Yet Another Reason Not To Fall Asleep On The Train!

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A video posted on YouTube Wednesday of a rat running loose on a downtown Number 4 subway car in Brooklyn, is giving New Yorkers the creeps!

In the video (posted below), the  rat runs across the aisle and climbs up onto seats, before eventually crawling up the leg of a sleeping man and onto his face.

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“I was sitting there listening to my iPod and I heard a woman scream,” Jeffrey Ford, who recorded the video, told 1010 WINS. “When I looked up I didn’t know what happened but I saw a rat on the floor.

“I just reached straight for the camera. I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life, and I knew I had to document it,” he said.


Even though it was Tuesday at 2 a.m., Ford said the train was packed with people before the rat made its way into the subway car. The “rat attack” happened between Franklin and Utica Avenues.

“Once people saw the rat a lot of people got off at the next stop, a couple of people went to the next car,” Ford said. “The ones who stayed were the brave souls.”

The MTA has said “no comment.” But YOU can! Let us know what you think. Have you had a subway rat encounter before? Know anyone who has? Share your thoughts below.

Our advice: Stay awake on the train!

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Comments (131)
  1. Willie says:

    Oh Man!! That’s A Big Rat There!! I Know That Poor Sleepin’ Guy Didn’t Know What The Heck Was Goin’ On When He Woke Up & Look At The Rat Lookin’ Right In His Face!! Lol!!!

  2. Dr. D00m says:

    it’s a setup, doctored video, scam. It’ll come out, wait and see.

  3. edy says:

    This is nothing new to you New Yorkers. You are used to it

  4. pny says:

    Criminally stupid watermarking of the video.Could have been great. Release a clean version so we can see the video.

  5. get the big rat says:

    I hope they catch that big rat that bodyslammed the poor old lady yesterday. That’s the real rat they should be worried about.

  6. Cris says:

    It’s because of all of the construction/drilling they are doing, it’s bringing them up to the surface. Yesterday at around 12:10am on the downtown platform of #6 train on Bleecker St. there were 7-10 rats frolicking on top of large black garbage bags.
    They ran up and down the platform and even through the large turnstyle, They were not afraid, even after a crowd of people passed by.

  7. JH says:


  8. Rafael Acosta says:

    Did anyone report the suspicious activity caused by the rat as per the announcement in the background audio?
    This clearly was a terrorist rat.

    1. Rafael Acosta says:

      Now included with your new MTA fare hikes are french kisses from your local subway rats.

    2. pauly pizza says:

      i thought i saw a cell phone strapped to his back.

    3. Willie says:

      That My Friend Was A Rambo Rat!! It Showed No Fear Of People At All & Feels Right At Home On The Subways!!

  9. snookie says:

    I need thisRat to kick out more bums on E line in Qnz

  10. jay says:

    i love nyc unlike other cities it is not as prejudice. Anybody or anything can survive illegal or not

  11. Michael Principato says:

    I agree. Probably staged with a pet rat. Looks nice and clean and well groomed. Not to mention all the other passengers didn’t even budge an inch. They probably knew it was a friendly pet rodent.

    1. BklynNative says:

      no, nyc rats are not afraid. Have you been on the subway? They do not care.

  12. Tony says:

    Free Train ride for each bagged dead rat

  13. NYCCommuter says:

    FARE HIKES!!!! for this!!!!!!!!!

  14. JO MAMA says:


  15. Tony says:

    If all the commuters decided to clean up thir act for just one week, half the rat population would die.

  16. Ticket Booth says:

    Did the rat pay $2.25 fare? if not, NYPD should issue the rat a ticket

    1. Dj Lucky two says:

      Can’t give a rat a ticket if your too busy checking out the women on the trains and chating among themselves.

    2. WK says:

      Correction: The Rat would first be “processed” through Central Booking and possibly Rikers Island (if he is unfortunate enough to get busted near the weekend) from anywhere between 2-7 days, and then be released (devoid of all dignity and a little less human; we will overlook the fact that it is already a rat) with the pending obligation of a lofty fine or back to the “rat hole” (pun intended).

