NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Mayor Michael Bloomberg used the words “unacceptable” and “inadequate” to describe NYC’s slow response to clearing piles of snow from city streets. Bloomberg also commented on reports that city workers may have intentionally slowed their response in protest at a news conference Thursday.

“When something goes wrong, we find out why it went wrong and then we roll up our sleeves and fix it. And that’s exactly what we’ll do here,” Bloomberg told reporters including WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports

City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) said that three plow workers from the Sanitation Department confessed to dragging out the plowing process as part of a supervisor-mandated protest to recent layoffs and budget cuts by the mayor.

“The 3 sanitation workers that came in to see me basically indicated that when they reported for duty their supervisors gave them a speech that went something like this: ‘Guys don’t worry we’re not going to be out in the field on top of you. If you miss a street, it’s okay, don’t worry about it,'” Halloran said.

“I don’t think it took place, but we’re going to do an investigation to make sure that it didn’t,” Bloomberg said.

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Storm Photos

1010 WINS Reporter Kathleen Maloney on the speculation of a worker slowdown.

“Unfortunately, I think the rogue group of supervisors who felt that this was a good idea to send the mayor a message actually did just the opposite for themselves. They basically told the city of New York that their labor issues were more important than public safety,” Halloran told 1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney.

Halloran called the “protest” unfortunate and said the situation won’t be taken lightly. The head of the Sanitation Workers Union, however, said the slowdown protest was not true.

“There’s no call of action by any union. We just don’t do that. Nobody gains by it. How do we gain by doing something like that? We lose,” Harry Nespoli, President of the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association said.

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman was in Queens Village and spoke to some residents still not satisfied by the mayor’s words.

“I heard the Mayor talking about all the streets cleaned. This is 208th Street — nothing cleaned. Nothing,” Cecilia Vaughan said.

Speculation into Sanitation Slow Down

In the Bronx, Councilman James Vacca had a sit-down with the mayor to relay the anger of the voters.

“We should not be saying ‘do you live on a prime street or secondary street or tertiary street.’ I’m going to rename the tertiary street, ‘taxpaying streets,'” Vacca told reporters.

Residents from the outer boroughs in particular were angry, saying many side streets in western Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn were neglected.

Bloomberg toured the outer boroughs Thursday to get a first-hand look at the clean up and admitted it did not meet the standards of New York City, 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reported.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

Mayor Tours Brooklyn to See Snow Removal Situation

PHOTO GALLERY: Is Your Street Plowed Yet? Send Us Your Pictures

‘Too Little, Too Late’

“We’re looking every time, waiting for a plow. Nobody comes out here. I mean, what are we supposed to do?” said Mendy Shapiro of Borough Park.

“I’m very upset. And I think everybody in this neighborhood is upset,” another resident said.

Mobile 2 Checks on Street Conditions with Councilman Greenfield

Meanwhile, Gov. David Paterson has also ordered an investigation into the city’s response.

“We’ll find out what was different this time and try to do everything to make sure it’s better next time,” Bloomberg said.

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  1. RichieT says:

    Were I live in Brooklyn, Ocean Hill, a city bus broke down on Rockaway Ave. The tow truck couldn’t get through because of all the idiots that were trying to drive through 18 to 20 inches of snow that were stuck That’s a great way to crack the case of a transmission. Hot aluminum, cold snow. People that couldn’t get through left their cars stuck in the middle of the street and walked away. There’s a Fire House on the Street. What were they supposed to do if there was an emergency? It was two days before the plows could actually get through.

  2. Gloria Guerriera says:

    After they finish investigating Sanitation, they should turn their attention to the MTA. Took subway to work because my street was not plowed. Got ripped off by those no -arm bandits that are supposed to sell you fare cards. Gave me back change but no bills that I had coming. Total rip-off.

