Congress Expected To Take Up Controversial Issue WednesdayBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Just about everyone has something positive and negative to say about “Obamacare.”

House Republican leaders are looking to repeal the health care law, but find themselves evenly matched by Democrats.

You don’t have to go to Washington to hear the debate over whether Congress should repeal the health care bill.

“They should absolutely keep it,” Chappaqua resident Marc Valenti told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer. “From the day they passed the legislation, 31 million people I think were added on. And suddenly children with pre-existing conditions were now covered.”

“Repeal it immediately. The first rule of medicine is do no harm and the health care bill does enormous harm to both the physicians who really want to practice medicine and patients who deserve quality care,” said John Margand of Yonkers. “I think its really a ploy by certain socialists.”

“Not all of it, only some parts of it should be repealed. Some parts that can help the poor and less fortunate, yes keep it in. Give them that safety net. But if we’re gonna blow up the deficit and blow up our economy we have to find ways to cut it,” added Chris Guerrero of East Harlem.

The debate over whether to repeal the so-called “Obamacare” bill comes as a new poll shows people narrowly support overturning the law.

According to a national Quinnipiac University poll, 48 percent of voters want it repealed, 43 percent do not and 8 percent are undecided. Independents in the poll want it repealed 54 percent to 37 percent, with 9 percent undecided.

New York congressmen also have strong feelings. Congressman Anthony Weiner said repeal would be a disaster for New York City residents.

“Over 1 million people will be left without health insurance if this bill is repealed. Family premiums for those who have insurance will go up nearly $2,000,” Rep. Weiner said.

New Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm said the bill increases the deficit, kills jobs and has raised the cost of insurance.

“Somewhere between 10 and 13 percent increases in premiums — what are we doing here? Wasn’t the whole purpose to lower premiums to make health care more affordable so that we can put more people and enroll them in health care? We’re doing the opposite?” Grimm said.

The vote to repeal the bill is expected to be taken up in Congress sometime Wednesday.

The debate has become so partisan that the Democratic National Committee called a NYC phone bank Tuesday to bombard downstate Republican Congressmen Peter King, Grimm and Nan Hayworth with calls demanding they defend the health care bill.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. your mom says:

    I an American who moved to Europe ten years ago, and i will never move back. most of the western world laughs at your government and its lack of care for its citizens. wake up, most of the western world has health care for its citzens..

  2. DanTe says:

    The “nathans”/”grant”/”The Good Samaritan” deserves the “free” healthcare they’ve expoused. Pay Up. T ARDS.

  3. YSC says:

    Obamacare will either be doomed or will doom us all. The rise in the cost of healthcare is not just due to insurance. It’s the rise in the cost of HEALTHCARE. So much of the cost of healthcare is sunk in lawsuits and insurance to protect against them. And then there are rising costs of drugs, medical equipment, supplies, etc., all of whom need to legally protect themselves; and the mounting administrative costs of filing claims against insurance, medicare, and medicaid. And then, as long as you are not paying out of your own pocket, you will either abuse the system or ignore abuses. Providers in need of more revenue create self-serving guidelines, scare tactics and lobby for legislation to get you to use their services more. Insurance companies are squeezing their profits while their own costs are rising; medical schools want a share of the pie, so they hike up tuition to astronomical levels and keep the number of doctors they graduate intentionally low to control supply. I can go on and on, but this is a system that is spiraling out of control. All Obamacare will do is pour more money into the system, which will be met by rise in costs by every participant trying to soak up their share of the new pie. Solve the problem: even if government can break just one part of this racket, the rest of the racket might collapse and deflate this bubble.

  4. America IS Stupid says:

    Health care is the problem??? I’ll tell you what increases the deficit: Foreign wars that serve NO purpose except to fill the wallets of the FAT CATS, EXCESSIVE Wall Street bonuses that drain even more money from the middle class, and TAX BREAKS for the filthy rich. Idiots.

    1. YOU IS Stupid says:

      So stop using gasoline. Don’t heat your home. Oh, and don’t buy those groceries trucked in with that evil oil gotten by those useless wars to stabilize the region. Walk out to the farm and pick it up yourself.


  5. Hot Blooded says:

    We got along without it before, and we can get along without it again. Don’t you’ll wish this prez had worried more about getting folks back to work as he did about this useless health care law. Repeal It Now!!!

  6. Igor says:

    Why would anyone support the government forcing us to buy something, and fine us if we don’t (in this case, insurance)?
    The government is using this bill to give themselves more power and control, in the name of health care, which result is less freedom for us.
    It’s important we repeal this bill, and replace with solutions that won’t further hurt our economy, increase our debt, and diminish our freedom.

  7. joe says:

    You need to study President Obama more cause he is not the person who started the idea of Free Health care, boy you are clueless.Your initials should be ASS instead of RJR

  8. Joe says:

    Oh ok so the Shooting in Arizona could have been avoided if everyone had health care? Ralph R.Lewis congrats on winning the moron of the year award

  9. sdASD says:

    This garbage got to go. Obama care is anti-American. He is only doing it to be re-elected.

  10. Ralph R. Lewis says:

    Man goes into any hospital ER and the first thing they ask is for insurance. He says I have none. Guess what he’s treated, and guess who pays the bill, anyone with a job. Why is everyone so afraid of giving everyone health care? We would all be healthier for the insurance, using it would catch some of the the problems that people develop when left untreated( hint Tucson). Or is this whole healthcare debate a subtle form of racism. Are people upset that a Black man has proposed and found a a common sense solution?

  11. Paula says:

    If Obamacare is so great why did the president and congress exempt themselves from it? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, no? But the president and congress get first class health care paid by, you guessed it, the taxpayers. And taxpayers get health rationing, death panels, higher premiums. How do you spell HYPOCRISY?

  12. Joe Yanicki says:

    Who cares about those chilodren vote NO|

    1. Kyriacos Stavrinides says:

      I bet your parents said the same about you.

  13. John says:

    Over one million people will be left without health insurance?….are these the same people who collect welfare , medicaid , social security blah blah blah, and haven’t worked or even looked for work for so many years ?……so those who work , pay taxes ,and contribute have to shoulder the load for these bums….I’m a lifelong New Yorker and we’re nothing but a welfare state……..Pathetic!!

    1. GC Gent says:

      No jerk its people like me who have worked for over 40 years. My employer does not pay for health insurance and my monthly premium increased to over $1100. when I turned 50. Can’t afford to pay it.

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