NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Last Monday, passengers on an A train in Queens were stranded for seven hours in the wake of the blizzard.

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola reports

Now, a Manhattan lawyer representing some of those stuck on that train is suing the MTA over the incident.

“I really wish that the MTA had been fair with these people, had been prepared,” says Manhattan attorney Aymen Aboushi.

Aboushi, who grew up in Brooklyn and says he still rides the A train, wants the MTA to come up with a plan to prevent this from happening again.

Aboushi says, “The MTA, once they were stuck, didn’t afford them any water, any supplies, any food. There was no heating and you have to keep in mind that this train was above ground. It’s not like they had to dig deep in the tunnel to get to it.”

Aboushi says it was a hostile and unsanitary environment, with people’s limbs becoming numb and some having to relieve themselves in between train cars.

The MTA has not returned a call for comment.