  3. topgun says:

    I think all thoughs who were involved in the work slow down should lose their jobs. beter yet, start replacing all the santi men with people who will appreciate a very well paying job. Oh and by the way, they will be non-union jobs

    1. flynn says:

      Lose Jobs? how about criminal charges? People DIED in this fiasco because ambulances and other emergency services couldn’t reach people. God help them If any concrete evidence comes to light, someone should go to jail.

  4. HIRE ME says:

    Those who work for sanitation better shape up, there are plenty of unemployed folks who would be happy to do the work for less pay and be more productive. For every 1 sanitation worker, there’s probably more that 100 people waiting to take over that 1 spot.

  5. what/ says:

    I just thank God none of these guys are running our military! Can you imagine if they were? We would all be under Bin Laden’s control by now. Thank You Lord!

    1. shootem'all says:

      Wadda ya crazy..the biggest bozos of all run the military.

  6. l meyers says:

    question whos running that place down there , snow build up garbage back up and now traffic tickets. hope you remeber this come election time , unexcusable

  7. astungurys13 says:

    Come to Maspeth Queens, Go down 61st St and look at the side streets, they are still covered in about half a foot of ice and snow. What a joke! the Mayor and city has forgotten about us.

  8. Ann says:

    Hi, I live on East 63rd Street between Mayfair so and Mayfair No, and we havent been cleared either

  9. chris says:

    i beleive the sanitation dept supervisors did call for a work stoppage, and they
    should be held accountable, which most likely will never happen. They
    should be held responsible for those who died during this storm!
    Did anyone ever think that the blocked roads would also have been a
    major security issue, should our great city come under terrorist attack
    during a strom like this??? hey i shouldn’t give then any ideas!

    1. Stained Bloomies says:

      You’re not the only one that thought about a possible terrorist attack. If Fire Trucks, Plows and emergency vehicles couldn’t get through the snow and it was shown all over TV, I’m sure they are watching and taking notes.

      1. George Lurye says:

        Though your concern is noted, it isn’t quite realistic. Terrorists can’t plan for unplanned weather events. They can’t wait for a major snow storm to happen… because it may not. Meanwhile, their operations cost lots of money and carry many risks.

        Not everything in the world is terrorism related. However, you can wonder if the city would be able to respond to a larger, “Katrina-level” natural disaster sufficiently and I would safely bet that they couldn’t.

  10. Nory says:

    YOU SURE SEE RIDGEWOOD ave and Elton Street and Flulton ave all the side streets in this side

    1. BARBARA says:


      1. George Lurye says:

        First of all, Barbara, you may want to type in normal letters unless you mean to be yelling at the readers of your post. If you do mean to yell at us, please let us know what it is we did wrong.

        Second, why do we need the Mayor to tell us what’s really going on? We know what’s really going on. We see it with our own eyes. We don’t need words. We need things fixed.

      2. harriet in ny says:

        Your caps lock is on the left side, next to the “A” key, use it

  11. dudley Mahadeo says:

    i live in Brooklyn …east flatbush …E34th street between Farragut and Brooklyn rd to be exact. Ive seen all of the other streets being plowed except for my block. Ive been stuck in queens since Sunday.. i went to Brooklyn two days now to see that the street has not been plowed and got word today that there was nothing done. not being able to access my block because of all the snow is becoming very irritating. it would be nice if they can acknowledge this street as they are doing with the other streets. its getting ridiculous and i would like to get back home safely.

  12. Mike Bloomblog says:

    I watched as three plow trucks went down a street in my neighborhood. The street was not plowed. All three trucks drove slowly down the street with their plows ABOVE the snow. Clearly, they were doing nothing except trying to look busy collection time and a half overtime. Even though my street was cleared Tuesday afternoon; the adjacent streets were not cleared at all until Wednesday evening, and then only barely. So, this work slowdown appears to be true. While there were budget cuts and layoffs; this would only explain a few more hours than normal to clear the snow. This took additional days, and it still is not finished to anywhere near an acceptable level.


  13. Allison Rogers says:

    Update on 234th Street between Francis Lewis & 139th Avenue. The plow just passed on our street.