  17. CSI says:

    Subways are dirty because people make it dirty. Take your garbage with you. It’s that simply.

  18. wakeuppeople says:

    why didn’t someone alert this man? I know I would’ve wanted to be alerted if this happened to me! Was he homeless or something? (Not that that is an excuse).

    1. Wynter says:

      I know — people run and others film it. Remember the days when people’s first reaction was to help? Today people just grab for the camera.

      1. pauly pizza says:

        ya you might just be the next 10000$ winner on americas funniest videos. so y not film. LOL

  19. jagdish says:

    He seems dirty, smelly and vile – that man should not be allowed on the subway. The rat seemed happy, energetic and playful. I hope to meet him my next ride.

    1. Tracey Jmz says:

      I really can’t tell from this pic if the man is “smelly” or “Vile” .

      1. sur says:

        you are so right!!

  20. terry says:

    maybe the terrorist are raising the rats so they can strap a bomb or some type of chemical that kills thousands of people each time one of those packs explodes

    1. Frank D says:

      Yeah its a trojan rat.

  21. Commuter says:

    There have been rats running on the platform and the tarcks on the end of the Lawrnce Street R station near TA HQs! They run in and out of the garbage room right past the Rat Poisin signs. There is also a big dead one on the Brooklyn Bound tracks for months!

  22. LOL over this says:

    Let him run for public office. He’s got my vote.

  23. Tony says:

    Oh yes! Just two weeks ago. I put my gym bag on the floor underneath my feet after being warned if I didn’t move my bag I’d get a ticket. I had gotten my iPod out and forgot to close it. This was at w 4th on the B line. When I got home to Bklyn at the Newkirk stop; I grabbed my bag quickly zipped it closed and got off the train.

    When I got home and opened my bag a rat jumped out on my bed…I had to chase it around the house with my swiffer, gave it a good bang on the head opened the window and tossed it out….not sure if it was dead or alive.

    This was definitely one more straw achingly close to breaking the camel’s back, as I am truly over life in New York City.

  24. k says:

    i think that this rat is someone’s pet. it seems to not care who it jumps on and the person filmiing said, ” i may take it home with me” was that the filmer’s bag lying on the train seat? i think theat it was a plant fake trick of what would you do if you saw a rat on the train. in real life that care would have been cleared out and no one would just lift their legs! i don’t believe it. even if the ride was in a tunnel and the passengers could not go to the next car because the doors were locked, they would not just sit their quietly. come on now. this is a good reason to show passengers panicked and running out the train or trying to stomp that rat with their feet.

  25. LOL over this says:

    If they let a rat on the train I’m bringing my python (357 mag)

  26. Bushelfoote says:

    Hey!! I tell you what….Let’s put a bounty of $1.00 on rats in the city…then…ship them all over in the world wherever there are people staving….call it a type of Food Program….thereby killing two birds with one stone…..I heard the Chinese have a very delicious dish called,” Rat-On-A-Stick”….very tasty with the right condiments…..”The Secret’s In The Spices” …..LOL……seriously….it’s a solution to an immediate problem……what if that rat had been really hungry ??? That guy would be missing Chunks of his CHEEK,Man!!

    1. !satansbud says:

      That bum probably smelled like sh!t and thats why the rat jumped on him in the first place…he smelled like home…but even the rat didn’t want a bite of that.

  27. Anita Jones says:


  28. The Good Samaritan says:

    The victim has every right to sue here. The is a violation of the privacy act.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  29. E says:

    This nonsense can only happen in NY. Do you know why?. ..because people are pigs & throw their garbage in the trains. You get what you pay for.

    I ride the Express bus. I’d rather pay more than deal with this stupidity. New yorkers…Enjoy the company

    1. pauly pizza says:

      I saw mice on the express buses a few times. some alive some dead. ive been riding them for 18 years. to me they are just as dirty as the trains. except for more money.

