Probe Launched; Councilman: 'There Will Be Hell To Pay'By Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — Call it the “blizzard backlash.”

Criminal investigations are under way to find out why it took so long to dig out from last week’s massive snow storm.

Videos released exclusively to CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer suggest that the clean-up job may have been dirtier than once thought.

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Pictures

One video is now in the hands of prosecutors. It shows two sanitation trucks driving down 155th Street in the Whitestone section of Queens after the blizzard without removing the snow.

Their plows were apparently raised and the snow was left untouched in their wake, apparent proof that some in the Sanitation Department engineered a work slowdown.

“[It’s a] tremendous shock,” said NYC Councilman Daniel Halloran, R-Queens.

WCBS 880 Reporter Rich Lamb talks with Sanitation Commisioner John Doherty about a possible slow-down

Halloran said he was told by a number of sanitation workers that their supervisors told them to take their time, that one at City Hall cared about them.

But sources tell Kramer that’s just one of the things in the city’s botched blizzard response being investigated for criminal wrongdoing by Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, the Department of Investigation and district attorneys in Queens and Brooklyn.

Sanitation workers spotted asleep on the job, apparently hanging out at a Coney Island Dunkin Donuts for 11 straight hours and some drinking beer for six or seven hours instead of working are all being probed.

“If they find people that did criminal acts they’re going to arrest them,” Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said.

Sources tell Kramer that one of the most amazing charges being investigated concerns the reported refusal of some sanitation supervisors to give assignments to crews of Department of Transportation plows that were sent to sanitation districts to plow residential and secondary streets in the outer boroughs, leaving them impassable.

“They were there to be deployed to do the secondary streets while sanitation did primaries and they sat and waited and they radioed in and said what’s going on with the deployment and were told to sit and wait, they would be assigned,” Halloran said.

Kramer: “For six hours? For eight hours?”

Halloran: “For six to eight hours. In other words, one full shift.”

Sources said two Department of Transportation supervisors have already been questioned by investigators.

“After looking at what happened there’s going to be hell to pay for the people who caused this and everyone’s going to be held accountable,” Halloran said.

Department of Investigation Commissioner Rose Gill Hern said the city is aggressively trying to pursue evidence of deliberate wrongdoing. She is urging members of the public and city employees to contact the agency.

She said information will be kept confidential.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. Union Yes says:

    Do have any idea how expensive those plow blades are?

    We were saving tax dollars out dare.

  2. Union Yes says:

    The plow blade was up when you saw it? Well big whoop tee do!

    The plow goes up – the plow comes down, so stop the whining just because it was up in your part of town.

    Yeah, I wrote that while I was parked next to Shorty’s Bar and Grill.
    Pretty solid Iambic pentameter woudn’t cha say?!

  3. pd says:

    Liberal Union Goons at their best!!

  4. Union YES says:

    You people see a man asleep by the side of the road while on the job.

    We see a man taking his contract required morning break.

    And as soon as we find out who took that video they are going to swear they saw it the way we did too!

    Badda bing badda boom, that’s what I’m talking about.
    I mean, who do you mooks think you are dealing with here?

    1. Bite ME NYC says:

      will somebody investigate this moron who gladly napped next to shorty’s bar and grill? should not be too hard to find this idiot using his IP address and the fact that he told us all where he was….what a moron.

  5. Raymond Diller says:

    I saw this happening in the Bronx and was wondering why they were driving down streets and not plowing them….perhaps surveying the lay of the land?? HA!!!!

  6. n says:

    Strip them of their pensions and benefits. ban them from ever participating in state or federal contracts.

    give them some prison time.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    Look for…the Union label!

  8. Chani says:

    If anyone is interested, I also have a pic of a garbage truck going down my block with a plow that was raised.

  9. Union Yes says:

    Video Of Apparent Blizzard Clean-Up, Slow-Down Surfaces

    Now you see, the thing that is really apparent here is that you folks that think you saw a work slow down apparently need to be taught how to look the other way.

  10. Union YES says:


    What are you talking about?

    Haven’t you ever seen a man take his required by contract break?

    Get out of town!

  11. DeltaForce says:

    Investigators should start with identifying this DSNY guy sleeping inside the cab and let’s hear his side of the story. That will be a start to get to the bottom of all these.

    And, these trucks are still on coffee break this morning along Northern Blvd. while they are inside the bakery. Our tax dollars at work – NOT !

  12. Laura says:

    Those union boses and the workers give unions a really bad name. I am not a fan of unions, but i do know some good honest union folks, but now they will be classified as shiftless. And their selfish lazeness caused some deaths. I wish the police would charge them but they won’t, because they are union also. You pat my back, I pat yours. Sooooo sad that unions, once needed have strayed soooooo far from their usefulness.

  13. Union YES says:

    The relationship between the union worker and the public is a lot like that between a mac daddy and his women.

    Now quit your complaining and get to work you bunch of hoes..

    Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

  14. Union YES says:

    Pierre …Hey you are catching on!

    Now pay up sucker, this is how the worm turns in the big apple.

