NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – It’s blustery and cold outside, but a few lucky people have discovered a place that reminds them of springtime.

The indoor pop-up park inside a Nolita building is filled with grass, park benches and even the sounds of chirping birds.

“Park Here” Project Manager Robin Halter told 1010 WINS Reporter Sonia Rincon everything may be fake but not to be surprised if you feel better by being inside.

1010 WINS Reporter Sonia Rincon heads to a spot that will remind you of summer.

“We have these SAD lights that’s actual light therapy being in this space,” said Halter. “It’s a seasonal affective disorder, so there are actual lights that are created for people who have this disorder.”

Halter says people have been treating the pop-up park as a real park by reading on benches, playing on the see-saw or taking off their shoes like 6-year-old Linus has done.

“It’s nice you have a roof on top so that you can enjoy the park even if it’s snowing,” said Linus.

If you feel like having a snack during your time at the park, there are even vendors selling gourmet food you can enjoy under a leafy “tree”.

“Park Here” is located in the Openhouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry St, and will be open until the end of January.

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  1. Greg says:

    Hi, I am new director of content at Openhouse Gallery the New York event venue. I just wanted to say thank you for posting, and I hope everyone had fun!

  2. DanTe says:

    So how much carbon are these environmentally friendly T ARDS burning into the atmosphere to heat up the place to Summer levels?

  3. melody says:


    In this crazy world, we need more places like this.

    Peace to all 🙂

  4. grant says:

    What a great freaking idea! I’m sure it really does help. I also suffer from SAD and I believe this would be a great place to spend some time. Too bad there is only one of these places, as their location isn’t really convenient for me.

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