Outer Boroughs And Even Manhattan Lower Boom On Mayor

NEW YORK (CBS 2/ AP) — New York City took a beating during the Christmas blizzard, and as it turns out, so did Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s popularity, particularly in the outer boroughs.

A new poll shows that Bloomberg’s approval rating has plummeted to a near-historic low after a disappointing response to the snowstorm that battered the Tri-State Area.

In a poll asking if people approved or disapproved of the mayor’s handling of the blizzard snow removal, Bloomberg took hits from all sides, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

“My job is not to worry about having a high rating,” Bloomberg said. “My job is to worry about doing a good job, doing the best job that we can.”

The Marist College/NY1 poll of registered voters was released Thursday. It found that 37 percent said he is doing a good or excellent job, and 60 percent rate it as fair or poor.

That’s a major dip from October, when 50 percent rated him as good or excellent, and 45 as fair or poor.

When asked specifically about how he handled the snow cleanup, 71 percent disapproved and 21 percent approved. Borough-specific numbers weren’t any prettier for Bloomberg, especially outside of Manhattan.

In the Bronx, 69 percent of those polled did not approve of Bloomberg’s snow management, while in Brooklyn, 78 percent disapproved. For the combined polling of Queens and Staten Island, 71 percent said he didn’t do a good job in response to the storm.

Even in Manhattan, only 21 percent approved of the mayor’s management of the snow removal, while a staggering 63 percent did not.

Fort Greene resident Winston Clare said the low numbers could be attributable to residents wanting to get back at a mayor who said he could control everything from bike lanes to trans fats.

“People are just tired of the mayor taking over and trying to do what he wants to do,” Clare said.

The poll questioned 439 registered voters on Wednesday. It has a plus or minus 5 percentage point margin of error.

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  1. someone says:

    People are complaining about Bloomberg now after a snowstorm hit? Where was all this aggression before when he ran for the third term after MANY OF US voted against it, where were we to defend our beliefs?? Or when we wanted to protest in Central Park he said No, the lawns are seeded (lame); where was our determination? Schools hospitals etc; are being closed down and instead of yelling about that we complain because of friggin’ snow? WOW.

  2. john says:

    clearly anti-semitism.

  3. Laughing@NY says:

    Hilarious to see the pathetic, whiny New Yorkers not even able to handle a day of snow without completely falling apart. Yea, this city is prepared for a terrorist attack. Never seen a bigger pack of total wusses.

    1. Freedom_Isnt_Free says:

      If I payed the amount of taxes New Yorkers do, I’d also be complaining! I lived in an area that annually received over 200+ inches of snow a year and we had small sidewalk snot plows that cleared our walks and large plows that efficiently cleaned our streets and roads. This is not the first time NYC had snow. Even the mayor admitted they messed up. Also, if proven there was an intentional slow down that resulted in death, there should be legal charges filed and prosecuted. Of course, the Mayor will protect the unions from any, and all, charges! One last comment. You elected him New Yorkers and this is what got. No salt, no transfat but lots of snow. Pun intended!

      1. Freedom_Isnt_Free says:

        Actually we had sidewalk snow plows , not “snot”plows. We did have runny noses but not quite that bad.

    2. NYCRULeZ says:

      In case you didn’t realize… many people have a difficult, traffic-filled commute to work, across large bridges and long tunnels into Manhattan. If driving conditions are icy, not only will it take them that much longer to arrive at their destination, they will also be much more likely to be involved in an accident along the way.

      And to your point about a terrorist attack, I didn’t notice the FBI CTD getting involved in snow removal…

      Please support your arguments with facts.

  4. American says:

    Bloomberg is an example of the stereotypical politician. 90 percent is bull$hit and the other 10 percent is more lies. Remember this clown wants to be president. Also do you recall when he broke federal gun laws trying to frame some dealers in another state? . Of course no one in this administration is going to file charges on him. He is one of them.

  5. SerfOfObama says:

    Looks like things have come full circle for “Mister Twenty-Four Percent” from 2002.

  6. William D. Goodman says:

    Bloomberg is a perfect example of who should NOT be a mayor, or any other elected officer, for that matter. Wake up, New Yorkers!

  7. Lamb says:

    Bloomberg is at fault for Total Mismanagement. He sat on his duff while thousands suffered and some died. I hope they sue the city. That said, the unions responsible for the failure should be FIRED, just like Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers. There are millions of people looking for work, and THEY would actually do the job.

