Video Shows Elderly Victim Tossed By Another Woman!

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — She said it felt like she was flying.

That’s how an elderly woman described a heartless attack inside a subway station.

And it was at the hands of another woman.

The robbery was caught on camera. As CBS 2’s Wendy Gillette reports, the video shows how Madeline Klima was robbed from behind.

A defenseless elderly woman, Klima said she can’t make sense of what happened to her.

“Why? Why’d she have to hurt so much? She wanted it so bad she could have asked for it,” Klima told Gillette.

The video shows her falling to the ground and hitting her head as the thief runs off with her purse.

“Oohh flying. Picked me up and like, threw me. And went down, and blood, you know. But I couldn’t get up,” Klima said.

The 81-year-old said she was stunned by how much force the woman used. Klima fractured and dislocated her shoulder in the fall and her eye is heavily bruised. She also needed stitches.

Police said the suspect is dark skinned, in her 20s, about 5-foot-10 and nearly 200 pounds.

(UPDATE: New Yorkers rally to victim’s aid, donate hundres of dollars)

Klima was returning home to Brooklyn from her job cleaning offices when she was robbed at the Fulton Street station. She said she’s hoping police catch the suspect, so she won’t hurt anyone else.

When asked what she wants the police to do to this woman, Klima said, “It’s hard to say. We would say hang ’em, but we don’t do this today.”

This is the first time Klima has been the victim of a crime. She had several paychecks in her pocketbook from the job she still works despite her age.

The attack left her in shock and in pain.

“Right now I have problems sleeping. My arm don’t go right, I have to get up,” she said.

Klima said she will get her stitches out Friday when she visits her doctor. But it will take much longer to heal her emotional wounds.

If you recognize the suspect, please call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. All information is kept confidential.

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  1. M says:

    I can guarantee you that an 81 year old senior citizen would never be attacked in this country. And people wouldn’t accuse a group of a crime commited by one suspect (as per the video). Maybe, if anyone’s still paying attention in class, the schools in the US should have a mandatory class in COMPASSION.

    1. Lusty Infant says:

      No, we should have a parent be there when the child comes home. Unfortunately 2 people have to work just to pay the damn taxes and the state assumes responsibility for the child. We all know what happens when the state interferes.

  2. Denotchka says:

    To all of you on here. Complaining about racist remarks, you better double check and make sure they are otherwise the FBI will laugh you OUT OF THEIR OFFICE! NOW HUSH!

  3. LHardy says:

    Not much different than a TSA search

  4. M says:

    Are these comments for real? Is race really any issue in 2011? I think now i made the right decision, as a US citizen, to live in a foreign country.

    1. Robin says:

      Don’t come back.

      1. M says:

        wouldnt dream of it. thanks.

    2. lol says:

      No, race is not an issue in 2011. The proliferation of ‘Beat Whitey Night’ where large black gangs beat and stomp the nearest white person is not real. There is no reverse discrimination in corporate employment, none. Walk into any federal or state building and, although the majority workers are black, latino and every other dark skinned race, it must simply be reflection of their superior ability and the surrounding neighborhood demographics. Blacks and whites commit the same levels and frequency of all crimes. NAACP is not racist. BET is not racist. SPLC loves all people. Jesse Jackson loves whites too. Keep your head in the sand.

      1. M says:

        Im not blind to the facts..i just keep the hope that it will change. Id rather just keep my mind free of hatred then in the sand. Thanks.

    3. M says:

      Ignorance breeds ignorance. You think? You dont even know me…but if just the thought of me improves your worthless existance…then by all means keep me in mind.

    4. Ding_Dong_Daddy says:

      Stay there

      1. M says:

        You’d leave too if you weren’t blind to whats best for you. You’re the ones complaining and doing nothing to change it. You want to marinate in your misery then it’s on you.

      2. M says:

        Ok so its “than” not “then”. Are you a grade school teacher by profession? Or are you in grade school?…seems that way since you have to resort to name calling. Would you like to see me raped or mugged? Would that make you happy? Get help. I hope its not too late for you.

    5. Big B says:

      Put me on the growing list of people who hope you stay right in whatever turd country you think is better.

  5. M says:

    Why isn’t this a hate crime?

