NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Last Monday, passengers on an A train in Queens were stranded for seven hours in the wake of the blizzard.

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola reports

Now, a Manhattan lawyer representing some of those stuck on that train is suing the MTA over the incident.

“I really wish that the MTA had been fair with these people, had been prepared,” says Manhattan attorney Aymen Aboushi.

Aboushi, who grew up in Brooklyn and says he still rides the A train, wants the MTA to come up with a plan to prevent this from happening again.

Aboushi says, “The MTA, once they were stuck, didn’t afford them any water, any supplies, any food. There was no heating and you have to keep in mind that this train was above ground. It’s not like they had to dig deep in the tunnel to get to it.”

Aboushi says it was a hostile and unsanitary environment, with people’s limbs becoming numb and some having to relieve themselves in between train cars.

The MTA has not returned a call for comment.

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  1. sz says:

    thar lawer aymen aboushi and his law firm sucks they over charge and get nothing done this is just another one of there scams trying 2 get rich quick idea
    there just a bunch of young lawers who think they know it all they rip me off for
    3 grand!!! you cant see because of the acts of mother nature!!!! go look for another scam aboushi law firm….

    1. sz says:

      that lawer aymen aboushi and his law firm sucks they over charge and get nothing done this is just another one of there scams trying 2 get rich quick idea
      there just a bunch of young lawers who think they know it all they rip me off for
      3 grand!!! you cant sue because of the acts of mother nature!!!! go look for another scam aboushi law firm….

  2. vahun romain says:

    Its not a joke its real life we was on the train for 8 hours without food bathroom heat and nothing was offer we pay to ride the train and dont complain there was ppl peeing in subway cracks homeless ppl trying to rob us no pRotection was giving at all that was not fair at all..

  3. Gremlin Man says:

    Silly Rabbit

  4. sk says:

    I feel terribel for the pople who were stranded on the train, however, everyoen can sue new york state then. Everyoen in the tri state area was effected by the blizzarrd so we should all sue? Also, no one was injured or died so what is teh compplaint about? Also, do you want to look forward to another hike on the metro card?

  5. irene henry says:

    I have 2 words JAY WALDER whoever thought this person was qualified is the one responsible for the lack of leadership!! He’s not equipped to deal with NYC MTA. Fire him and return his salary back to the people. He DOESN’T deserve it

  6. lorry says:

    Because this city is so hung on Money and Greed and the people that run it have the money, I guess the demand for the suit would fit, hey they hit the citizens all the time with raising everything they can ticket for this increase on that then if the shoe fits wear it. I know due to nature things cannot be prevented but because the government claims the us is prepared then this is what happens.

  7. Karl Machtanz says:

    This mayor and this laywer should just join hands and jump into the East river and drown, the city dosen’t need jerks like these.

  8. MeAgain says:

    it goes right to Far Rockaway/5-towns area – are you familiar with NYC?

  9. vc says:

    why does everyone post such hostile comments ?

  10. walter sobchak says:

    you right its a snow storm,mother nature,do you sue when theres a tornado or earthquake? This lawsuit is a joke

  11. Jack says:

    iT WAS HUGE SNOWFALL… yOUR TRYING TO FIGHT NATURE.. SOMETIMES THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH.. Maybe New Yorkers should spend several million more dollars for the heavy duty snow removal equipment they use further north…. just in case they need it in another 100 years.. .. It was the 6th largest snowfall in hundred years, get a grip.. People would probably sue the city if a hurricane blew in and NYC could not keep the storm from hitting Manhattan…

  12. The Good Samaritan says:

    Another ridiculous lawsuit.
    More like a chance to play free lotto

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  13. BloombergSucks says:

    I’m sure the mayor will remind everyone that he had no problems on his ride that day. He will also remind everyone that they ride the subway at their own risk. He’ll also mention what a great job both the city and the MTA are doing and how the union is to blame for everything that went wrong. Then he will hire 100 consultants to tell evryone else they are wrong and he is right. This will be followed by a fare increase and a new policy that will allow the MTA to issue summonses to people who get stuck on a subway. Then he will run for mayor again.

