., it looks exactly the same as it did on Sunday, nothing can get through, no one can get their cars out. The entire neighborhood has been ignored. Ninth Ave is a mess, it got one swipe with a plow on Monday, and is just barely passable. You can’t turn off Ninth, in either direction, the only cleared side street is 39th.
      We spoke to Boro President Marty Markowitz last night and he promised to look into the situation. He even called back this afternoon to see if anything had been done. Unfortunately, I had no good news for him. I’ve got to give him credit for trying, he made the calls himself too, didn’t just have his staff call. Unfortunately, he seems to be as stuck in place as the rest of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Something is going very wrong, I think it’s name is Bloomberg.

  48. NYC Residents says:

    Dear Mr. Mayor, OEM, Dept of Sanitation,
    Re: Snow Removal
    Your truly,
    Tax payer

    1. Lenny Waller says:

      MR. Mayor drive through the Bedford Park section of the Bronx. Main arteries & Most side streets don’t show blacktop. As a Mayor You FAIL.

  49. H. Gissinger says:

    Here in Brooklyn we still have not had plows as we remain snowed in as Mayor Bloomberg shows once again that he’s the Mayor of Manhattan only. The rest of us can go down the tubes

    1. seagate_snowman says:


  50. disgusted resdient says:

    the mayor says he’ll fine residents who don’t clean their sidewalks of snow within 4 hours after snowfall. Our street has not been plowed up to now! Should we fine Mayor Bloomberg? What a pathetic response he has given, blaming the rate of snowfall.

    1. April says:

      Agree!!!!! This has been the worst response ever!

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