TRENTON, N.J. (CBS New York) — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie outlined his accomplishments in his first state of the state address on Tuesday.

The governor laid out an agenda of education and pension reform, but the Republican governor said there’s a lot more to do.

Christie said he’s proud of what he accomplished in his first year in office, but that he wants more reforms, including cuts in unpopular programs, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

“We cannot continue to spend money we don’t have,” he said.

He also wants state workers to contribute more to their pensions, and teacher layoffs based on merit instead of tenure, “to give schools more power to remove underperforming teachers.”

Democrats say Christie has made cuts at the expense of the poor, by scaling back on an earned income tax credit for those who make less than $15,000 a year.

1010 WINS Reporter Steve Sandberg says NJ Governor Christie declared ‘no new taxes’ in State of the State.

“Most of the people in that tax bracket category are people working at minimum wage jobs,” New Jersey State Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said. “Generally, it’s women raising children.”

Lisa Daniel, who works for an after-school program, said she lives paycheck-to-paycheck supporting her daughter, and she blames it on the governor.

“I actually did have to take a pay cut this year because of the funding cutting that he did in the schools,” Daniel said.

Bea Henderson, who owns a business in affluent Madison and pays high property taxes, applauds Christie.

“I tend to like the man,” she said. “I have a lot of faith in him.”

A poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Public Mind finds Christie’s approval rating is the highest it’s ever been – 53 percent – but public state employees don’t have the same opinion of him.

“If you look at public employee households, you see that two-thirds of them say the state is on the wrong track,” Public Mind’s Peter Woolley said.

Analysts say it is the unions that help governors get reelected and give presidential candidates the edge in New Jersey – something Governor Christie certainly knows.

Christie took office a year ago after winning an upset victory over incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine.

He says he changed the dialogue in Trenton, and now it’s time to make the most of that opportunity.

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  1. Christopher says:

    Governor Christie is doing what 99.9% of our politicians don’t have the BALLS to do.

    Question: If you have a bank account, and you have $1,000 in it, and you know a friend who is going through a rough time, and another friend just had a flat tire, and the cost to help both of them is $3,000, are you going to help them BOTH and go into debt just to do so?

    Answer: NO! Of course you are not, and nobody in their right mind would. You MAY help ONE of them, but you cannot help BOTH.

    Conclusion: The analogy is EXACTLY what everybody wants our government to do. We want ALL these programs, and all these subsidies, etc for all the “poor people” and all the people who “are having a rough time” and all the people with medical bills, and every issue under the sun. Yet, if our government is trying to help EVERYBODY, and suppliment EVERYBODY’s incomes, then they have to take more of EVERYBODY’s money. That is ECONOMICS. That is redistribution of wealth, which is the equivalent of SOCIALISM. In the HISTORY OF THE WORLD, it has NEVER worked, and NEVER will work.

    If the government cannot manage the money they are ALREADY receiving from every single tax payer at 20%, then what makes you think they will be able to manage spending at 40%, or 50%…60%? 70%? 100%? When does it end?

    Bottom Line: LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS, and that applies to every individual, and to the government.

    1. LJF says:

      I agree with you but it is so hard to swallow this pill when my own husband lost his job over 2 years ago. I do not hold Gov. Christie responsible for that, the economy is to hell in a basket. The state of NJ is in deplorable conditions for many many years and this Gov. has his work cut out for him. Nobody likes losing money and so many people need it but if we could all do our share of give and take and scrimp for another year I think we would see a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

  2. MjH says:

    The Gov. Is the worst mistake in the history of New Jersey. What has he done but put hardworking people out of work. Families who had medical insurance are now forced to put their faith on the welfare system. A system that is already over burdened. Christie has no plans to create jobs or even make new jersey better for anybody who not upper class. All those effected by the layoffs are still New Jersey Residents and are still subject to its High Car insurance rates and everything else. Why can’t he do something about car insurance, because he only cares about what’s gonna make him popular to the rebulican party so he can try and run for president.

  3. Robert says:

    What a way to go NJ voting for the Piggy.

  4. AC says:

    Reverse Robibn Hood Theory… Steal from the POOR. and give to the RICH. A definite way to begin class conflict. MADISON is not a suitable rep for the entire state. “I got no property but yo I’m a piece of it/So let the guilty hang” (RATM)
    THa Year of the Boomerang!

  5. Westfield says:

    Affluent Madison?!?! I’m glad we’re not engaging in Class Warfare here…maybe we should flip the article to describe all of the other towns as Socially Dependent, money grubbing ‘Communities’, that want to assign blame for their short comings in life… jersey has adopted the additude of “Blame someone else” … Life is easy… Study, educate yourself, get a job, pay your bills, spend less than you make… If you’re missing one of these elements, go back and repeat the missing the step… In the meantime, don’t have more kids than you can Personally afford…Everyone I know pays more in Taxes than they receive, and None complain, yet id like to see what the tax contributions are of all the putzs who are whining about ‘Christie taking away their free vochers’ …. Buck up and start contributing to the system instead of stealing from it…

  6. life is good says:

    As more & more members of the middle class realize that the message of the GOP is: “Blame the middle class, unions, pensions and benefits for fiscal woes while helping their rich corporate friends jam as much money as possible into their own pockets.”. Who is going to pay the taxes after the GOP breaks the back of the middle class? They don’t want any tax dollars from their wealthy supporters …

  7. pogo the clown says:

    Doesn’t anyone see the truth?