  15. John says:

    Someone please turn off the auto refresh on these CBS 2 local web pages. It absolutely is a stupid idea and every time I watch a video clip, the page refreshes on its own. Enough already.

  16. Tuff road to ho says:

    Elic asked, “would you work if you didn’t get good compensation and keep getting cut”.

    And I say, “Horse puky”,

    You can’t pay them enough or give them enough perks. They don’t like to work and so it’s never enough. The city of New York can’t tax enough to make these people happy.

    Beyond that, remember this: Above every union member is a union boss, and that person enjoys what member dreams of, being able to stay home and have the check arrive in the mail.

  17. Elic says:

    would you work if you didn’t get good compensation and keep getting cut.

    although I’m from one of the city streets that didn’t get cleaned on time…can I blame the blue collar guys? nahh I blame our mayor

    1. Lol says:

      people died because they did not plow. You have no sense of reality or community.

      In most parts of the country, we dig each other out of a blizzard. We don’t sit back and wait for someone to pay us to do it.

  18. Dave says:

    Investigations will go no where.

    Taking on big labor is like taking on organized crime, you end up in worse shape than you were in before you started. That’s assuming you end up alive.

    Lots of luck New York,

  19. Ian Petrarca says:

    Incompetent Nanny Mayor Bloomy running the menus.

    Organized crime/Labor running the streets.

  20. bf says:

    I don’t understand this. Is Mike going to jail for being a criminal.

  21. Fred Smyth says:

    After the transportation workers’ strike that shut the city down, they got all they wanted. I don’t understand why there was any sympathy there. The thug mentality is the same. But for some reason, NYers will forget this whole thing just like they forgot the trans strike.

    People need to show some backbone. Quit looking the other way! Just like when someone’s mugged on the subway. You don’t do anything. So of course crooks know that NY is the place to steal. No one cares. You only care when it affects you, then suddenly you’re up in arms.

  22. jp says:

    Unions and big companies own the government. These fat, arrogant “public servants” are out of control and out of touch. They are worse than criminals. They are criminals with license to steal.

  23. Gloria Guerriera says:

    It was thursday before they got to 64th Street and Dahill Rd. in Brooklyn.

  24. Little girl from Queens says:

    Just check their fuel usage, if they were doing their jobs. They should had used a lot of fuel. Liars. My area did not see one plow three days after the storm stopped.

  25. Mr. Truth says:

    Not sure why you all are bashing the unions? If it weren’t for them the private sector would suck dry every employee there is. I’m in the private sector and I see corporations/companies do it all the time. Squeeze in more work, no raises or bonuses and no OT. The same BS reason over and over again-the economy or no money. Meanwhile these companies are making billions in revenue on the back of their employees. I say good what the sanitation did. The city doesn’t want to pay and cutbick 400 jobs so guess what’s going to happen in a blizzard? Yep you guessed it, no plowing. Mayor mike you need to buck up plain and simple. Budgets should not exist in times of emergencies. You failed the people of NY ! God bless the unions!

    1. TT says:

      There ‘s no BS. These workers did not do their job. Its part of the fudiciary responsibility and should be accountable. Don’t blame the big bad government. These workers took it into their own hand and put millions at risk. Sanitation workers are not very bright are they?

    2. Zippy007 says:

      Mr. Truth is an idiot- competition and current law will prevent such abuse. Now it’s the unions that are abusing all workers.

    3. randm30 says:

      It is pretty clear from your post that you know that this was an intentional slow down perpetrated by the Unions, and that you support the decision. “Union bashing”aside, people died as a direct result of this work action. Shame on you and all involved for feeling justified making a political point about budgets at such a high cost.

    4. justin says:

      you’re not in the private sector. You’re in a union and are faking the response a sympathetic private sector employee. There’s no such thing.

    5. vendelavee says:

      The Union Bashers are all NEOCON Fox News watchers. They can’t stand to see Blue Collar workers make more than Walmart wages.

  26. Q~P says:

    Yeah big shock…not

  27. Jay s says:

    I saw the same thing in staten island..

  28. kim jung ill says:

    death to union filth

  29. joe stalin says:

    unions suck and so does obama–marxist filth

  30. SD Lurker says:

    Ronald Reagan would have fired the lot of them (ala the striking Air Traffic Controllers) but my guess is that the corrupt NYC officials will just do a cursory and lengthy investigation until the snow melts and the public’s memory fades and then demote a few stooges and that will be that! There is no longer any accountability in government since unions fund the politicians and the public continues to put the same shmucks in office over and over again.

    1. vendelavee says:

      Ronald Reagan should have been fired for committing TREASON by secretly selling arms to Iran, an avowed enemy of our country, in direct violation of a Congressional Ban on arms sales to that country. Trying reading about the Iron/Contra scandal.

    2. Wink says:

      God bless Ronald Reagan. The controllers learned the hard way you didn’t mess with a real man. Now we have nothing but low testosterone weasels from top to bottom in governemnt.

  31. sandbagged says:

    I’ve contacted my city councilman with my story — same as everyone else, I saw multiple plows in my neighborhood going down uncleared/untouched streets with plows up in the air, including one three-truck crew that was doing this on a busy commercial street in front of a bus stop with dozens of people yelling at them to put the plows down. If you saw something, say something. People actually died because of this job action.