  6. LonRocke says:

    HEY! A “Woman”? “Dark skin”? Don’t dat be Profilin’? Howdja know dat be a woman? How dark is dat skin? Dam, You be Profilin”!

    1. Saucy Fellow says:

      She must have been a high yellow.

  7. Deb says:

    pretty pathetic if you’d take an old woman down for $$$$. Goes to show you America is about to lose it, how about you attack those stupid ass senators and corrupt ass banks and house members that are making it impossible to make a living!!! Go body slam Ben Bernake, he deserves it more than a poor old lady trying to make a living.

  8. Bev says:

    What is lacking here is compassion. There are good folks in all shapes and colors..unfortunately, you have bad folks the same way. The majority of black people do not condone this behavior and should not be grouped with the likes of thugs and gangsters….all Italtians are not Mafia and not all hispanics are in a gang. Most people just want to work, raise their families and be safe. Oh..and being white..I am not with the KKK..just a working class woman who tries to see each person as an individual and not as a “race”. The mugger will get is just a matter of reap what you sow!

  9. read your history says:

    Lets be honest here. Multiculturalism doesn’t work very well. We’re all racist by way of our genes and thousands of years of tribalism. Given a choice people simply prefer to live with people that look and act like themselves and share common values. NO amount of advertising, TV programming, or draconian racism laws will change a thing. People hold their tongue and try to ignore the elephant, but eventually it will burst out when it becomes unbearable. Things are exacerbated by a failed president who quietly promotes racism and an overtly racist Eric Holder as Attny. General. Minority only scholarships, no stimulus construction jobs for whites, whites arrested for using the “N” word when blacks can use it all they want? Yeah, this is going to end well, especially as we enter the ugliest economic/nation collapse ever seen…

  10. echoi says:

    firs of all, just because she is black doesn’t mean all blacks are the same. i’ve seen and heard some white people do the same thing, even asians. it’s not the color of the skin, it’s how they being brought up by their parents and the kind of people they hang out with and the kind of community they grew up on. colora is just a state of mind. what this woman did is horrible and she deserves to be punish but don’t blame it on her color. pllsss..people grow up…

    1. kingjames says:

      your so stupid echoi, read the report again the only thing they said was what the person looked like that was the suspect and nothing else. they said nothing about her being black and blacks are the same. get your facts right dummy, stop being ignorant, you ignorant fool !!!!

    2. Big B says:

      Yeah, just look at the crime stats and you will see just how many white carjackers are in jail…..oh, wait a minute.

  11. Geo says:

    Wow. I am second and third generation Italian and let me the first to tell you that you are a onesided idiot with blinders on. I suppose in your book the Italians are all maffia, the Irish are all drunks, the Mexicans are all illegal and so on. The upper middle class whites never think their children are responsible for their behavior either because it is always that fault of the other parents’ child. The only reason people like you develop opinions like that about blacks is because the papers only generally print stories with drugs, racial issues, rapes, etc. about blacks and minorities. There are JUST AS MANY white kids selling drugs in their BMWs and Dad-ilacs, just as many paying off people not to press charges over rapes, etc., and jsut as many that are or should be in rehabs.

    1. Robin says:

      What a LOAD! Open your eyes.

    2. SpooksAreDumb says:

      Geo, the statistics tell a different story. Not only that but you are white. So are the Irish. Mexicans aren’t though.

    3. Big B says:

      From family history, the Irish ARE all drunks….LOL. At least in mine. And where I live the Mexicans ARE illegals. No Italians here though, have not been able to get a canoli in decades.

  12. HUGO says:

    This isn’t surprising considering the fact that Obama has created an atmosphere of have and have nots.

  13. Joker says:

    Why is it that New York media rarely ever classifies a suspect of a crime. They always give age, height, weight etc but never the exact race. I moved here about 6 months ago and have noticed this difference between my old state’s news stations and New York’s. How are you going to identify a suspect when their race is not even revealed.