  14. Diana says:

    Where has the Deputy Mayor of Operations, the Bloomberg appointee, the former mayor of Indianapolis, the Republican, the cost-cutter and privatizer, the campaign advisor for Bush Stephen Goldsmith been in all of this? Oh, he’s the one who decided to lay off 400 sanitation workers, demote 100 supervisors and go out of town for the holidays. Is Bloomberg covering up for him now? Blame the workers? I blame the bosses

    1. Stained Bloomies says:

      I blame ALL the bosses and the Administration for putting the city at serious risk. MTA was no better. Dept of Transportation sat on their butts too.

      With these smaller streets, extra islands and larger dividers is also another reason why these plows having problems. Only one other person mentioned that if we had a terrorist attack, the city would be crippled.

    2. George Lurye says:

      We may as well lay off the rest of them if they’re not going to do their job anyway! In fact, WE SHOULD!

      The mafia private carting companies at least did their friggin job!

    3. harriet in ny says:

      should add councilman halloran to this miss, he is the one who started the slowdown rumor to take heat off bloomie and goldsmith and on to the union, based on the alleged word of 5 people who have yet to be indentifed

  15. Tired of waiting says:

    Finally 5 days later my street just got plow for the 1st time an hour ago in Maspeth Queens. I believe sanitation messed up. They should be proud of what they do and try to do the best they can. Instead, they are all words but no action. If sanitation had warned it would take 5 days to come to plow my block, I and the rest of the residents on the block would have done the job and finished it on the 1st day. Wonder if can I get a credit on my city taxed for service they did NOT provide for the pass 4 days. NOT!

  16. Michael says:

    I don’t believe Mayor Bloomberg should be at fault for anything. Was he out in a plow plowing the streets of NY? No he wasn’t, why are people furious with him? The sanitation department should be held liable for the lack of work they did. There plows should have been down ALLL the way since they left the garage, until they returned to the garage. The sanitation department should also be held liable for the people who have died during the storm due to the fact that streets weren’t cleared and ambulances couldn’t get through, and ambulances were getting stuck. Since it was reported that supervisors mandated this, then they should rightfully be charged with murder. Mad about layoffs, don’t plow streets, obstructing emergency vehicles from moving. FDNY, AND FDNY EMS are not to blame. They have snow chains equipped on there vehicles but they only work so well with the amount of snow we just got. They had to call in at least a 100 ambulances from Jersey to respond because ambulances were getting stuck and lack of man power. The mayor, and FDNY are not to blame, it’s the sanitations department, nobody else. Get it right people.

    1. Comical says:

      Genius who do you think is responsible for the “lack of man power” when it comes to city employees? The mayor is with his layoffs, hiring freezes, payroll cutbacks, etc. You directly contradicted yourself…

      1. Jere says:

        Lack of man power was in reference to stuck ambulances, not sanitation people. Read twice before replying next time please. The ds still has multiple employees per san truck, with a normal shift. These guys clocked in overtime and were still multiple days (not hours) behind normal schedule. This thing does look extremely suspicious even to ppl who dislike the mayor.

  17. Jay Kay says:

    Yes people use those legs Mayor Blunderberg oh no I mean God gave us and stop complaining. God prefers we address him as Mayor Blunderberg when he walks amongst us common folk. “I regret everything in this world” Mayor Blunberberg(God) stated when asked if he regreted the way the storm ws handled….

  18. Thomas Weber says:

    Get a life people. Use the freakin legs and feet that GOD gave you and walk. And quit your cryin. If we ever go into a full fledge depression like the 30’s people like you will DIE real quick.

    1. christine says:

      and if you work 20miles away? or over a bridge? people cannot afford to be out of work and work cannot afford to have their employees out … this is not 1930 its less than 2 days from 2011!!! We should not be waiting 3, 4 and 5 days to be cleaned

    2. Don Bayside Queens says:

      You’re the type of guy who doesn’t mind paying 60% of your income in taxes to pay for the Federal, State, and City public (unproductive) unions. It’s much deeper than people whining.