  32. MIKE says:

    Death to the union pigs!!!

  33. Pierre says:

    And here’s the most perverse part about it: their delaying has created a situation that will demand more overtime in the coming days. Because once the snow’s gone, guess what there’s 10 days of garbage right underneath it. And the funny thing is, now that the roads are plowed all I hear are snowplows racing by which, incidentally, still have their chains on, which means they are chewing up the roads that will have to be fixed by union workers, of course. just a coincidence I am sure.

  34. Suzann Millan says:

    when they finally came to plow my street they dumped the ENTIRE load in MY DRIVEWAY I have pics and filed a formal complaint….. lets see where that gets me

    1. MikeMNYC says:

      Yeah, they dumped a whole block worth of snow in your driveway.

    2. mike says:

      democrats at work, don’t ya just love them?

  35. Estbent says:

    I saw them all over Jackson Heights and Corona, Queens. they were just hanging around, at “coffee breaks” doing absolutely nothing. They should be prosecuted for murder. People died because of their actions. Many businesses lost money during those three-four days. If they want to strike and fight for their rights, so be it, do it the right way. This was just simple and plain murder.

  36. jalikakick says:

    same thing on SI, plow up in bay terrace, not touching the snow at all.

  37. Pierre says:

    PEOPLE, NOW IS THE TIME to band together against this tyranny. Everyone has a video camera on their phones these days. When you witness this UNION thievery, film and publicise it.

    I know that most of them are family guys, local guys. maybe they wouldn’t like it so much if their fellow NY-ers began calling them out as opportunistic leaches they have become. We need to expose this. These lazy union thugs apparently need to be shamed into decent behavior. They have taken advantage of the rest of us for way too long.

    I could rattle off 10 other examples of similar union gouging that I have personally witnessed, as I am sure any NY-er could. We need to out these criminals now before they bankrupt our city.

  38. San Diego Steve says:

    People died because emergency responders could not get to them due to the uncleared snow. The vicious union thugs responsible for this should be prosecuted for murder. When will people wake up to the fact that the public employee unions are now in charge of government everywhere through their stooge politicians? The tail wags the dog! We must vote out all union shills and toadies and take back our country!

  39. Jaypee says:

    The sanitation plow did the same thing to us on my street in Staten island. They drove down the street with the plow up WED night. Also the cops are sleeping in the car at the police check point at 120 broadway NYC in the morning around 730-8am Next time I will take there picture.

    1. vendelavee says:

      You dope. the blade was up because the truck was traveling to the location it was assigned to plow,. DUH! DUH!

  40. alanamerican says:

    UNION, Unnecessary Negligent Idiots Overpaid Nut sacks

  41. Chris says:

    Welcome to Unionized National Healthcare

    1. Fred says:

      Yes, let’s put govt in complete charge of health care.

      Just maybe though, unionized govt workers are having their last hurrah. Tax payers are fed up with footing the bill for these bums and the party is coming to an end.

  42. I luv NY says:

    New York City, the new France!!

  43. Leslie says:

    Why is anyone surprised? Typical union lazy bums.

  44. augie dogie says:

    whats the big deal? the labor unions learned it from the politicians, that council member is talkin out the side of his face…hes a union member too. Is it just me, or is every body asleep…..

  45. Neil Chase says:

    These lazy jerks will have all the support they need as pinheaded constitutional liberal lawyer types will step up to their defense. Union thugs, ACLU and the like! These whiney union types are, in fact, the middle class Obama speaks of and this is the change that American’s voted for. So, how is it working out for you?

    It could be worse though…Think about it… these guys could have been drinking and then groping you and your children at the airport over the holidays, if the TSA were unionized???

    As I said it could be worse!

  46. tadchem says:

    I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for this use of overtime. The sanitation workers couldn’t have done anything wrong – they’re UNION! Remember all that Unions have done for Detroit? They are doing the same for the Big Apple.

  47. CherokeeKid says:

    The Mayor isn’t running the city, the unions are!

  48. p says:

    I filmed the same thing in Bensonhurst on wendsday morning-the first time a plow tried to get through our block. It just rolled through with a plow over 2 feet in the air…

    1. Estbent says:

      you should turn your video in

      1. vendelavee says:

        You dope. the blade was up because the truck was traveling to the location it was assigned to plow,. DUH!!!!!!

      2. spock says:

        If a plow is going down a street that is snow covered its plow is suppose to be down so who is the dope vendelavee? you must be a Lib Democrat!!

  49. floyd bannister says:

    i wish i could show a picture of a truck coming down my street in BAY RIDGE, BROOKLYN with it’s snow plow raised but we never had a truck come down our street at all until last tuesday evening…’s that for a slow down!!!

    1. vendelavee says:

      You dope. the blade was up because the truck was traveling to the location it was assigned to plow,. DUH!

      1. Buzz says:

        And you know that how? Why didn’t he just plow his way there?

  50. astralweeks says:

    Another shining example of the excellence of the modern union.

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