  30. Antoine says:

    People are starving in this city. I keep donating to help feed New Yorkers. From the size of this rodent, something is wrong.

  31. nana says:

    I would be screaming, my goodness it’s disgusting and scary I would not stop screaming till the doors open than I would jump out. it is not a duplicate comment first time commenting.

  32. Mike L says:

    I’ve been seeing rats hanging out at the south end of the 34th St. downtown A/C/E platforms for YEARS. Despite the faded rodenticide signs. And despite the fact that it’s within view of a subway booth worker.

  33. nana says:

    I would be screaming, my goodness it’s disgusting and scary I would not stop screaming till the doors open than I would jump out.

  34. roy says:

    when the city cut back on its work force,you will see plenty rodents….take heeve mta and nyc

  35. Simon David says:

    The City that never sleeps, not even rats sleep…so why was this man sleeping???

    1. Willie says:

      The Bum Is Sleeping Because He’s Homeless!! Lol!!

  36. moma says:

    I”m retired now, but remember many times seeing rats the size of cats on subway tracks and enjoying walks on p;atforms for many years, especially in winter.

  37. tani says:

    this rat come as bonus with fare hike

  38. BAFL says:

    The Mayor should focus his direction at this health hazard (I think it was written once …..3 rats for every New Yorker) rather than smoking bans and trans fat bans. The city is full of rodents and has been for years No garbage pickups for weeks does not help the situation either

    1. wakeuppeople says:

      “The Mayor should focus his direction at this health hazard”. Yeah, they’re not a health hazard, just like bed bugs (sarcasm here!)

  39. pogo the clown says:

    The subway tunnels are filled with rats – have been for years & years. Sure, it’s a big problem – but realistically what can be done?

    Poor guy – all he wanted was to catch a few winks of sleep. I hope he didn’t get bit.

    Who ya gonna call? RAT BUSTERS !!!!

  40. Pierre says:

    LOL I like how this rat is running loose on the train while you can hear “if you see a suspicious package on the train…” LOL hilarious

  41. Chris says:

    Poor Rat! I bet you he was running away from a mugger!

  42. Joe Sr says:

    Petulah Clark said/sang it best ! “Don’t sleep in the subway. darling”.

  43. Trish says:

    Where is Jay Walder?? the so called CEO of the MTA…oh yeah! he does not use public transportation. He only uses our money to have a driver take him around town.

  44. Jere says:

    staged, the rat is a pet rat. Someone just decided to mock the sleeping bum.

  45. Laura Gomez says:

    How come nobody screamed or anything????! Everyone is like dead quiet just watching! I would of shat twice and died.

    1. randy s says:

      Its New York City. Happens everyday all day!!

      1. mare says:

        The screaming people got off. The people who did not probably froze I guess hoping it would not get to them. I hope no one even get bitten by one of these rats!

    2. Willie says:

      Scream For What? The Rat Is Your Friend!! It Has A Right To Be On The Train Like You!! All He Wants Is Some Food From You & A Good Home!! Lol!!!

  46. Elmer Fudd says:

    That’s not a wat. That’s a track wabbit!

  47. Rocky says:

    I hope he paid his Subway Fare

  48. Mkiernan says:

    OMG!!!!! the trains are just getting dirtier and the cost just going up!!!!! MTA pls. clean the trains for the working people just trying to get back and forward to make a living…

  49. midi-man says:

    Hey Bloomberg instead of no salt, no cig’s how about you focus your attention on NO RATTS on the trains!.

    1. ELLYN AP says:

      Doesn’t the rat know that the Mayor created GREEN SPACES, where it’s safe and there are no cars. What is it doing on a subway, it could get killed.


    2. CitiesSuck says:

      Mayor Marie’s response: “Let them eat rats.”

  50. NY says:

    Oh my God – Look at the size of that rat ! Disease carriers !

    1. Randy says:

      and that was a small one!!

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