    1. William D. Goodman says:

      Unions desire to take over! “Workers of the world, unite!” is the socialist cry. Thank you, Karl Marx, but no thanks!.”

    2. SerfOfObama says:

      I’ve been saying it for years– with VERY few exceptions– like the military obviously and police/fire/intel/law enforcement/food inspectors, etc., probably 75-80% of all govt jobs could EASILY be filled by half or a third as many part-time high school students for about a twentieth of the cost– even less when pensions are considered.

  8. Milt says:

    If New Yorkers’ memories are like those in California, I guess they’re destined to REPEAT the misery. I wouldn’t give Bloombertg the time of day. This was TOTAL MISMANAGEMENT, ESPECIALLY AT CHRISTMAS and at the airports. People who’d already spent 13 hours flying international were left on the tarmacs for another 8 or 9 hours. There is NO EXCUSE for not rolling buses out there to get them into the terminal. This man is ONLY concerned about himself.

  9. Aaron says:

    His support of the Ground Zero mosque places him near the top of the list of most despised Americans.

    1. James R. Edwards says:

      You are RIGHT ON!!!!

    2. SerfOfObama says:

      Just wait till he shows up at the ribbon cutting for the Jihadist Trophy and buys them 10 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium as a goodwill gesture.

  10. Pedro Rutah says:

    I don’t applaud a RINO Hack but he does not run the unions. These unions are eating your tax money for breakfast and you like it. That is where the problem lies.

  11. wrestler79 says:

    I am dumbfounded by the people defending this idiot. I am a former NYer. Do you
    realize you are paying the highest taxes for services you are not getting? Lemmings!

  12. Phil Simms says:

    Bloomberg overturned term limits against overwhelming referendums, allowed the implementation of a cap and tax Ponzi scheme in NY called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI,) and has stolen private land to give to private corporations through Eminent Domain.

    The second coming of Tammany Hall, and some snow falling from the sky is what finally gets NYers complaining?

    Then wait until you get a load of Governor Cuomo’s involvement in deregulating Fannie & Freddie, which helped precipitate the historic risky subprime economic collapse during his tenure as HUD secretary. It makes Bloomberg’s snowstorm look like a daytime stroll through Central Park. Though try getting either one out of office.

  13. Paul Polar says:

    I think that Mayor Bloomberg does a great job running NYC! its only one blizzard and its mostly sanitation departments fauld not the mayors. and simple when thers snow STAY HOME! and enjoy the blizzard. let the plows plow.

    1. former NY'er says:

      Great job? How’s that, by pushing his narrow social agenda on people and then forcing them to pay for it? That’s one reason people are leaving NY in droves.
      I make less money, but am much happier. Twenty five minute commute. Lower taxes. Good schools and no one to tell me what I can eat, smoke or drink.

      1. Craig says:

        Bloomberg is just ignoring the real problems in the city like out of control unions and unfunded pensions. He’s more focused on salt, bike lanes and trans fats. His 3rd term has been a disaster and he should resign.

    2. Jack K. says:

      You’re delusional! Bloomberg could have declared an emergency and offered to pay thousands of people with blades on their trucks to clear side streets. They should only have had to call in their names and the streets they would plow. In addition, there should have been RESERVE PLANS for EMERGENCY VEHICLES, like snow-track vehicles or helicopters to pick up emergencies. BLOOMBERG is just plain LAZY! How “could” you vote this man in 3 times? And Schumer and Hillary to boot!

  14. ave maria says:

    Mayor Bloombucks should have hired his Citytime buddies at Spherion and Science Applications International Corp to shovel the snow.
    The third term like his management skill was a fraud to begin with.

  15. pynaetlb says:

    New York libs seem to like him, and since there are way more libs than conservatives it’s only right that New York can’t get their streets plowed, or their garbage picked up, or their crime problem fixed, etc., etc., etc.

  16. ShovelItUP says:

    Who chose to re-elect him for a 3rd term??? Oh yea a majority of new yorkers!! Why? partially because of the good job that he’s done so far, and partially because all the other candidates would’ve been several steps down. Bloomy didn’t fail you guys, the people under him did.

    1. Suckers! says:

      ACORN re-elected Bloombberg.

