NEW YORK (AP) — Already charged in a federal fraud indictment, the former New York state Senate Democratic leader and his son could also soon be facing charges of tax evasion.

Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Colleen Kavanagh said the government expects to add tax charges against Pedro Espada Jr. and his son Pedro G. Espada in a superseding indictment.

Kavanagh made the announcement during a hearing Friday in the original case filed against Espada and his son in December. They are accused of embezzling more than $500,000 from their federally funded Bronx health clinic.
Espada and his son have pleaded not guilty.

Kavanagh said she didn’t anticipate a plea deal. She said the new indictment is forthcoming in four to six weeks.

Defense lawyer Susan Necheles says the tax charges are not unexpected.

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  1. dave allen says:

    What amazes me the most is the blatant arrogance of these SOB’s. They truly believe it is their birthright to steal and plunder as much money as humanly possible. The absolute greed has destroyed our country and it is only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.

  2. HP says:

    Go IRS, no one else can touch this guy.

  3. the bandid says:

    i hope the feds locked that thief for good, never to be seen on the street of NY again

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