  19. BloombergSucks says:

    OOkkkaaay, so the “union” workers decided to slow down ONLY in the four boroughs outside Manhattan. Aahh!! I guess all the “good” workers work in Manhattan. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Manhattan’s Mayor making sure he and his cronies were taken care of first. Seriously, what is with all the union hating. These people are not getting rich. They eat a lot of C R A P on their jobs and the trade off is a pension. NOT million dollar bonuses for stealing people’s money like Wall Street. Know your enemy.

    1. George Lurye says:

      I think you’re confusing members of unions with managers of unions. Union managers get millions of dollar a year in compensation and bonuses for stealing people’s money. Except unlike the Wall St guys, they don’t make any of their clients financially wealthy.

      1. harriet in ny says:

        no the union “managers” aren’t paid millions a year, and no they did call a slowdown, that would undermine the union and without the union where would they get their “millions” and the workers would have to agree to a dumb ass slowdown, which didn’t happen, seems like the tea bagging Halloran is just blowing smoke

  20. Itchy Balls says:

    Let the investigation run its course before spewing your ignorance.

  21. MOE says:


    1. harriet in ny says:

      a fact? really can name the workers or even where they worked? it’s just a hit job on the union, think about it, if was a slow down, why was times square plowed, why didn’t the union say anything about out, why is it that only 5 people (2 workers and 3 supers) went to a freshman couceilman from n.e. queens to squell? he doesn’t have any history of a special relationship to workers, unions or the sanitation dept. He does a nack for getting on Fox and in the Post. It didn’t happen, what happened was the Mayor and Depty Mayor Goldsmith were slow and Goldsmith, who doesn’t know nyc from a hole in the ground deciced to centralize snow removal. PS you should have your computer checked, the caps lock appears to be broken

      1. The Truth says:

        I assume you are UNION or plenty of family and friends are UNION. There is plenty of blame. INVESTMENT BANKS are also to blame too.

        For the immediate time being its the SDNY. They messed up! Even Mike admits it too now.

    2. FYI says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about! what are you 13 and listening to gossip! Get your facts straight! and you are absolutely correct YOU ARE A MORON!

      1. harriet in ny says:

        to whom are you addressing? who is the “you” you are referring to. BTW, FYI means for for your information, which doesn’t make sense in relation to your comment

    3. harriet in ny says:

      your caps lock is on the left, next to the “a” key. Would love to know who your alleged sources are.

  22. Carol says:

    hey fellow New Yorkers we are making progress now, there arr 5 sanitation workers on 18th Ave. shoveling one little corner; I would think between them there would be at least 1 brain cell that would function and say hey why don’t we split up and do more than 1 corner.

  23. joe says:

    Bilking donut eating union workers, the root of evil. Get paid more and stay dumb. Act like children if they do not get what they want. I understand their lack of clearing snow caused some medical emergencies, even death.

    1. harriet in ny says:

      you understand it wrong, it wasn’t the union,

  24. Tracy says:

    You know I find it ironic that citizens will be fined if sidewalks aren’t shoveled within 4 hours of a snow fall’s end. Also, if citizens are found shoveling snow back into a street, they are fined. What repercussions are there for city officials who cannot maintain the roads? Will the mayor have to pay a fine to the tax payers? He won’t even apologize. Rather, he tries to point blame at everyone else. People are unable to get medical assistance or go to work because of this mess. Who is going to reimburse the NYC citizens for the city’s mess? Something to think about.

  25. Mitchell Kanner says:

    Bloomberg said he wants to be remembered as THE GREATEST MAYOR OF NEW YORK. Believe me he will be REMEMBERED in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn. Not for being great.

  26. Time for Change - NOW says:

    I will say it again – $1 per day – what do you expect.

    Stop paying taxes for 1 year and see who takes control of what going on – This BS has to stop ASAP

    The unions ruin EVERYTHING and they should be accountable with BLOOMBERG – PERIOD!

