NEW YORK (CBS New York) — Winter Storm Watches and Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for parts of the Tri-State Area in advance of Friday’s expected snow.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect all day Friday for parts of New York City, western Suffolk County, and northern and eastern New Jersey.

A Winter storm watch has been issued for Westchester County, southern Connecticut and eastern Suffolk County.

WCBS 880 Chief Meteorologist Craig Allen explains possible outcomes for Friday’s Storm

LINK: Check Your Local Forecast

As the Tri-State Area continues to recover from last week’s blizzard, which dumped 20 inches of snow in parts of the region, this storm promises to dump up to four inches in New York City and on Long Island and as much as eight inches north and east, reports CBS 2’s Lonnie Quinn.

Light snow will begin at around 7 a.m. in the city and a heavier band is expected to develop and head east late Friday morning into the evening threatening to impact the evening rush.

The snow is expected to taper off by 8 p.m. in the city, a little later up north.

Friday’s high is expected to be 35 degrees but temperatures will likely be near or below 32 degress when it’s snowing.

Saturday will be partly cloudy with a chance of more snow or flurries. It will remain cold and windy for the entire weekend.

Weather Alerts:

Winter Storm Watch in CT – Northern Fairfield , Northern Middlesex , Northern New Haven , Northern New London , Southern Fairfield , Southern Middlesex , Southern New Haven , Southern New London

Winter Weather Advisory in NJ – Coastal Ocean , Eastern Monmouth , Eastern Passaic , Hudson , Hunterdon , Mercer , Middlesex , Morris , Northwestern Burlington , Ocean , Somerset , Southeastern Burlington , Sussex , Warren , Western Monmouth , Western Passaic

Winter Weather Advisory – Bronx , Kings (Brooklyn) , New York (Manhattan) , Northwest Suffolk , Richmond (Staten Is.) , Southwest Suffolk

Winter Storm Warning – Delaware , Sullivan

Winter Storm Watch – Eastern Columbia , Eastern Dutchess , Eastern Ulster , Northeast Suffolk , Northern Westchester , Orange , Putnam , Rockland , Southeast Suffolk , Southern Westchester , Western Dutchess , Western Ulster

Lonnie Quinn

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  1. snowpocalypse says:

    Board up your windows!
    Ready your shotguns!
    Aim for the snowflake’s head!
    Nothing lives without the head!

  2. gosso says:

    Is high time employers should act humanly to their employees let them put themselves in the shoes of the employees for God sake”

  3. joselito hortelano says:

    ayy naku,,, ang hirap pala dyan sa new york…hey fellows, why not come to the philippines on this time of the year! it is so good here in my place. just bring lot of your dollars…

  4. pogo the clown says:

    i will not take my car on the road – mr. plow, do your magic – i will stay in bed under the warm covers all day. wake me when it is saturday 🙂

  5. al says:

    well when it comes to the wheather right now others are having a worst time than we are. to take your mind off the bad wheather join me at

  6. John says:

    lets see if the city got another excuse

  7. akhdulha says:

    Some employers mandate people go work or lose job. They do not care of employees well being. Only productivity matter. This is world today.

    1. The Good Samaritan says:

      If an employee loses their job because they cant get into work then they should sue

      The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  8. PLOWMAN123 says:

    if u people would stay home then we can do our job STAY HOME!!!

  9. edy says:

    Let’s see how sanitaion handles this one. Hey Sanitation… the objective here is to let you plow all the way down to the pavement and maybe you’ll be able to shovel some snow. It’s almost as easy as the sanitaion entrance exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lisa says:

      Hey edy… why don’t you learn how to spell first before you wanna start insulting people you moron….

      1. pvbeanie says:

        Uh, hellooo! HER name IS Edy not Eddie. Who’s the moron?

      2. lisa says:

        pvbeanie……I did not mistake her for”eddie” i can read that her name is “edy” what this moron spelled wrong was :sanitaion….sanitaTion………… i gues she cant spell and you cant read

      3. lisa says:

        so i guess that means that UH Helloooo you’re the moron

    2. cathy says:

      I’m sorry, Lisa.But the fact that you’re actually nitpicking and attacking someone about grammar and about how Edy spells is just showing us all that you’re a useless sow as well as a moron. LMAO And you’re actually waiting for replies? TROLL!

  10. Danny says:

    As long as I can have some hot coco before my Broadway show, I’ll be fine.


    APPARENTLY DAVID was not Frozen in. Car snowplowed in, A Train was frozen, and Buses just stopped. BROVO DAVID

  12. Will houston says:

    Let’s see if Bloomberg forgets to change out of his Hawiiaan shirt for the press conference

  13. David Flores says:

    why do people freak out about a snow storm, jeez we endured 911 and survived albeit hurt. lets get over the snow fear people

    1. Michael H. says:

      David, people are going to freak this time around because of the abysmal response to the last storm that we got from our city officials. The winter has just begun and the city has already blown more than half of its snow cleanup budget. We’re in for a world of hurt if these weather patterns continue and we see a few inches every other week.

      1. Johnny says:

        Hire non-union! It’s the only way to be sure!

      2. Simboo says:

        May be you meant dismal !!!!
        So much for our fine education system.

      3. eas says:

        actually, “abysmal” was the correct word; although, i’m sure michael and the rest of the readers appreciate your thoughtful, yet incorrect insight. in school, we teach children to consult a dictionary when they encounter an unknown word.

      4. Simboo says:

        EAS, did you just say “we teach children…..”?????
        Is that an oxymoron? Because if other professionals perform the way NYC teachers perform in their job, they would be out of job in a heart-beat.

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