10 Days After The Storm, Rats Are Still Having A Field DayBy John Metaxas

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — If you’ve walked or driven on many streets in New York City, you know that mountains of snow have been replaced by piles of garbage.

As CBS 2’s John Metaxas found out on Wednesday while paroling the stinky streets inside the Mobile 2 Unit, the situation is still pretty bad, a full 10 days after the blizzard hit.

“Williamsburg has been forgotten – it’s a land of garbage,” property manager Larry Glick said. “I manage nine buildings in Williamsburg, and all of my buildings have garbage. It’s ridiculous.”

Glick isn’t alone, either. There are plenty of folks steamed about the massive piles of garbage they’ve had on their streets for days.

On block after block, residents look at hundreds of trash bags at a time, piled high and stretching for yards.

“It’s really bad. All the rats come out, big, giant rats here at night,” Domingo Colon said. “You could see them running all over the place.”

Several Williamsburg residents said they’re holding Mayor Michael Bloomberg accountable.

“Look at this, all the garbage everywhere,” one resident said. “He’s not doing anything for us, nothing at all.”

“The mayor should stop hiding and come out to pick up the garbage,” resident Ray Acosta said.

In Manhattan, some of the piles were even taller – some nearly 7 feet in height! It made for quite a view for people trying to enjoy their coffee at a French bistro.

“Well, the coffee was good, but I kept my back to the view,” said Louis Zamora of the Upper West Side.

Massive piles of trash are not the norm everywhere, though. Several blocks have had their trash collected, but it all depends on where you are.

“My block’s fine, I haven’t seen any problem,” one resident said. “I’ve seen some large stacks of garbage bags, but I don’t see them sticking around too long.”

“On the West Side, it seems to be okay,” resident John Jorgensen said. “But when you look at everyone else, friends in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge, where I grew up, it’s a disaster.”

The Department of Sanitation told CBS 2 that crews are making steady progress in reducing the backlogged trash, with nearly 40,000 tons collected on Monday and Tuesday. It said it expects to have all trash collected by the end of the week.

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  1. BeeGee says:

    I love NY but… you’ve heard the saying, “You reap what you sow!” Start sowing New Yorkers. You voted for this so shut up and take your medicine.

  2. A Southener says:

    Lets thank those wonderful government employee unions New Yorkers. Hahaha…. My favorite view of your wonderful city is the Verrazano bridge…. in my rear view mirror as I head south!

    1. mst says:

      LOL, agreed!

  3. steve says:

    boo hoo…you NY liberals vote this union loving trash in…grin and bear it, you get/got what you asked for.

  4. hughglass says:

    Look for the union label. Thanks tounions and libs, NYC is a frikken cesspool.

    1. steve says:

      precisely, grin and bear it NYers…you vote for it, deal with it…bahahahahaha

  5. ave maria says:

    CBS is protecting King Bloomberg they are now censoring the posts because his handlers are getting on their case. Bloomie doesn’t care that the outer boroughs are piled high–whether its snow or garbage. This cash strapped city has no problem diverting taxpayer dollars to overseas consultants. How can Bloomberg award a $65 million contract to Spherion and Science Applications International Corp.and look the other way when the “contract” balloons to over $700 million. Seems either he is not such a good manager or he is out right pocketing the difference. You union bashers are nothing more than MBA’s on the dole. Corporate welfare is the big game in this town.
    blossoming under Bloomberg’s regime. Hey people don’t you know its time for a Broadway show!

    1. Spongebob Obama says:

      It’s not the rank and file at fault here. It’s the corrupt leadership at both the unions AND local NYC government reaching all the way to Bloomenschmucks office. It’s political payoffs that are at work here, and others are paying for this failue of leadership. Case in point; Perrugia at FDNY. His job is saving lives, not plowing the streets. Not in his job description, his pay grade or even his department. The job of the FDNY is saving lives and extinguishing fires, not cleaning the streets.

