Diehards Convinced If They Stay Course, So Will Gang Green

BABYLON, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez won’t shave his beard. Coach Rex Ryan won’t clean a stain on his jacket.

So is this the Jets’ best weapon — superstitions?

Fans shared their game-winning rituals with CBS 2’s Demetra Ganias on Friday.

Many of the fans are convinced this is finally the year the Jets get to the Super Bowl. A win over the Steelers on Sunday in Pittsburgh will send them to Dallas for ther big game.

“You can just see it in the players’ faces,” said Ginny Pitre of Babylon, N.Y.

Fans who often think they’re part of the winning karma. Angela Crane hangs chimes outside her North Massapequa house.

“At the bottom is a football that says Jets,” Crane said, adding there’s little doubt the whole neighborhood knows which team she roots for.

Jay Montrony of West Islip said he’s heading to Pittsburgh on Sunday. He refuses to shave.

“I’m on vacation this year, so I’m able to grow it. I got the playoff beard going. I wore it to Indy and I’m wearing it all the way to Dallas,” Montrony said.

“I have to wear my Tomlinson jersey. I have to. I always wear it on Sunday no matter what. My friend Courtney has to wear Namath,” Pitre added.

Pitre happens to be engaged to another Jets fanatic. Marc Lundrigan said he is superstitious about his Christmas tree — a quirky habit that started last year.

“We never took the tree down after Christmas because the Jets were winning, so this year I said the tree has to stay up until the Jets get to the Super Bowl,” Lundrigan said.

Support for Gang Green extends outside the house, too, with flags and a blow-up Jets player.

Lundrigan said he made a deal with Ginny.

“If the Jets win the Super Bowl our first child if it’s a boy will be ‘Rex,’ and if it’s a girl her name will be ‘Ryan,’” Lundrigan said.

So you think you have Jets swag at home? Ganias saw a Jeep with Rex Ryan on hood. The owner is going to Sunday’s game, but the Jeep is staying home.

But some fans say all the superstition and hype is a jinx and they want everyone to stay quiet.

“A lot of talking is not good, because it gives the other team a little momentum. You know, just be humble,” said Reggie Robinson of West Babylon.

Humility, that’s hard to find with the team on the verge of a trip to the Super Bowl.


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