Big Blue Faithful Face Tough Choice With Gang Green In PlayoffsBy Lou Young

EAST MEADOW, N.Y. (CBS 2) — The Jets’ road to glory takes them to New England on Sunday. For many fans it’s a high point for the season, so far — unless you’ve been rooting for that other team that plays at the Meadowlands.

CBS 2’s Lou Young takes a look inside New York’s football house divided.

New York loves a winner and Jets merchandise is moving front and center for the first time in a long time, displacing the former favorite.

“The Giants were always the popular … they were always the good team. Jets hadn’t won in a long time. Now with the Jets hot people are really getting hungry,” Modell’s manager Ed Cohen said.

So if you’re a long suffering Jets fan you’re pretty excited, but what about Giants fans? How are they handling this new turn of events, with grace or with bitterness?

“A real football fan who likes the Giants? They can’t root for the Jets. They don’t like each other,” Giants fan Tim Shifflet said.

The pros insist that line of thinking is true.

“If you’re a Giants fan you’re rooting for anybody to beat the Jets. The Patriots. You’d root for the Patriots to beat the Jets. That’s the way it works in terms of fandom,” former Jets linebacker Greg Buttle said.

Buttle should know; he played for the Jets for nine seasons. He said many Giants fans are either secretly or openly rooting for New England — even if they deny it, like one guy Young spoke with.

“As much as I don’t like Jets I’m still going to root for them being a New York fan,” James Solar said.

The word you’re looking for perhaps is ambivalent, torn between loyalty to your team and the city they sort-of play in.

But maybe were being unfair.

“I grew up with the Giants and Allie Sherman and Y.A. Tittle, but I’m a New Yorker so I want to see the Jets win,” Giants fan Jack DeLuca said.

And if that’s too tough a step to take?

“I’ve never been a Giants fan. They can cry. They can do whatever they want. This is the time for the Jets,” Jane Aronowicz said.

CBS 2 is your station for the Jets in the playoffs. On Friday night we’ll bring you “Road to Glory,” an hour-long preview from 7-8 p.m., and then you can watch the big game Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

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  1. Marc Viquez says:

    I think it is easy for a Giants fan to root for the Jets in the playoffs and vice versa, since I do not see the animosity between the two franchises and their fans. Yes, there are comments, but nothing among the lines of the Mets & Yankees; Devils & Rangers and Rangers & Islanders here in the area. If a Giants’ fan feels somewhat embarrassed, then grab yourself a New York Titan throwback jersey and cap and show some love.

  2. dabooch says:

    It may feel like a root- canel come Sunday.

  3. Charlie Fetscher says:

    We Jet fans rooted for the Giants against the Pats in the Superbowl. It wasn’t easy but we did. If it ever came down to Jets/Cowboys or Jets/Eagles in the SB, the Giants fans would embrace the Jets – at least for a day.

  4. King James says:

    dico j., the truth hit home pretty hard I see. Seems like the one whinning here is you. Again, Jets need to win it all to get some respect from Giants fans and this town.

  5. giantcrazy says:

    The other team is from Boston, right? And this is a question how exactly?


    Root Root Root for the HOME TEAM….J E T S …..JETS JETS JETS

  7. Bobby J says:

    Why not root for the Jets. Makes for better arguments with my Jet fan friends. They are NY – besides, if they win, maybe it will push the Giants to try and win the town back!

    1. dico j. says:

      33 days til pitchers and catchers…NYY

  8. King James says:

    dico j, the Giants are also the last NFL team from New York to win a Super Bowl title in ’07, making it 3 Super Bowl titles in the last 24 years and not 1 Super Bowl title which happened before you and I were born, way, way back in ’69, that’s what?, 41 years ago. If I were a Jets fans I wouldn’t comment until the Jets win a title.

  9. dico j. says:

    If i were a Giants fan, after that latest train wreck, i would just lay low and not say anything.

    1. dico j. says:

      K. James…I am not a Jets fan, just a casual football fan from the outside looking in. Giants fans are the biggest whiners i have ever seen in my life, and the Giants just can’t lose enough for me…..GO JETS!!

  10. MaryEllen Scardo says:

    New York Jets are our local team that has made it this far…lets cheer them on!

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