NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Snow mounds left by plows have created a sort of slalom course for cars on the roads, and on the sidewalks, pedestrians don’t have it much easier.

CBS 2’s Whit Johnson hit the pavement Wednesday to get some tips from New Yorkers on how to navigate the sidewalk slush.

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In a city where even a few steps can send you to the pavement, everybody’s got their own technique for navigating the snow and ice.

“Try not to fall,” Elizabeth McAlister said.

“Sometimes I just wait and see what everybody else is going to do, and just go in their footsteps,” Jason Moore said.

“Try not to get my Uggs wet,” Penny Peace said.

Three days after the storm clobbered Manhattan, pedestrians were still forced to pick their poison.

Some go with the narrow channel in unusually heavy foot traffic, and run into the invisible puddle.

“You go and you think it’s just going to be an inch, and it goes all the way up, and it’s brutal,” Moore said.

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Others opted for the quad-burning hike up and over and snow mounds.

“It’s less messy,” Sylvais Trubert said.

Some good news for New Yorkers on Wednesday was that the buses would be running again, but if you’re going to catch one, you can’t exactly wait at the stop – you’ve got to take your chances out in the street.

“It’s tough for an old man, you know? I’m 77 years old,” Frank Crawford said.

Then there are folks like Joe Blum, whose back-breaking work of making deliveries got a little more interesting this week.

“Some of this stuff is 100 pounds each,” he said.

The element of danger exists for everybody, but until the white stuff melts, the slushy sidewalk Olympics will continue in the Big Apple.

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