  14. MO says:

    After reading several comments from this heartless, shameful crime, some people on here are just venting based on their own anger towards race and missing the real agenda of this story. This woman could have been our mother, or better yet, grandmother. Race is so damn irrevelant, crime has no color just like love. This individual is obviously heartless and evil, and now that the city is eliminating station clerks this might be the beginning of a string of heartless, grim thefts. I feel for the woman and as for the criminal she has a bone to pick with god. The comment of “hang em” is probably coming from her generation, after all she is 81 so she has been around to see how crime was dealt with in her time.

    1. Big B says:

      I am decades younger than her and I am firmly in the “hang ’em” camp. God can deal with them after that. Hey maybe if the city would spend less on welfare queens it would have more tax money available for transit people.

  15. emjayay says:

    Saying the perpetrator should be hung does not necessarily mean Klima thinks black people should be lynched. If this had happened to you, you might feel like the perp should be hung or worse. That doesn’t mean you think that is what should actually be done.

  16. $147 Million Dollar BlackMan says:

    Native Noo Yawker….Your one of those upset poor white folks aren’t you….going to the race card once you get a “chance”…your nothing but a cyber KKK member…with no heart to say it to any black persons face….

    1. Big B says:

      So sayeth the $1.47 BlackMan. Go complain to the Rev Al

  17. LOL over this says:

    I have to disagree with ByHisGrace

    First of all…The president is not black… I’ve seen him dance. Secondly I asked my accountant Chung Lee what he thought about this article and he said he was just tired of a certain nationality placing Chinese food orders then beating and robbing the delivery boys. So he wasn’t really any help. As for the FBI report of 3 times more Black on Black crimes All I can say is, wheres a white person when you really need one?

  18. Janice Black says:

    It’s a black thang, you wouldn’t be understandin

  19. Vee says:

    Please lose the racists comments on all sides. I live and work in NYC. I have seen so much crime both in the streets, on the buses and in the subway. I can assure you that crime has no color as I’ve witnessed Caucasian, Black, Asian, Hispanic and other ethnicity commit crimes. Just this past Friday on the M23 bus, a Caucasian male punched a Caucasian women who was with her mixed son in the face. He was making faces at her when he got on the bus…all it took for her to bump into him as she was exiting with her son and that was his invite to sock her. Enough with the racists non-sense…crime is committed by all walks of life – period!

    1. youwantapieceofme says:

      OHHH go stick your head in the snow. These thugs are a bunch of animals!!

    2. Robin says:

      BS story.

  20. James Posey says:

    You know it was a brother

  21. LOL over that comment says:

    When was the last time you saw a station agent help stop a mugging from behind the security of that bullet proof booth ab1? Why do you think they’re in there?

  22. phatboi says:

    You racist mf’s does it matter the race would it be so much controversy if it was vica versa no matter what crime was committed or by what race justice will be prevailed u white supremacist b’s are no betta than Anyone I admit it was wrong in any case but the harsh things that was said are unnecessary…I’m pretty sure that city police department will do what’s propundent to that situation and and force of the crime committed and all this subhuman iq’s are 70 what are subhuman maybe who said that is just talking about their self unless there are another species identified on earth we are all human and made from the image of god and unfortunately not otherwise me and my fellow black armed service members would be briefed and yes I’m black lol

    1. Concerned citizen says:

      They need to put up a 20 foot tall border fence around that area to incarcerate the thugs in their own neighborhood. I’m disgusted!!

    2. Big B says:

      The day you see a story about a white mugger knocking over a extremely elderly person it WILL be a HUGE story simply because it would be as unusual as spotting a unicorn in Times Square.

  23. BS Meter says:

    Remember when journalists used to report facts — like WHEN, WHERE and WHO? No where did I read that the suspect is a Black Female.. nor the time of the occurrence nor where it actually was.. the station and the part of the station?

    Bias has gone too far.

  24. ByHisGrace says:

    Sorry, should have written “done” rather than “don’t”

  25. charisma says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  26. ByHisGrace says:

    Karma is a funny thing. While I do not condone what was don’t to this helpless and defenseless woman, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by this quote from her when asked what she thought should be done to the woman when caught: “It’s hard to say. We would say hang ‘em, but we don’t do this today.” Am I the only one that missed this? Thank God that that is no longer an option for African Americans. And by the way, for all of the racist out there. Please stop painting all Black people with the same brush. Not all African Americans/Blacks are bad – just like not all (shocker) Caucasian are saints or all Asians good with math. Many of us are highly educated with Doctorate degrees and some even become…. wait for it… President of the freakin’ United States!

