WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — A White Plains community group is fighting plans by the French-American School of New York to turn a local golf course into an educational facility.

The Gedney Association of White Plains opposes the purchase of the Ridgeway Country Club for the purposes of turning it into a school.

“Their dream would be not much of a dream for us, but more of an unfortunate reality,” Gedney President Terence Guerriere told WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi finds out more on the controversy

Opponents said the property could not handle the new buildings and traffic that would come with the building of a school. They also cited noise, construction and the loss of open space as reasons for their disapproval.

Guerriere said the 120-acre golf course should stay just that — a golf course.

“It’s not about the French-American school — they seem like very nice folks. We just don’t think a school makes sense for the property and the neighborhood,” Guerriere said.

The $11 million deal is presently in the contract phase and if completed, it would bring all three of the French-American School’s institutions in Westchester County to White Plains.