    Time for change folks – WAKE UP!!!!

    1. Time for Change - NOW says:

      I mean $1 per year – Even worse lol

    2. Fire Them ALL says:

      Better yet. DSNY and MTA should be union free, run privately. Fire all the overpaid employees. There are so many people out of work, you can have more than enough new workers, who will do a much better job for less pay. Until things get better, then they will receive a salary increase. I look outside my office, here on Broad and Water in NYC. Broad is closed so front end loaders can remove piles of snow. YET, there are 2 official DSNY vehicles parked there for hours, with 4 morons sitting in them doing nothing. AND you can’t cross the street because there are no paths shoveled in the crosswalks. When I brough this up to the bozos, I can not print what was said to me.

      1. harriet in ny says:

        great idea, we should just fly in Chinese laborers to run the MTA and DSNY for $4 bucks a day, why should anyone here earn a liviing working for a living, no we should be greedy bankers with offices on Broad and Water, wait, Board and Water, isn’t that were Chartis f.k.a. AIG is ? yes, i think we have had enough of AIG and its elk

      2. SAN MAN FROM QUEENS says:


      3. George Lurye says:

        1st, Broad and Water isn’t AIG. It’s Prudential and others. AIG is further up Water St.

        2nd, yeah, if the Chinese want to actually do the job, I’d rather pay them whatever rate we both can agree on and make everyone happy and have the job done. What I do not appreciate is my tax dollars being used to pay employees who purposefully don’t do their job and I REALLY hate paying them over $30/hr on average PLUS full benefits with 30 days’ leave and unlimited sick days. I can’t have that no matter what nationality they are.

  27. Morty says:

    Why not get rid of the unions and hire new workers that appreciate their jobs. Sanitation workers are not at fault it’s their corrupt unions. Stop blaming the workers

  28. Schmellma Arss says:

    Don’t forget the main points here. It takes a two-year-old mentality to be a sanitation worker, a one-year-old mentality to work for the post office, and a three-year-old mentality to be a cop. Firemen need to have a five-year-old mentality because there is some reading involved, not much, but enough to be taxing. Add that all up and the mayor has an 11-year old’s mindset. That’s why he steals, errrr, makes the big bucks.

    1. Fire Them ALL says:

      You forgot about NYC Transit Workers(Oxymoron). They need no mentality, since they are all lazy, stupid morons, period. Any idiot can be a motorman. And you can train animals to be a conductor.

    2. harriet in ny says:

      a three year old mentallity to be a cop five year old for a fireman, are you kidding me? next time your house/office/business is on fire, think about that when you call 911 and a person with the “mentality” of an infant answers,

      1. George Lurye says:

        Umm… have you ever called 911? I have. Most of the time I get a complete moron who probably dropped out of H.S. to get the job.

        I once called to say there was a stalled cargo van with no license plates in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge and the woman said in almost incomprehensible English, “so is this an emergency because you should probably call 311 if no one is hurt”

        Oh yeah… that “mentality” will work out for us just fine.

  29. Liberal Jew says:

    This sounds like semetic trickery at work.

    1. Plow My Arse says:

      Definitely. See what happens when you’re cheap

    2. harriet in ny says:

      LIAR LIAR LIAR, neither a liberal or a jew, just a anti-semite with a computer

      1. Liberal Jew says:

        Very good Harriet. You really catch on quickly. Please pardon me, I have to finish my smear and my lock while I count my diamonds.

      2. Liberal Jew says:

        By the way, no one is more liberal, no one is more Jewish, than me.

  30. Devenio says:

    Here’s a suggestion people… Withhold your city taxes this year until you get the services you pay for.

    1. Real Man says:

      You always hear New Yorkers talk about how tough they are, but as soon as they get a little snow they cry like little babies wanting someone to come rescue them. I say man up New York! You don’t hear us in the rural America cry like that we man up grab a shovel and take care of it! Out in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Colorado we call it winter.

