NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — Rush hour subway commuters were encountering some service problems Tuesday. Almost every line was still being affected in some way by the snow.

“We’re trying to dig out our stranded buses. We’re working very closely with the Department of Sanitation but many roads are still impassable,” said Deirdre Parker of New York City Transit.

“We have very limited bus service out there today,” Parker said.

So what is working for the morning commute? “Our subways are back, with the exception of the Brighton Beach, Sea Beach, and the southern part of the Carnarsie Line and the Franklin Avenue shuttle,” Parker said. “We do have service back to Far Rockaway, the West End Line, and the Dyre Avenue Line.”

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight talks with “F” train passengers about their trouble getting around.

As for the lines without service Tuesday, “we’re still working around the clock to dig those areas out and run some test trains,” Parker said.

The snow had a significant impact on the above-ground trains. “Our service that’s underground is running, with some delays, but they are running.”


– 1, 2, and 3 train service is running with delays in both directions at this time.
– 4, 5 and 6 train service is running with delays in both directions at this time.
– 7 train service is running local in both directions from the 42nd Street-Times Square Station to the Main Street-Flushing Station.
– A, C, and E train service is running with residual delays at this time.
– Due to a train with mechanical problems at the Bay 50th Street Station, there is no D trains between the Bay Parkway Station and the Coney island-Stillwell Avenue Station in both directions. In adition, due to inclement weather, D, F and M train service is running with delays in both directions. Also, due to inclement weather, B train service is suspended in both directions from the Bedford Park Boulevard Station and the Brighton Beach Station.
– G train service has resumed with residual delays.
– Expect delays in J train service in both directions at this time.
– L train service is suspended in both directions between the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues Station and the Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway Station.
– There is no Q train service between the 57th Street-7th Avenue Station and the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue Station in both directions. There is no N train service between the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue Station and the 59th Street Station (Brooklyn) in both directions. Please expect delays in service on the Q , N and R trains at this time.


Due to inclement weather conditions, all MTA bus express services are running with system wide delays. There is no limited stop bus service in all boroughs.

Buses-BX1 – BX55

Manhattan-bound Bx19 bus service will terminate at Fredrick Douglas Blvd and 145th Street. Bx12 select bus service will be making local stops.

Buses-M1 – M116

M4 bus service is terminating at Cabrini Circle. M11 bus service is not entering Riverbank Park.

Buses-N1- N88

Due to inclement weather, Long Island Bus service will detour as follows: Westbound N6 – Hempstead Avenue, right onto Springfield Blvd, left on Hillside Avenue, then regular route. Westbound N24 – Jamaica Avenue, right onto Springfield Blvd, left on Hillside Avenue, then regular route. Eastbound N24 – Hillside Avenue, right onto Springfield Bld, left on Jamaica Avenue, then regular route.

Buses-Q1 – Q113

166th Street-bound Q15 bus from Roosevelt Avenue. left turn on Union Street, right turn on Northern Boulevard, left turn on 150th Street, then regular route. Main Street-bound Q15 bus from 150th Street, right turn on Northern Boulevard, left turn on Union Street, right turn on Roosevelt Avenue. LGA-bound Q48 bus from Roosevelt Avenue,right turn on 126th Street, left turn on Northern Boulevard, right turn on 108th Street, then regular route. Main Street-bound Q48 bus – from 108th Street, left turn on Northern Boulevard, right turn on 126th Street, left turn onto Roosevelt Avenue, then regular route. Queens Plaza-bound Q67 bus regular route to Borden Avenue, right onto Vandam Street, left turn onto Hunters Point Avenue, then regular route. Metropolitan Avenue-bound Q67 bus continue on Hunters Point Avenue, right onto Vandam Street, left onto Borden Avenue, then regular route. 60th Lane and Cooper Avenue-bound Q39 bus from Jackson Ave at Queens Boulevard, left turn at Thompson Ave to Queens Boulevard, right at 58th Street, then regular route. Queens Plaza-bound Q39 bus to 58th Street and Queens Boulevard, left onto Thompson Avenue, left at Jackson Avenue to 21st Street, right on 21st St to Queens Plaza South, right onto Queens Plaza, then regular route. Westbound Q36 bus run on Jamaica Avenue, right on Springfield Boulevard, left on Hillside, then regular route. Eastbound Q83 bus will terminate at Springfield Boulevard. Both directions, there is no Q72 bus service from Rego Park to LaGuardia Airport. Northbound Q65 bus service last stop on College Point Boulevard at 28th Avenue. College Point-bound Q25 bus from 130th Street, right onto 20th Avenue. Southbound Q23 bus service will continue straight on Ditmars Boulevard to a right on 108th Street, right on Astoria Boulevard then regular route.