    1. Dr.Strange says:

      I hope her fat ass slipped on ice and fell going up the stairs during the escape. Love to see that video 🙂

    2. Dr.Strange says:

      I hope the thug slipped on ice and fell going up the stairs during the escape. Love to see that video 🙂

    3. Vee says:

      ByHisGrace, I did take notice to the comment she made. I totally don’t condone this girl’s crime on this helpless elderly woman but the hang ’em comment does leave you to wonder about her mindset with respect to people of color. It goes to show, a tiger cannot change its stripes. I agree, not all African Americans are criminals…there are many of you that are very well educated. I work with numerous people of color and I have nothing but respect for their professionalism, knowledge and how they conduct themselves both in and out of the office. You’re right, not all Caucasian’s are saints or all Asians are good with math… point well taken!

    4. Quick Draw says:

      Blacks are not the only people hanged. Stop with the overly sensitive racial comments. Anyone committing an act of violence on a defenseless elderly person should be hanged, whether their skin is white, black or galvanized.

    5. Zwolf says:

      Only because of a double standard and ridiculous affirmative action laws.

  27. ab1 says:

    The MTA should rehire the station agents to work at the turnstiles as a safety measure. This would also create employment as well as providing safety for riders.

  28. Glenn says:

    Why were my comments about blacks deleted ? Does the truth hurt?

  29. STEPHEN says:

    I work with senior citizens. Many of them would love to go to work
    This women and others like her physically and mentally healthy just want a life.
    What. saddens me are the families that put them in homes when many
    ARE capable of living the life they want. I like to call these people SEASONED
    citizen. I also call them my friends. My heart and prayers go out to you Kilma.
    And god bless you my friend.

  30. Natahaniel says:

    Wow! There are some really racist people here.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Look out, Nathaniel, or we be picking on you jews next. Speaking of which, how about the fact that BOTH the AZ killer and his target were jews and BOTH are in the same synagogue? Maybe there’s more to this story.

  31. mary says:

    white supremecaists violent???????
    Watch the news and study crime stats !!!!!
    put your head back in the sand

  32. Andres says:

    I hope the robber dies a painful death for what she did!

  33. TJ Jackson says:

    I agree with the victum, hang the criminal when caught and convicted, off the rafters of the same fulton street subway station, till the rats eat it, as a reminder to the next criminal thinking about commiting a crime in the subway

    1. Tara says:

      That punishment is inappropriate for the crime committed. The assailant should be made to spend the next 5 years of her life in prison without the slightest possibility of parole. She should also be made to clean the same Fulton St subway station with shackles on so everyone can see what happens when you commit such a violent crime – her prison labor should also pay for the victim’s medical care, physical therapy and psychotherapy for being traumatized. When the woman is released she should be banned from public transportation for life.

      1. Zwolf says:

        Inappropriate? How dumb are you – that old lady could have very easily DIED! Moron

  34. AJD says:

    Wow, some of the comments here are so depressing. If I had seen that, I would chased that young woman down and done whatever necessary to get the old lady’s purse back, legal or not. Beating up an 81-year-old woman is unforgivable. But based on the responses I see here, it seems a lot of you would have simply let it happen.

    1. AJD says:

      I’m appalled also at the racist responses here. It doesn’t matter that the alleged perpetrator is black and the victim is white, or vice versa. It’s a vulnerable person being senselessly and heartlessly attacked.

      1. MARY says:

        TO AJD;

      2. Big B says:

        Yeah, too bad the perps are nearly ALWAYS black

  35. Pavel Iostes says:

    You are a sick person to blame the old lady. She ‘doesn’t need the money?” Does she need to be beaten like that> Maybe you should be beaten that way!!

  36. Dimash says:

    Well, I think you have insulted pretty much everyone in your comment (well, except Cuba I guess).

    My guess this woman works because she needs a job, maybe to support kids or grand kids. I am sure she is not doing it for pleasure.

    And why bring Jews into it, there are plenty of anti-semitic / pro-palestinian sites that would welcome your membership.