      1. The Truth says:

        First thing I do help my neighbors. Second NY sends tons of cash to the Feds which gives tons of cash to rural America.

        Another point is the UNIONS and their LOTTERY PENSIONS. Get rid of PENSIONS and replace with a 401K and you hire triple the workforce.

        See Greece, Ireland, Portugal. Next will be France and Italy!

  31. life is good says:

    BTW, in another brilliant money saving idea … Bloomberg is planning on closing 20 firehouses every night. Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to save money by stopping the “City Time” scandal (-$800 million already) and the tons of money he wasted when he overhauled the 911 communications system and consolidated the F.D.N.Y. Communications Offices from 5 Boro’s into one office. Clearly, public safety should not be the 1st place to look when you want to make budget cuts. Cuts in public safety has a higher cost … HUMAN LIVES.

    1. mark says:

      we all know that sanitation workers did it in purpose. Now they must know that we (da people) know what happened and we will remember. Buy a copy of the post and frame it, sanitation worker. This is America, not some socialist Country in Europe.

      1. Devenio says:

        Mark, you are an idiot. Police, Fire, Schools, Sanitation, all equal guess what? Socialist programs.

      2. Devenio says:

        Mark – forgot to add – you read the NY Post – that makes you a double idiot… I’m just saying. But you think Obama is a Muslim and wears womens panties also,

      3. harriet in ny says:

        no we don’t, you can’t trust the post, it’s a rag, and the union slowdown is lie, just a way to blame workers and keep the populace devided and distracted while the top 2 percent steal our resources and wealth

    2. Liberal Jew says:

      What a brilliant idea it would be to close all firehouses at night. Everyone knows fires do not occur during night time hours. We can use the extra money to build more bike lanes for self righteous hipsters to use.

      1. Liberal Jew says:

        Before you put me, my religion, and my ideology down, and accuse me of being a “liar, liar,” (your own words), you should learn the English Language. We all know the identities of the top two percent that are stealing our resources and wealth. La heim!

    3. Rob says:

      You fail to realize that all of this is the result of people wanting to own homes. A sense of entitlement that everyone should own a home is why we have this problem with a massive reduction in flow of tax money to cover the cost of the salaries of city employees. People start to bark when the streets aren’t plowed or tolls go up. Well guess what.. if people weren’t to busy turning an eye on what their neighbors are doing ( stealing goods, selling drugs, scamming insurance companies, pirating movies, medicare etc then we wouldn’t be having these problems at these levels. The taxes would be flowing into the system to pay city employees. So while everyone is so quick to point fingers maybe people need to look in the mirror and take an inventory of themselves. It is enough already. Get a job, go to school, be courteous to people and just be responsible and lets all act as citizens and do the right things. This is how a society should function. Blame the mayor, blame Canada, blame unions, blame everyone, but never ourselves.

      1. harriet in ny says:

        blame ourselves for wanting the “american dream” how silly we all are, if you work the city, you should live in a box, that works,

    4. The Truth says:

      FDNY will not allow it. UNION will revolt. I suggest a volunteer FD like they have on L.I. Taxpayers will save a ton of cash.

  32. life is good says:

    F.D.N.Y. requested that the city bring in the National Guard and the city claimed the Guard is not equipped to assist. Not only is their equipment and added personnel useful in such a situation, they have been used previously in such situations. Their military ambulances, 4×4’s & 6×6 vehicles should have been paired with F.D.N.Y. Engines & Ambulances. They could carry EMS & firefighting tools as well as the EMT’s & Firefighters to get them close to the scene as well as to evacuate patients to the ambulances. F.D.N.Y. is a public safety agency that’s in the business of saving lives. Unfortunately the Mayor and his top staff tend to ignore their expertise & look at the department as a place to cut resources. The Mayor’s #1 job is public safety. He just ignores that fact.

    1. Devenio says:

      Was a State of Emergency called? You can’t just call up the NG whenever you feel like it.

