NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Another major snow storm is taking aim on the Tri-State area and CBS 2 is on the ground getting the latest information.

Lonnie Quinn With A Detailed Forecast Ahead of Snow Storm

Mobile 2 Monitors Road Conditions from Jamaica, Queens

Mobile 2 On The Roads In Westchester County

Residents Hope City Is Ready For This Time Around

City Announces Weather Emergency

Parents Want To Know Sooner If Schools Will Close

Parents In Limbo For Wednesday

Long Island Ready For Another Blow

Another Big Snow Dump Expected for Long Islanders

Staying Injury-Free During Snow Shoveling

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Lonnie Quinn

Comments (3)
  1. Kathi DeCew says:

    I think your mobile coverage of snow removal is terrific. It is a great way of helping residents see what’seally going on. But, please, tell your very nicereportrs to make Full stops at every stop sign. Each one of them rolled through, without a full stop. Not good example to all viewing drivers

    The mobile coverage is terrific. It is a great help for residents to find out what really is going on. But, please tell your drivers to make full stops at all stop signs..They all seem to roll through instead of really stopping. Not a very good example for the viewing public!!!

  2. Patricia L. says:

    Please give a snowfall update about Somers, NY. Somers is about 15 miles west of Danbury, CT. Thank you.

  3. Abe Benesch says:

    Do I really need to hunker down? Hunkering hurts my knees.

    How about I just practice the old duck and cover that I learned in school. If it was good enough for a nuclear attack, then it should be good enough for a snow storm. I’ll be sure to fill out the toe-tag first and tie it to my foot. This way, they can just throw me in the body bag and be done with it.

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