      1. kay2the2nd says:

        ‘It’s not the rank and file at fault here.” It was the ‘rank and file’ that were driving around with their plows up, instead of down where the blades would remove the snow.

  6. ave maria says:

    King Bloomberg doesn’t care that the outer boroughs are piled high–whether its snow or garbage. This cash strapped city has no problem diverting taxpayer dollars to overseas consultants. How can Bloomberg award a $65 million contract to Spherion and Science Applications International Corp.and look the other way when the “contract” balloons to over $700 million. Seems either he is not such a good manager or he is out right pocketing the difference. You union bashers are nothing more than MBA’s on the dole. Corporate welfare is the big game in this town.
    blossoming under Bloomberg’s regime. Hey people don’t you know its time for a Broadway show!

  7. astralweeks says:

    When they mentioned rats in the story, were they referring to the union leadership?

  8. Linda B says:

    IMAGINE….New Yorkers actually picking up their OWN trash, and disposing of it themselves!!! INSTEAD, they are too lazy to help THEMSELVES! I blame the PEOPLE of New York….Manhattan Island is filthy. I visited there 10 years ago, and will NEVER go again! I was appalled by all the garbage these people just toss in the street…trash was everywhere!! At least the city I live in is CLEAN, and the PEOPLE pick up after THEMSELVES! New York, You Get What YOU Voted For!!! No sympathy here!!!

    1. Bob Castiglione says:

      Wow, that was harsh. Keep in mind that 9 million people live in a small area. And that a major storm just hit us. 9 million people create a lot of garbage. And any delay in garbage pickup will cause a pileup. Street litter and garbage pickup are two different things. When people put their garbage in bags and load them up for pickup, it’s not their fault if it doesn’t get picked up.

  9. Joe Astroturf says:

    Dubai Mike (Bloomberg) and his union cohorts could care less about us little NYers. He gets confused because he thinks that the terrorist Muslims are actually tea partiers (AKA Vets who protected us, Nurses and Moms that took care of their kids). He’s also busy setting up the Mosque at Ground Zero and the Sharia law that follows . Maybe he’s thinking about getting a 13 year old bride for himself. He’s worried about the millions he invested with the Muslims in Dubai. Don’t trust them Dubai Mike when they get rid of the rest of us infidels they’ll take care of you no matter what they said.

    Bloomberg News, responding to a surge in regional sales of its news terminals in the Middle East has expanded staffing in its Dubai office. The National reported as follows back in 2008.
    “The company has had a presence in Dubai for a decade. The planned expansion would increase its staff from 25 to 40 by the end of the year, and to as many as 100 by the middle of next year, Mr Linnington said.

  10. Sailordude says:

    Why don’t you put out some rat poison you cheap New Yorkers? Expect the City to care for your every whim? Pathetic liberals, honestly. I am NOT living around with super rats.

    1. jktnyc says:

      A usual teabagger reply….read the article you moron, they want the garbage picked up. If that happens no need for rat poison. But I guess getting services you pay your taxes for is out of the question.

      1. astralweeks says:

        Awww, jktnyc, you sound a little touchy now that you realize what useless tools your dem messiahs, uh politicians are.

      2. Phillep Harding says:

        The rats cannot grow that big in the short time since the problem started. Unfortunately, that’s the sort of thing Democrats are not aware of, the world is only what they see and the rats were out of sight in the sewers and basements, therefore they did not exist.

        And Bloomberg is a pro-gun control, pro-central planning, RINO.

  11. maxtor51 says:

    and the union rats will be running from any responsibility and denying any involvement in the alleged slowdown and corruption. i am sure there was some kind of illegal work slow down in the reductions of employees due to the budget deficit. the unions are a big part of the problem and will never be a part of the answer.

  12. John Fiorella says:

    Between the bedbugs and rats I an staying away from NYC.