    2. Devenio says:

      The Mayors # one job IS NOT public safety. His # 1 job is to make him and his rich friends richer. The public is secondary.

      1. DeltaForce says:

        Just learned last night that one of our best friend’s elderly father had a medical emergency this Monday evening (after the blizzard’s offical end) and called 911 – ambulance got stuck trying to reach Bath Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn – tookover 2 hours due to road conditions. Family is now planning a funeral next week – never know whether it might’ve made a difference.

        Snow Emergency declared or NOT – why no tire chains for Fire, EMS & Police vehicles, aren’t they part of the continuous readiness preparation that OEM is so proud of ?? These drivers are supposed to be trained and they knew better than the average drivers of the capabilities of their response vehicle in the snow than to be stuck on the road.

        This is a multiple systems failure, of the Mayor & his office, OEM, and numerous city agencies.

  33. life is good says:

    From Wikipedia, “His rule is often associated with tyranny and extravagance. He is also infamously known as the emperor who fiddled while Rome burned.” Hmmm … Nero = Mike “Montgomery Burns” Bloomberg? I THINK So!

  34. Jack Friedman says:

    Dear Nut Case,

    That’s how you want him to be president, Now he was selfish for Manhattan, Then you might not be so lucky, you maybe the one to be abandoned. Think a little deeper.

    1. Ignorante Elephante says:

      Friedman, do you know what sarcasm is?

  35. Jack Friedman says:

    On 40th Street Brooklyn Between 14th Avenue and Ditmas which is a stretch of 3 Blocks As of this Morning not a Single Plow passed,
    And never throughout this ordeal was the street blocked by a vehicle, Whenever someone turned into this block they were immediately pulled out,
    Bloomberg and the Sanitation failed big time, And they should absolutely be accountable for the amount of Deaths and loss of work

  36. james bryant says:

    this storm was predicted almost a full week before it happened. so how can bloomy and his bootleged administration say that the storm came as a suprise. they just droped the ball.

    1. The Good Samaritan says:

      James you are correct and at one point we were gonna miss the storm still bloomberg messed up

      The Good Samaritan has spoken

      1. James Valler says:

        The good samaritan hath sucked.

  37. James says:

    “The best made plans of Mice and Men often go astray”

  38. jimmy says:

    “The best made plans of Mice and Men often go astray” J Stienbeck

  39. Hope is gone.Please rain!! says:

    Another broken promise. Street remains unplowed in Maspeth Queen on 52nd ave between 67-69th street. The “Every street plowed by 7am Thursday” meant next Thursday if I am lucky.The street plowed stats seem high to me. I spoke to others in Queens and they have yet to be plowed also.

  40. winston says:

    along with (BROOKLYN)

  41. winston says:

    Let’s face it, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and especially, are forgotten boroughs

  42. Bob says:

    Bloomberg doesn’t care about Queens. This has been going on FOR YEARS. Queens residents are just clueless sheep with no voice.

  43. Finn says:

    No plows yet here in bellerose/floral park queens. Come see streets like 260, 261, 262 and hillside ave……. A mess! I used to live here and pay high taxes and have been back visiting family. As a life long NYer, I am embarrassed that the greatest city in the world could not deliver better. With high taxes there is a minimum expectation of service……what a colossal failure by ALL involved.

  44. Jimmy says:

    NYC residents you now have the city brought to by the politicians you elected and the unions deals they made. Happy?

    1. harriet in ny says:

      troll troll go away, don’t come again another day

  45. Ilona says:

    It is almost 9 AM and my streets in Bellerose Queesn have NOT been plowed. And yet, the snow in Times Square has magically disappeared. This Mayor certainly knows what his priorities are.

  46. Ilona says:

    As of 8 AM this morning my streets have NOT been plowed. Did they forget that Bellerose is Queens also???