    And by the way, not that you would know where the country is anyway, Klima is a Czech name

  37. d says:


    What makes you think that because someone of “AGE” is Jewish because the need to work to be able to put food in their mouths????

  38. linda says:

    That old lady? That old lady? How do you know if she needs the money. I have seniors who are eating cat food because they cant afford people food. You are horrible.

    1. Big B says:

      Blaming the old lady. How does it feel going through life a complete POS?

  39. linda says:

    Bad bad machine. Unplug her.

  40. joysubtraction says:

    very disappointed at the lack of video

    1. TNYC says:

      joysubtraction…you’re an idiot.Not everything is a video game…FOOL!

  41. d says:

    my mother is 83 and has to babysit a four year old AND someones dog to make ends meet….I blame the Bush (George W.) administration – the elderly need to work or they don’t eat!!!!

    1. d says:

      I need to clarify…My mother lost almost all of her savings as well as her 401K investment during the “Bush/Cheney” era…As we all know, “THEY” retire rich, living off the US Taxpayers – my mother (who by the way isn’t Jewish), still needs to work – at 83, after raising 6 of us alone because my father was an alcoholic – she’s still working….I’m raising my own family – sending her $400.00 a month which covers the lot rent on the mobile home she lives in – where is it written that when you can’t afford to buy food and need to work – even with help – you’re Jewish????

      1. Joe says:

        Your mothers problem stems from the fact that your Dad spent all her money on Vodka and Crack , blame your dad before you blame Bush and Cheney.Keep placing the blame of all your problems at the feet of others and you will soon be living in a mobile home at 400 a month and smoking crack like Daddy was.

    2. Barack Obama says:

      Dear Idiot,

      The liberals have been in charge of the Congress AND the Senate since January 2007.

      Grow a brain.

    3. Big B says:

      Funny, my mother was in her 70’s and the one who helped her make ends meet was ME. But go right ahead and the Bush administration for your being a totally worthless offspring.

    4. Docleadfoot says:

      I think you fail to see that your mother had too many children that she could not afford and that your father was a loser. Place blame where it should be placed. On your father. Stop blaming Bush. It is also your job to care for your mother so she does not burden the state.

  42. doc says:

    81 years old working, young lady mugging. No wonder we became a second
    class power.

  43. Mark says:

    Why is an 81 year old needs to work in the USA anyway should they be enjoying retirement? Or is living in the USA not as good as the movies tells us!

    1. Raj says:

      It has nothing to do with money. People work as it gives them a purpose in life.By the way, 62 % of the people who retire usually die within 6 years of retirement. remaining active by working makes you live healthier and makes you more financial fluid.

  44. karim says:

    thats very uplifting after reading this sad sad story.

  45. dion reed says:

    I bet she needed to get some club money to go out and find her baby’s daddy.

  46. tom says:

    what a lowlife karma will come

  47. Gordon says:

    I cant stand seeing this sort of thing – I wish i would be present during one of these despicable crimes – I would handle it so quickly. Heartless people walking around bullying the elderly. Karma will take its course!!!

    CBS I would like to get this 81 year old the money back that was stolen and a week of pampering and any other assistance I can provide. Please email me if there is someone I can coordinate this with. My mom was mugged in NYC many years ago and the mental pain never goes away.

    I would like to help out – please contact me.


    1. Lewis says:


      I’d be willing to go in on this with you.


    2. Tara says:


      Thnak you for being such a decent human being and focusing on the only part of this story that truly matters – the poor lady who was assaulted. You have restored my faith as the comments I was reading were quite vicious and off the mark. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

  48. sparx says:

    So this Palin’s fault correct?

    1. Feargal says:

      I was thinking maybe Rush Limbaugh’s fault. No?

      1. Big B says:

        You and “sparx” are both wrong…..Bush did it. LOL You guys must have gotten the memo.

  49. Steve says:

    What a soul-less criminal. It is heartbreaking that some individuals seem to relish harming our society’s most vulnerable.
    Unless there’s a VERY GOOD psychiatric reason for the suspect’s disgusting behavior, I’ll pray that the criminal trips and falls on the 3rd rail, during that next subway trip.

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