  13. joe stalin says:

    unions suck– f–k the unions

  14. Mister says:

    Blessed are those who have not seen this and still believe that government should do nothing the market can do, including residential rubbish collection.

    Imagine rubbish companies competing over you, making scheduled pickups on days and at times most convenient for you and special pickups on your request.

    1. Bee Stroh says:

      Maybe the rats will eat the bedbugs…..

    2. InMich says:

      Hey… I live in Michigan. We don’t have “government” garbage pickup in my area. We have companies competing for my business. Great service!

  15. Frankie Gatz says:

    I saved up, moved to Long Island, and….NO PROBLEMS.

    As far as N.Y.C. folks go……..YOU ELECTED BLOOMBERG………NOW OWN IT!!!!

    Freaking Trash Heap city. All 5 Boroughs. I get a car was after returning from any of them!!!

  16. Suze says:

    Where on the West Side is the garbage clean-up okay? I’m on 71st off Columbus and it’s a mess. Under Bloomberg, the rat population exploded in this neighborhood even before this. Whether you have your garbage locked up or not, they’re out there racing along and into every courtyard every night. I’ve contacted both my city councilwoman and the mayor’s office and gotten zip in response, all while Mayor I-know-what’s-best-for-you was dithering about how much salt we should have and where people could or couldn’t smoke. Power only corrupts on the national level. On a local level, it just makes you stupid. And this is they guy who thought he could run for President? On the basics — like getting rid of the snow before people started dying, getting rid of the garbage, and keeping the rat population under control — he gets a massive Fail.

    1. kay2the2nd says:

      can you buy and use rat poison or traps?

  17. formernuyorker says:

    ex mayor john lindsay’s attitude after being blasted for letting the snow pile up after a storm in the 70s was “God put it there and He can take it away.”

  18. Florida Sunshine says:

    All of this and nobody has said anything about the real reason that this is happening. The City is going broke trying to pay Union entitlements, you know those bloated pensions that the unions got for greasing the Politian’s ballot boxes. Pure corruption and non extortion.

  19. Albert Barlow says:

    My Dad was always saying that the collapse of America would happen when people lost their faith in the currency and the government. He said it would be a slow painful process. Not sudden and dramatic, but a slow devaluation of the people and our trades and skills until one day we woke up and we no longer had a country. He predicted that then the Chinese would attack us and seize the West Coast. They would do so to reclaim their trillions that we had defaulted on.

    I used to think he was crazy.

    1. Matt Jilek says:

      Reads like your father knows best.. must be a reader of redstatereport dot com

  20. UDeserveIt says:

    All you GOP-hating, union-loving NYC-ers deserve this fate. You vote for incompetently corrupt politicians who are interested in looking after their union voting blocs rather than that of tax payers. What else would you expect? Next time you go to vote, think twice again. I am so glad to read about this dysfunctional of the “greatest town on earth”. Bah! Humbug.

  21. Lukuj says:

    Both human rats, especially those of the union species, and the furry variety are overrunning NY. Perhaps New Yorkers might think about NOT voting for the liberals that encourage and support the unions.

  22. arc m says:

    Funny, but the picture doesn’t show a bit of snow!!! How can that be???

  23. Becky says:

    I live in Whitestone. My last trash pick up was 12/22 and my last recycling pickup was 12/18. Because of Christmas and the blizzard we are still waiting. My trash was supposed to be picked up again today according to NYC. I ran errands this morning and there wasn’t a garbage truck to be seen in Whitestone, Flushing, or College Point. Using you can’t drive around without seeing them on pickup days. Where are they? My trash is piling up.

    1. Becky says:

      Sorry for the typo… Usually

  24. Kevin says:

    NY needs a Bag and tag system. We pay $2.35 for a trash bag. Considering NY is so rich (and stupid) it should be $5 a bag for you foos.

