WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — The Drug Enforcement Administration is apologizing to a suburban family that claims agents terrorized them during a mistaken drug raid.

David McKay of Spring Valley told The Journal News that he was forced into the snow in his underwear early Thursday. He says officers pointed guns at his daughter and threatened to shoot the family dogs.

DEA Special Agent John Gilbride issued a statement Friday regretting that “the innocent McKay family” was mistakenly rousted when agents went to the wrong house to serve a warrant.

A DEA spokesman would not address the McKay’s specific claims.

Federal prosecutors announced Thursday that 200 officers fanned through Spring Valley and elsewhere in search of 26 people accused of drug trafficking in Rockland County.

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  1. yeahDEa says:

    Blah Blah Blah..cant please all the people all the time

  2. bush says:

    DEA … ATF … any of the 3 letter agencies … thugs with badges … MEGA-lawsuit here … big money …

  3. jim says:

    Find legal representation

    File Civil law suit


    They admitted they were wrong

    They no reason to enter your home

  4. Nick says:

    Maybe if they weren’t snorting the evidence, they would know which house to raid correctly.

  5. Aliyah A says:

    The feds basically thought they were the bad guys. How do you become a “bad guy” if law enforcement’s favourite quote is “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”?

    Because the feds “think” someone is guilty when they arrest them. That innocent until proven guilty stuff is a sham.

    That’s why those innocent folks were treated like that.

  6. Carlos Liriano says:

    when Emperor Napoleon created the penal colonies in south america, one of his asked him who was going to guards the convicts, he told his aide “there will be guarded by worst thugs, there is the same with the DEA, there are the ones that should jailed.

  7. expat 007 says:

    Thugs, thats the kind of people we hire to protect us and the laws are written by idiots. welcome to the land of the “FREE”

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