NEW YORK (AP) — Four teenagers were shot and wounded in Brooklyn when someone began firing on an outdoor basketball court.

The shootings happened at about 10 p.m. Friday in the borough’s Fort Green section.

The New York Post reports that the wounded included a 19-year-old hit in the hip and calf, an 18-year-old girl hit in the foot and ankle and two 17-year-old boys.

Police were investigating what led to the violence.

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  1. Hot Blooded says:

    N.Y.C needs Gun Control. Oh wait I heard they have it already. It’s working real well

  2. Gregg says:

    Again I am sure Illegal guns were used ! I believe in Legal weapons,but with tens of thousands of Illegal weapons on the streets – this will continue ! Where are all of these Illegal weapons coming from ? I can’t believe someone can’t get a handle on this !

  3. New Yorks Urban Voice says:

    Dear native noo yawker-aka cracker (I can tell that you’re a white american), I know this must be a real shocker to you, but murder happens in every community; Black, white (american), whatever. Take for instance each and every sensational mass murderer; more that 95% of these killings are committed by white american men and the other 5% are perpetrated by the other sentient races. You’re shocked that this travesty happened in a Black Community? I’m NOT shocked that a Mass Murder happened in a pristine white american community… Case in point, take a look at your race’s current winner in Arizona; shooting into a crowd of innocent people, killing a 9-year-old girl. And where are these guns coming from? Come to think of it, there are NO Black companies that manufacturers and/or imports of any type of ballistic weapons. Why don’t you go chastise your own race for your own atrocities? And for the record, I am bearing witness to more and more white americans flooding into “Historically Black Communities” all the time wanting to be “down”. I believe that the character Agent Anderson from the Matrix movie trilogy said it the best; you people are a disease, you come in, exhaust the resources, destroy everything and you leave. Your kind of people really sicken Me, you hate the Black race (The ORIGINAL race), yet, you desperately want to be us. We excel at everything we do, yet you steal all of our innovations at each and every turn. And that’s not the half of it; you want our color (watching you fools roll in Cheetos, spraying yourselves with our color, peeling and roasting in the sun and my personal favorite; microwaving (can you say skin cancer?!) is absolutely Hilarious!!!), our bodies (Botox-lip injections, boob-jobs and ass-lifts and for you guys penile enhancement-pathetic…), music (now everything is a rap orientated, metal, fusion, even your precious country music!), style (I see your more and more white american children dress “Urban”-another word for Black), mannerism (another fine example of white americans taking a huge chunk out of the Black created statement), basically our entire culture. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but give me a break!!! But as with everything disgusting, there is a shade of hope; you people of ignorance will die-off eventually. Ha-Ha-Ha; it sucks to be you…

    1. The Truth says:

      Nicely put. Remember that horrible murder in Conn. If you ;look back in history there are plenty of Sicilians that have Morrish and Middle Eastern blood. At one time the Irish were considered very low in Europe and the US. Point is people need to llok in the mirror and reflect. Most people of all races are decent people. For the others the at speak like Native they are the most unpatriotic people there are.

  4. Juicy Juice says:

    Bad things happen in every race
    example: arizona killings

  5. Peter says:

    Its sad but it happens everywhere white and black.

  6. Nick says:

    Birth control. It be good.

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