  25. ave maria says:

    I live in East Village, Manhattan. The snow plows were going up and down my block before the snow hit the ground. If sanitation wanted to hold a slow down they would have ignored Manhattan–and hurt Bloomie where it matters. Our garbage and recycling was picked up this week. My co-workers have always complained that their streets in Queens and Brooklyn are always plowed last. Bloomberg is to blame. Bloomberg only cares about his rich and artsy friends in Manhattan. Bloomberg hates the poor, blue collar workers and is always using his publicist cronies to spin the story. This is just one more of King Rat Bloomberg’s union busting games. Maybe if he didn’t blow over $700 million on the international Citytime contractors, Sanitation could have purchased better snow removal equipment and kept sanitation workers on the job.

  26. Hot Blooded says:

    We just got through a MAJOR blizzard with no garbage pickups in over 1 week, and some commenters are complaining that it was not cleaned up in 3 days. I’ll bet they are the same ones who defend obummer who couldn’t clean up the Bush mess in 2 years. Anybody disagree?

    1. toro says:

      So what–next election NYers will vote again for all their favorite Demo’Rats and get slapped with higher taxes and reduced services. They complain about leadership but keep voting the most incompetent ones right back in. Garbage in, garbage about.

  27. luckydog says:

    this is the result of liberal government policies. If you vote liberal, you get this. Enjoy!

  28. Hot Blooded says:

    Looks like CBS2 has a grudge with the DS. Easy to pick on the san worker who can not defend himself. Are workers allowed a lunch break or not? How would WCBS employees like to work 12 hour shifts without a lunch? I am sure CBS2 knows about the down sizing of the D.S. but never reports about it. You’ll getting just like the NYPOST

  29. Freedom_Isnt_Free says:

    I love those outside NYC engaging in the name calling of the residents! I would bet they don’t pay anywhere near the tases of a NYC resident. When you live there, pay the taxes, and put up with the BS, you have a right to complain!

    1. Freedom_Isnt_Free says:

      Please excuse the typo tases for taxes.

    2. MarkinIdaho says:

      You choose to live there, you live with the consequences. I think your city sucks, as do most cities – maybe all of them. But that is why I don’t live in a city, or anywhere near one. I have no problem with you living in a city. I also don’t have any problem if you starve, or if you get bubonic plague from your rats. Enjoy the Met (no, thanks for me) and all the fine things of a city – this country mouse prefers being a lot more self sufficient. If it ever gets nasty, I will have food, you will have riots.

  30. Jeannie says:

    Mayor Bloomberg should fire the employees and hire people who would be grateful for a job like President Ronald Reagan did to the traffic controllers. He called their bluff. But does the Mayor have the guts to do it?

  31. Frank says:

    This is why cities really suck. Anybody with a brain wouldn’t live in a big city.

  32. chris says:

    Stop acting like american brats and suck it up. You had a major storm and you act as if everything should be back to normal the day after. This is the price you pay for living in a major metropolitan area.

    1. Freedom_Isnt_Free says:

      BS! I’ve lived in major cities and the fiasco in NYC is inexecusable! Heads need to roll! Start with the unionized sanitation workers that enjoyed beer while the snow piled up! Unions or not, they can be fired. Just requires more effort.

      1. MarkinIdaho says:

        Quit blaming everybody else, and do it yourself. Oh, yes, I forgot – it is illegal for you to do it yourself. Why, if you burn your own trash, you will be arrested. If you plow your own street, you will be arrested. If you do anything for yourself, you will be arrested. You are required to do nothing, except complain.

        City life – what a stupid way to live. But you have money that way! Hope it tastes good!

    2. David Fiedler says:

      No, the price you pay is your insanely high taxes. Is the city so forgiving when your taxes are a week late? Try it and see.

  33. snappy says:

    Surely the real rats are the sanitation workers….

  34. D-MAN says:


  35. Harry says:

    When reading the article I thought the referred to ‘rats’ were the city employees.