    The politicians are trying to eliminate the middle class, moving most people into the lower class category.

    There will be no true upswing to the economy – what is happening is by design.

    You don’t really think that you get to be Governor unless you are willing to play by the rules set out by the power elite.

    If you do not believe this, ask former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Ask him why the U.S. Secret Service visited him shortly after he won the election. He was NOT supposed to win because he is NOT one of their own.

  8. kevin g says:

    i myself took my job as a public employee for stability after 24 yrs of service im lucky to make 40 grand if i stayed in the private sector i would be much better off for the state to say we the public employees are the problem and the answer to the fiscal state woes is an insult i as my fellow employees of the state were promised a decent retirment now i have to worry about the pension i was promised 24 yrs ago granted the state needs help but to set your sights on public employees is nothing but the easy way of saying that the state is right do you all know how the towns and state have not paid into the pension system to the amount of 58 billion the last time i checked it is not fair to take away and not even give a cost of living raise to the thousands of employees and now try to raise our contributions even more come on people there is so much dead wood in the goverment christie should take a harder look at cuts im a father of 2 paying child support and cant even buy a home mr christie sit down with me and i will show and tell were you can save the money the state needs i see it everyday im calling you out to talk about savings thank you sir in advance

  9. mark says:

    He is a big fat wealthy putz.

  10. Josh says:

    He could raise taxes on those who have enough income to pay it. During the past decade, federal tax cuts and rebates were given and still the economy lingered. Transfering wealth to the top doesn’t help the broader economy. So tell the people who have benefitted the most to pony up and help out for a change. If you can stick it to the middle class with all the budget cuts, then you can stick it to the wealthy too.

    1. Phil says:

      I can not agree more. That top 1% won’t though.

  11. sumpa says:

    mayor for new jersey and back to lives? not forgetting too. home place new york back year then cards of green. waiting not for yet me. man pretty times when large size appreciates, to be a wife!!!!! size when his heavy and too many size pants. when born country, never for bigness – much too. happy?

    hug to you — i am sumpa orlions !!!

  12. Bunny says:

    Gosh I like this Guy I hope someday he can run for Prez.

  13. wfloyd says:

    Akhdulha, you have a constitutional right to be an idiot. I would certainly support your right to do so.

    1. akhdulha says:

      sorry floyd. you are obviously christie supporter. that is fair. but call me idiot because i do not care for him is ridiculous. i do not like him and have right to speak my mind and express how my feelings. jabs at politicals is part of american people history. if you do not like, then move to ghana. my friends will like you there.

  14. Robert Senn says:

    as for gov christy the teachers tenare should be repaired there hours of work and pay should be repaired they are onley part time employees they sick time should be adjusted to show they are part time 2days a year would be good

    1. Robert Falcone says:

      Clearly, you never benefited from an education since you are quite ignorant about the number of hours that teachers actually work and you write and spell so poorly.

  15. NancyEvans says:

    Gov. Brown of CA could take a lesson from Gov. Christie. Especially the part about “overhauling teacher tenure, closing poor-performing schools and fixing the pension system to save it from ruin”.

  16. akhdulha says:

    He also plans on showing slides from his trip to Disney.

    1. vincent lore says:

      unfair comment.
      He’s doing a good job. There just isn’t any more money, and these cuts have to be made.. Good luck to him – he’s doing a fine job!

      1. akhdulha says:

        Vincent not understand I am entitled to my own opinion of Christie. 1st Amendment says so. Okay?

      2. Phil says:

        Hey Vincent, yeah he is doing a good job and yes, there is no more money…so how does a smart person take the NO MORE MONEY statement and think it would be a good idea to lower taxes??

      3. Christopher says:


        The government does not have any money. The government spends the PEOPLES hard-earned money. If taxes are 10% and the government cannot manage the money they are already getting, so they raise it to 20%, and then over time they lose management and overspend that, and then it is 30% of your income taxed, and then they overspend that, ALL the way up to 99.9% of your income, is that OK?! I mean, afterall, the government has NO MONEY, so they should RAISE taxes to 100%, because they could not properly MANAGE the money they already were taking from you.

        A rational mind would say, “Ok, we are currently taking 20% + taxes from each and every citizen, so let us LIVE within our means, and make sure that our EXPENSES do not exceed our INCOME” That is what any rational minded person would do in their own home, the same concept applies to government. Simply make sure that you do not live above and beyond your means. Do NOT live on credit, and do NOT take more money from every citizen just to accomodate your OUT OF CONTROL lifestyle/government spending.

        SIDE NOTE: You are NOT entitled to ANYTHING in life. NO government OWES their citizen anything, no programs, no entitlements, no welfare, no subsidies, NOTHING. Shut all those programs down, and we’ll save money as a country.

    2. Bunny says:

      Maybe Obama will invite him on his 280th vacation.

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