Buses-S40 – S98

Due to inclement weather there is no service on the following bus routes: S42, S44, S46, S51, S52, S54, S55, S56, S57, S61, S66, S76 and S93.

Buses-x1 – x68

Due to inclement weather conditions, there is no X31 bus service at this time.

Comments (16)
  1. Patricia says:

    Can sombody tell us B6 commuters will be getting buses again, we have been
    taking cabs th the subways for the last four days. What’s up MTA the fare went up today.

  2. Stranded in Sheepshead Bay says:

    According to the MTA website, as late this evening, the B and Q trains (and many others around the city) are STILL not running at all. No busses in the area either. Not everyone gets paid for taking the day off and some might even lose their jobs for absence. Vital services are not available because the people who provide them can’t get to work! Day three and it’s still a mess!

  3. sue says:

    still no plow in midwood, still no q service. midwood brooklyn is at a complete stand still.

    why is the fair going up again????

  4. MER says:

    There was no Q34 bus yesterday and there was also no Q20a & Q20b buses. the closest I seen to the Q20 was when the MTA driver probably saw the HUGE line, he quickly changed his sign to NOT IN SERVICE. Yup, after 3 hours of waiting, had to WALK home through unplowed streets. Thank you MTA.

  5. Don Juan says:

    The list of Brooklyn buses is probably too long to print.

  6. Marc says:

    No “A” service into or out of Rockaway, regardless of what is being reported by the media and the MTA. Secondary and tertiary streets are still impassible. The incompetence would be sufferable if not for all the lying. News outlets should be advocating for the citizens, not the Mayor’s handpicked millionaire cadre and their lackeys in the City Council.

    1. TW says:

      I sooo agree with you. This is a new low for this administration. Nothing but lie after lie. Buses are not delayed, they are damn near non-existent!!

  7. Seb says:

    Hey Bloomie, you and your corporate politics suck… There are 5 MTA buses stuck in the street in front of my house in College Point, Queens. They’ve been there for more than 48 hours!!!! The road is completely blocked and no signs of plows anywhere. And we thought NY was a first world city. By the way, one block away, where the Pepsi Bottling company is the road is completely clear. Of course, a big transnational corporation gets a great hand from you :-p

  8. frank says:

    help us in sunset park brooklyn 40 st and 6 ave street is blocked everywhere

  9. Charles says:

    I agree I had to walk to Parsons and Archer from Springfield blvd. I’m calling all the news people to inform them that there are no buses at all running in this part of queens at all. Shame on the news and the mayor and the MTA. The only good part was seeing the sanitation mini truck get stuck while 2 other plows were taking a break and didn’t even bother to help their own

  10. Frank Macc says:

    After eight years lying about the schools, lying has become the hallmark of the Bloomberg administration.
    Greatest mayor ever? Ha.

  11. Mel B says:

    What about Brooklyn? Hard to believe buses are running when the streets aren’t plowed!

    1. Rachael says:

      Your right. There are no buses running at least no in Red Hook. Was out at 5am this morning until 6:23 no buses. Have been waiting at my door to see if a bus comes by, but to no avail. Haven’t seen a bus down in Red Hook since Sunday. Nothing on the website from MTA or CBS News. Did they forget Brooklyn.

  12. Carl Lockman says:

    Please be advised, just as yesterday this morning the same thing. The MTA bus dispatchers at Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue are telling the public that the Q17 is running. They all lied. The Q17 bus in Queens is NOT RUNNING! They won’t tell the public and the MTA continues to lie, so I hope CBS can let the public know if you need the Q17 you must find an alernate way. The Q17 in Queens is not running

    1. TW says:

      Yup, Q17 and Q46 are not running!!! I tried so many routes to get home to fresh meadows yesterday and finally had to take the f to the last stop and walk home. Bunch of damn lies. No buses down Merrick blvd either!!

  13. Julius Allen says:

    Did the MRS and sanitation forget about Merrick Blvd in south east Queens. No buses are running down Merrick blvd. To Jamaica Center leaving commuters stranded from communities of Laurelton, and St. Albans. Are we important Mr. Mta And Sanitation. Time Square is important than us. Shame on our mayor, MTA and Sanitation for lack of preparation and communication. Channel 2 COME TO QUEENS AND REPORT THE TRUTH AND NYC STOP lying TO THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP THIS CITY RUNNING! REPORT THIS!

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