NEW YORK (CBS 2) — All our bad winter weather wasn’t stopping one Brooklyn man from keeping up with his exercise regimen.

Despite all the snow, ice and cold temperatures, 58-year-old Gary Atlas continues his daily running and swimming program outside.

The self-proclaimed workout addict started running and swimming as a means of escape while his mother was dying of emphysema.

Atlas said now exercising is a part of his life. “Can’t beat the feeling. Everyday, it’s just a great way to start the day. Some people need a cigarette and a cup of coffee. I do my run and my swim, and it keeps me charged. It keeps me ready for the day,” Atlas said.

According to Atlas, he has run his daily six mile route bare-chested and swam the Atlantic Ocean along the Brooklyn waterfront for 1,214 days straight.

  1. CSI says:

    wow. Brave man.

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