    2. fedup says:

      Bloomberg won a third term because he out spent Thompson 10 to 1. He also did not win by much. As for the “good job” – I think his handling of the snow storm gives a good picture of his “good job”.

  17. Steve says:

    Bloomberg is the BEST mayor this city has ever had. Everyone is entitled to make some mistakes (and last week’s storm was overwleming).

    I also now see that Rudy Guiliani is even criticizing him. Giuliani is a loser, a two-faced, loud mouth whose children didn’t even support his presidential bid. A sad 10th anniversary for NY this September – and I can already see Rudy’s speech: “Hi, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11.” Go SHUT YOUR HOLE, RUDY!!!!

    1. Steven Rago says:

      (best mayor this city ever had)?????????????????????????????????

      I lived in New York (Brooklyn) for 50 years. With plenty of overwhelming snowstorms, and never did we have a clown like this.
      Even John Lindsay was better then this a$$hole,,

      Hey how’s your trans-fat??? (King Mike) Want’s to know,, but he wont do snow

      1. Steve says:

        Wow – a mistake over 1 week suddenly derails all the good he’s done. Yeah – I’m born and raised here too!

      2. Steven Rago says:

        this clown mayor was born a mistake, nince he took over the city has gone to hell.

    2. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Steve – how is the weather on Planet Loon today?

  18. Nick says:

    Whiny p00sy new yorkers gets inconvenienced for one day, they turn and bite the hand that gave them “freebies”.

    1. former Ny'er says:

      Because NY’ers are whiners by nature.

      1. SerfOfObama says:

        Amen to that! Signed, another former NYer.

  19. Archy Cary says:

    Gee, I guess this means he’s not a shoe-in for President.

  20. Ophelia Roydz says:

    Can you say fourth term? Umbday uckfays!

    1. SerfOfObama says:

      Good one “Ophelia” but I’m afraid most NY public school graduates don’t know Pig Latin. Was your maiden name Pain?

  21. Al says:

    I live in Staten Island and the sanitation plow came by 3 times today. Guess what? There has not been one snowflake on the streets all day! Why didn’t the Dept of Sanitation instruct the drivers to pick up the garbage if there was no snow to be plowed? The recycling trash has been in front of my house since Dec 26 and today is pick up day. I guess I’ll have to wait until next week. What a mess this has been.

    1. KPMc says:

      So… you didn’t hear the reports that they weren’t ready for recycling or do you just think you’re so special they should have picked it up just for you?

      It’s nice of you to put in that extra effort and patience when your city needs a little help.

      Maybe the slogan should be…

      “Ask not what you can do for your city ask what your city can do for you.”

  22. firstpoppa says:

    Guess Mikey can kiss off being president.

  23. Dutra says:

    With all of the money this guy has you would think he could buy some lips. Where’s the love; Nancy P should loan him some of her lips.

    1. SerfOfObama says:

      She can’t; her lips were torn in half down the middle after her ears crashed together at the back of her head during her last facelift.

  24. Dutra says:

    Emperor Bloomberg forgives you.

  25. chipgiii says:

    If Bloomlessgutlessberg and any nerve, he would start firing these inept taxpayer leeches…..oh that’s right, that would risk THE sure fire voting block.

  26. No Labels? says:

    So much for the mayor’s “No Labels” campaign! He has earned himself a label: Incompetent.

  27. Trish says:

    I bet all the people complaining here work for the Sanitation Department. Instead of complainiing do something to make it better!!

    1. Edson says:

      Not the most intelligent comment.

    2. SerfOfObama says:


      The only people here NOT complaining are DOS and other public-sector shills fearing the gravy train is about to derail and head over the cliff.

  28. Steven Rago says:

    Bloomberg is worried about you diet.
    NOT YOU QUALITY OF LIFE. He is the nanny state dictator, that can’t clear the streets of snow and garbage, and he has the onions to talk about being POTUS.
    Hey King Mike
    We already have a clown King in the Wight House.
    We dam sure don’t need you

  29. TheCitizenReports says:

    This man should not even be mayor. Twice, the People of New York City have declared through a plebiscite that no mayor should hold the job for more than two terms. Bloomberg (barely) won a thirds term by using his vast wealth and money-based influence to bribe the local legislature into ignoring the People’s will and changing the law just for him. He needs to go.