    1. Sandy says:

      Baby Lover
      Imagine. You have loved your baby dearly even before its birth. You’ve been talking to your infant letting him/her know that you love him/her deeply and can’t wait to see your baby upon arrival. You’ve felt your baby move stretching arms, legs and even sucking its thumb. You’ve had a baby shower with friends and family celebrating with you the birth of a baby who will have all it needs to the best of your ability. The day comes. It’s happening. The wonderful gift that God has given you is ready to meet you crying-suckling wanting its mommy. You call 911 and wait, and wait and wait. Babies don’t wait though. Imagine. Your baby dies. Not because it’s sick or still born. It dies because no one can get to you because your street in Crown Heights is not plowed of snow. YOUR BABY DIES!!! Imagine. Absurd isn’t it Mayor Bloomberg?

      1. Saddened says:

        Sandy, I understand how frustrated you must feel. However, we can’t just blame people to make ourselves feel better. One of the biggest problems in society these days is the fact that we make excuses for everything. The story of the baby dying was another case of inaccurate reporting. 911 operators were first told it was a low priority. When it was upgraded, they had EMT workers walk through the snow to get to her. Although not a big fan of Mayor Bloomberg at all, I’m baffled by the backlash. He is powerful, but he cannot create snowstorms. It’s a simple matter of being prepared and following the little known 11th commandment…”Don’t Be Stupid!” You would not believe how many people ventured out in the horrible weather, and then abandoned their cars. What were the plows supposed to do? Our neighbors and friends were getting stuck at every intersection and causing traffic jams that ultimately caused a massive chain reaction. Was Mr. Bloomberg supposed to arrest these drivers? I am so saddened by the loss of the baby, but maybe, just maybe it’s a tragedy. Tragedies happen. Had this happened in the summer the outcome might have been different, but then again if Hillary grew a pair, she would be Bill. In other words, it’s not anyone’s fault. Let the healing begin.

  47. ezflyer13 says:

    Amazing that after all this time that the city has failed to clear the roads and streets of NYC. Saying sorry and that we will do better next time does not alleviate the situation that people are in now. In the end, Bloomberg is the blame as the mayor of NYC, with all of his wisdom and knowledge, I guess that common sense failed him this time. Funny how I was listening to the news when the blizzard started and the aftermath, the news lady made the statement that alternate side parking was suspended which was obvious, but cheerfully stated that you still had to feed the meters. How ironic that they still wanted those quarters..that goes to show where their minds were at.

  48. Jane Doe says:

    When are the plows going to reach Rosedale near Edgewood St and 148 dr. Not one plow was seen as of today

    1. Sasha says:

      They plowed my mom’s street at 232nd and 146th Avenue yesterday.

  49. G says:

    Hey Richard you are a moron. The city cutback funds to the Sanitation Dept. They are understaffed. There were alot of layoffs and not enough manpower to deal with this snow. Educated before you make an ignorant statement.

    1. Richard Allen says:

      HAHA i saw many plows just pass us by in Sunnyside queens….I even asked 3 to plow close to the curb so we can park our cars and they refused.

      No they are the morons….with 10% unemployment there are a lot of people who will do a much better job for less money.

    2. MoR says:

      Hey G your union boss says the manpower was there by 7am Sunday. Are you going to condratict him. Shame on you guys, picking a fight with the city and having people die as a result!

  50. Richard Allen says:

    The Sanitation dept can apologize to New Yorkers by agreeing to a new 3 year contract with a ZERO pay raise….

    1. Frustrated says:

      I haven’t gotten a raise in 3 years, why should they?

    2. joewee says:

      The Sanitation Dept. really doesn’t deserve a pay raise after this mess. I saw I lot less plows this storm then any other. Where all the workers on Sunday & Monday just hanging at the depot drinking coffee? In the first two days I only saw maybe 12 plows total (Brooklyn & Staten Island)

      1. harriet in ny says:

        no the workers weren’t sitting the depots drinking coffee, having not being called in for duty, they were probably home with their families enjoying their holiday weekend, off duty and off the clock, you didn’t see any plows because bloomie and co. didn’t see fit to mobilize

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