  36. Michael says:

    Anyone who does not think there was a purposeful slowdown with snow removal is a perfect fool. I live in Park Slope, my street has not had trash picked up since before Christmas. I think the Sanitation Dept. Is also deliberately not picking up the trash to legitimize their behavior with the snow removal. I don’t believe any of their excuses.

    1. CG says:

      I also live in Park Slope, and my trash was picked up on Monday, our normal pick up date.

  37. Edward Sonner says:

    New Yorkers are pro Fascism that deserve what they get: garbage, rats, Hillary and Bloomberg!

  38. getonhome says:

    Hire a private hauler, if you own a good building. Suck it up.

  39. Mary T. says:

    It is dreadful. I live in Boro Park and I’ve had no garbage pickup since the 21st. This morning I was going to work at 9 am and as I was climbing the stairs to the subway and there were a number of trucks lined up, just sitting there with the workers inside laughing and drinking coffee. Meanwhile, I arrived home a short while ago, and garbage still lines my street. We are right around the corner from where they sat and they did nothing. Tell me there is not a slowdown.

  40. norman west says:

    this is the end of bloomie……

  41. sandyr says:

    Just don’t fry them in transfat.

  42. Anne Marie says:

    Maybe everyone should look to reducing the amt of garbage they produce, if possible.

    1. never ending fight for freedom says:

      also, a reduction in breeding stupid children who think its any of their business how much garbage anyone “produces”…

    2. Randall Lape says:

      Hey get your Bloomie bags, free rats inside!

    3. Randall Lape says:

      Reduce this

  43. DINO says:

    Bloomberg did not want to pay overtime to sanitation workers. That’s one of the main reasons. Also the city is not hiring anymore ,so less workers. Bloomberg always said do more with less. Thats fine in the business world but running a city is a different thing. You cant cut corners when it comes to these things. He is costing tax payers more money by trying to cut spending when something major happens.

    1. Johnny says:

      Yeah right. The huge expense to pay union overtime is to blame here. I think it stinks that these overweight, feet dragging, you owe me because I’m american, union workers are holding the city of new york hostage because of a stupid “contract”. If sanitation were privitized, there would be good competition and much better service or you wouldn’t have a job.

      Unions are an archaic organization that have outlived their useful lives as labor laws are already on the books. It’s nothing but legalized extortion.

    2. John says:

      I don’t see your logic that the sanitation workers are not responsible for their slow down. If they actually worked during their 8 hours, they wouldn’t need to rob the taxpayer for overtime. They should be fired and new people hired. Doesn’t take a lot of training to ride and truck and pick up trash.

  44. Kerry says:

    I agree with Adam…. mmmmmmmmm rat meat.

    1. New Jerseyan says:

      White Castle?

  45. Adam says:

    The perfect solution to our school lunch program budgets: Drastically lower the rat population, and get the kids some really good protein – all in one fell swoop!

  46. Adam says:

    I pick ’em off all night with my 22 – by morning I’ve got enough to eat for weeks!

  47. Adam says:

    I’ve been living high on the hog. Rats are good eatin’!

  48. Bob Forsberg says:

    When you take the peoples business away from the government and turn it over to private enterprise it will work much better. Don’t expect good service with something that starts with “The Department of…………” or is union affiliated.

    1. Kathleenz says:

      Absolutely true. Why blame Bloomberg? Blame the unions who have refused to do their jobs.

  49. Karen says:

    I live in Middle Village, Queens. My normal pickup day is Tuesday but it is now Thursday night and the garbage still hasn’t been picked up. Rats are running rampant. First, they took forever to plow my street. Now they won’t pick up the garbage. Horrible Job New York City !!!

  50. Michael H. says:

    My block in Sheepshead Bay had its trash picked up on Monday, the day it is normally scheduled for pickup. DoS did a great job once they got back into the groove of things.

    I normally don’t have to worry about my plastic and glass recycling sitting around too long. There are some locals that wander around and collect to make a few bucks redeeming the bottles, so what was 3 or 4 big bags of recycling turned into less than 1.

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