    1. KPMc says:

      If the majority of people NYC citizens didn’t want Bloomberg as mayor they would have VOTED against him. But regardless of term limits or not he was VOTED into office for a third term.

      We already have term limits… it’s called your vote. But you lemmings crying foul and clamoring for term limits are so stupid you can’t even be trusted to vote someone out of office when their time is past due. You need a law to prevent it.


  30. mark leffingwell says:

    Bloomberg was probably personally shoveling snow for some NY Imam.

  31. aldous huxley says:

    Michael Bloomberg has overstayed his welcome as Mayor.

    Like those gosh-darn house guests that you can never get to leave!

    Time for you to go, Mr. Bloomers. Please clean out your desk and never come back.

    Then you can spend more time working with Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner on how to depopulate the planet. Getting the global population down to 500 million is going to be messy business.

  32. Marie says:

    Once again napoleon bloomberg sickens the stomach.

    DOS gets off with a re-assignment while Chief Peruggia gets fired for not providing adequate ems service to the people of NYC.
    What’s wrong with this picture? Is it now FDNY’s job to plow the streets?

    Is the mayor on crack?

    God Bless The FDNY and all EMS everyday!!

    1. KPMc says:

      Maybe because the EMS’ lack of a response resulted in deaths while the most of the rest of us were… you know… inconvenienced a little.

      And no… I think there was more to it then the snow for EMS… like the failed 911 system and calls not making it through.

      But to your point… the entire DOS should be gutted for their arrogant, selfish and criminal response.

      1. SerfOfObama says:

        How was EMS supposed to get their ambulances– which are a bear to handle even under perfect conditions– through completely unplowed streets?? None of the DOS thugs who ordered this should ever make more than 8 bucks an hour again for the rest of their lives.

  33. Mel says:

    Mike is in trouble because he is busy suing sporting goods dealers in Virginia and worrying about how much salt people eat (I thought that was a doctor’s job)
    If he had worried about putting salt on the roads and controlling his overpaid
    garbage men, he would be more popular. Stay in NYC Mike, give the rest of the country a break.

  34. Kim says:

    That’s the solution – go fire the FDNY Chief of EMS.

    You make me so sick it’s beyond words.

    Fire yourself. Arrogant, nasty little snob of a mayor.

    We are people- not white mice.

    I am proud to say I did not EVER vote for you

  35. Jakartaman says:

    Bloomberg is no Chistie for sure!
    Bloomberg jumps when the unions tell him too!

    1. KPMc says:

      Christie can’t jump… but he does move kind of briskly when the donuts are ready.

      Mr. Fiscal Conservative is looking for fed money for a freaking snow storm.

      No big government… except when the money is for him. Another gluttonous hypocrite.

      1. SerfOfObama says:

        Oh I get it, Christie’s fat. Har har HAR de har har… Instead of looking in a mirror he can always stare at the top of Corzine’s head.

  36. David Icke says:

    it’s not easy being reptilian

  37. c says:

    how freaking sad.

    he overturns a popular vote from millions he swore to serve

    and people get mad about this

    the typical citizen is just too absurd to take seriously

  38. TERM LIMITS says:

    Bloomberg is a joke! Thank God for Term Limits. We need them in Congress. Sign the Petition for Term Limits at http://isupporttermlimits.com/term-limits-petition/

  39. GKPAL says:

    Bloomy’s true colors, finally, showed; and showed INCOMPETENCE. And this clown wants to be POTUS? Give me a break.

  40. midi-man says:

    He a freaking legend in his own mind. Maybe we can rename the trash tucks Bloomberg.

  41. Dennis says:

    The snow that’s expected for today, 1-3 inches, does that mean we have to waiat another 2 weeks for trash removal.? In 15 days, there’s been 1 trash pick up. Oh, what about recycling? When do we have to wait for that? May April? Whyat a sham! Can’t wait to get out of here.

    1. Trish says:

      then, leave no onle is holding you back…but please don’t let the door hit you on your ass

    2. KPMc says:

      You’re still here? Haven’t we got rid of you yet?

      What a tragedy… you have it so rough. Grow a pair you wuss!

      Have fun in Bum Fcuk or wherever you are going.

    3. SerfOfObama says:

      C’mon down to Texas like I did and leave the sinking ship behind.

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