  14. jtorres says:

    MY mom was stranded on the train during the ’66 blackout. The police and employees led the passengers on the catwalk to the nearest station. From there, they walked home. If they can evacuate a loaded rush hour train during a major back-out, why couldn’t they do the same during a snowstorm? The events and the difficulties are not exactly the same but come on, people. It’s not the first snowstorm or blizzard NYC has ever faced. They should have been prepared.

  15. midi-man says:

    Hey can you get me a refund on my 30 day metro since on Monday my trains / buses were not working.

  16. Josh says:

    The MTA should not have left the passengers stranded overnight through the storm without heat, considering the train was within a safe, walkable distance to the next station. I doubt the passengers will become rich in the end, but if this incident forces the MTA to enact reasonable changes, then it is a worthy suit. @Gerald – re-read the article. @Molitor – you were clearly not on the train and are a putz. Happy New Year

    1. Patty Johnson says:

      no reason they could not get a not electric engine to pull them to safety hope those people sue the socks off the mta

      1. harriet in ny says:

        no reason, what about the 12 or so inches of snow? running a high current though snow doesn’t sound to safe, nor does walking on an elevated train line during a blizzard, and nowhere in the story did they say the train was near the station.

      2. steve says:

        Patty, do you realize that if they “sue the socks off the mta” that the cost of a subway fare will have to increase, right?

      3. Shady420 says:

        Fairs wont increase it will come out of their insurance policy

    2. SZ says:

      Exactly! the expectation that city/MTA evacuate the train (maybe not immediately but at least within a reasonable time) is not outrageous and should be the standard. All these comments stating that you can’t blame the MTA for what mother nature caused are all nonsense. If any of these people were left starving and freezing for hours on that train, they’d be singing a very different tune. Collectively, we pay the MTA millions of dollars are year …the least we can expect in return is safety.

      Josh you’re right, these riders will not get rich off of this suit, but it will raise the level of service provided to us by the MTA, so in my humble opinion, its worth it.

  17. Steve M. says:

    “The MTA, once they were stuck, didn’t afford them any water, any supplies, any food.”…….Not fer nuthin’ but it’s not as if they were on an expedition across the polar cap. I don’t think anyone was starving to death….Just because a train comes to a halt doesn’t mean it’s time for the catering truck to roll up….

    1. harriet in ny says:

      there were there for hours, yes no one was in damage of starving to death, but serveral hours on a cold train sucks, nevertheless, this action is not substainable, and the attorny should be sanctioned for bring this b.s. suit, the law is very clear, you can’t sue the city/mta for failure to provide municapal services without establishing reasonable relieance upon a special relationship between the people effected and the City/MTA, this is just marketing for the attorney,

      1. SZ says:

        Harriet, there is a special relationship here, a contractual one. When you pay for services, which the riders on the A train did, a contractual relationship if formed and therefore a duty of care implied. In this case, the city had a duty to act reasonably and it did not. There is no excuse or legal loop hole to explain why these riders were left freezing for over seven hours when a storm was expected, and the trains were still running. Either shut down the trains, or be prepared respond in case something goes wrong during the storm. This attorney is setting a precedent ….the MTA will raise its rates with or without this lawsuit; at least they’ll offer better services to all riders in the future as a result of this lawsuit.

  18. Gerald says:

    “people’s limbs becoming limb?” English please.

    1. whitestonemike says:

      Gerald learn how to read it says limbs becoming numb

  19. chris_nyc says:

    completely agree; mta is a bunch of scu?bags rotten by the mismanagement. they should plea bankruptcy and be replaced by someone who cares…

  20. Molitor says:

    ANother waste of time and money. This will probably be settled out of court to save on the lawyer fees.

    People looking for a free payday…

  21. John Zaffino says:


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