26 other animals found dead inside the Long Island home

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Authorities say 13 dogs and two cats had to be rescued from a home described as a “living hell” on Long Island. It is the second incident of its kind that took place in Rockville Centre this week.

The animals were found inside the Montauk Avenue home along with carcasses of 26 other animals, including dogs, ferrets, cats and birds, Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray told 1010 WINS.

Faith Ross (L), Francesca Maselli (R) (Photo/Nassau Co. Police)

A mother and daughter — 54-year-old Faith Ross and 23-year-old Francesca-Marie Maselli — were arrested and arraigned Saturday afternoon. Rockville Centre police said the women were charged with both felony and misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

Murray described the gruesome scene inside the home, now declared uninhabitable.

“It absolutely looked like a living hell that they were housed in. What we saw also was that some live dogs and some carcasses that we saw had muzzles that were taped shut,” she said.

Town officials were alerted to the situation after police were called to the house for a gas leak on Friday. Police then called Hemptstead Town Animal Control.

“What our officers saw was one of the most horrific, horrendous scenes we have ever seen in the history of our animal shelter,” Murray said.

Neighbors said the women who were arrested were hoarders and kept to themselves, but they never suspected the extent of what was going on inside their home.

“It was just horrific. It was horrifying to see. These people never, ever took these animals out of the cage. They were in feces three inches deep into feces, living in it,” one neighbor told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan talks to shocked neighbors

“I only thought there was one dog. I heard one dog barking and that was it. And I would only hear him in the morning when I would walk my dog,” another neighbor said.

Animal Control Officer enters the home wearing protective gear (Photo/Terry Sheridan)

Murray said the rescued animals were immediately brought back to an animal shelter and cared for. They could be available for adoption in ten days.

“We gave the dogs and cats fluids. We groomed them. We’ve comforted them since yesterday,” Murray said.

In a separate Rockville Centre incident on Wednesday, police found a 62-year-old woman barricading herself in her home with 22 animals, five of which were dead. The 17 surviving dogs were treated at a local animal shelter and will also likely be available for adoption in 10 days.

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  1. Michele says:

    I am actually a resident in this neighborhood. I moved in three years ago and have been dealing with an overpopulation of stray cats, some sickly and undernurished. Maybe this is where it all started. I cannot comprehend such sickness. I’m sorry they were not discovered sooner. Thank god for the gas leak. God works in strange ways. I’m sorry for all their suffering.

  2. Rochelle Mevorah says:

    My daughter attended Oceanside High School with Franny. She was a sweet, intelligent, immaculately clean young lady. What happened?
    I recently rescued a bearded collie who was destined for a pound in Pennsylvania and whatever consequence may have resulted from that placement. He is perfect and I absolutely love him. I consider him, with his unconditional love, to be part of my family. Franny and Faith, I am sorry, but as hard as I try, I cannot condon your actions. It is apparent that you are both very sick and in need of psychological assistance. On behalf of those poor innocent animals, I hope that justice is served!

    1. joseph battaglia says:

      rochelle, did you live in canarsie brooklyn

  3. maria says:

    These women disgust me.. they should be muzzled and thrown in a cage with feces to die..
    what is wrong with people?.. these women have money in order to be able to afford that house.. there is something more going on here.???
    . and where DID they get these animals.. did they adopt them?..or find them.. But where do you just FIND aferret.. and if they did adopt these animals.. did the people who they adopted them not check these women out.. There s something that just does not sit right here.. And lastly WHAT IS THIS “CRAZY LADY FROM LONG ISLAND SUBURB TREND” OF HOARDING AND ABUSING ANIMALS..IT SEEMS TO HAPPEN VERY VERY OFTEN!?

  4. buddyboy says:

    after the abuse they still love you. why are they disrespecting a divine being

  5. theresa giannuzzi says:

    dose anyone know were they brought these poor doges I would like to adopted one

  6. blackkitties says:

    My kneejerk emotional reaction is that this woman’s mouth should be muzzled shut and food and water withheld so she gets a taste of her own medicine. That’s my anger talking…clearly this woman is mentally unstable. But, there are too many of these kinds of cases popping up and something needs to be done to prevent them from happening. These animals cannot help themselves. They are at our mercy. I don’t know what the answer is. But, I hope someone can come up with something that makes sense and solves the problem.

  7. JTthebeeguy says:

    Mental Illness is a very sad reality in the world we live. IT is unfortunate that innocent creatures had to suffer at the hand of those they entrusted to care and provide for them. We never know what things are from the outside, all can seem fine, until the door is open and the curtain is drawn.

    I trust they both get the help they need, and that justice is rightfully served!

  8. JT says:

    Mental Illness is a very sad reality in the world we live. IT is unfortunate that innocent creatures had to suffer at the hand of those they entrusted to care and provide for them. We never know what things are from the outside, all can seem fine, until the door is open and the curtain is drawn.

    I trust they both get the help they need, and that justice is rightfully served!

  9. carolane says:

    Looking at the picture of this house, how would anyone know what was going on behind closed doors? It blends in perfectly with the neighborhood. Obviously the mother has mental problems that have been handed down to the daughter. But my question is where is the father of this girl/young woman? Does he bear no responsibility in this tragedy? And how did these 2 afford to live in the house. I think there is more to this story than just what has been reported here

  10. Jane Doe says:

    Child welfare visited this house about 10 years ago but reported that is wasn’t bad enough.. The daughter grew up with this madness and now probably doesn’t know any better. Nasau County is partially to blame for a young woman now being mentallly messed up and now in jail.

  11. scorpio says:

    those poor animals mother and daughter should be in a cage with no food
    and big rats crawl all over them. and see how they like it. they.re both insane

  12. Rose says:

    Two words: Mental Illness.

    1. Barack Osama says:

      How about “white trash”?

  13. Juan Valdez says:

    wow the lady on the left looks like a Pit Bull

  14. Joey says:

    Is it me or this stuff happens only on Long Island

  15. Mike says:

    The contrast between the completely innocent animals and the heartless treament is painfull to consider.

  16. Larry Schwarz says:

    Do these 2 women exactly what they did to these animals,thats justice in a perfect world.

  17. KellyBermuda says:

    After what these poor animals have been through, 10 days to be ready for adoption seems a bit optimistic. They must have serious emotional and behavioral issues that should be thoroughly checked out before the shelters even THINK about adopting them out…..

  18. melody says:

    the younger woman has those “crazy” eyes – manson lamps!

    1. Marlene O'Hara says:

      I agree with you, she has the eyes of a monster, eyes of someone who is possessed!!!

  19. Carol says:

    Someone….the authorities should placemthese people in cages with their own feces and no food. It’s disgusting , disgraceful and shameful. How can anyone do something like this. Sick, sick sick.

    January 16, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.

  20. pogo the clown says:

    I just cannot conceive how they can treat animals like that. Why? Is it some sort of sick pleasure to them?

    The mother looks like some sort of inbred hillbilly – she is scary looking – definitely from the shallow end of the gene pool.

  21. Gregg says:

    Sick ,Sick people ! How can anyone be so cruel to these poor animals ? They should be put in cages !!

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