NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — This was not how the season was supposed to end for the New York Jets.

Not in Rex Ryan’s mind, at least.

But there was the brash coach, red-eyed and disappointed, trying to make sense of a 24-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship game Sunday night.

“We were one game away again,” Ryan said. “It cuts your heart out.”

Especially when you’ve told everyone who’d listen that your team was destined for greatness.

LISTEN: Rex Ryan sounds off at critics during post game presser

Ryan has led the Jets to consecutive AFC title games in his two seasons as coach, and this made-for-TV journey was marked by a reality-show appearance, controversies, scandals, big talking and some terrific plays.

It ended a win shy of the franchise’s first Super Bowl trip since 1969, and with Ryan firing one final shot at all of his team’s critics. And there are plenty of them.

“Our goal for next year, I’ve got news for you, it won’t change,” Ryan said. “It will never change. We’re going to chase that Super Bowl. We’re going to chase it until we get it. Then, we’ll chase it after that again.

“But that’s it. If you want to criticize us, then go ahead, but you have no right.”

LISTEN: Boomer & Carton – How could the Jets come out flat?

That was the type of fiery talk that was mostly missing in the week leading up to the game. The Jets were uncharacteristically quiet after a loud run through the postseason, and not much changed once the game started.

Ryan’s big-mouthed bunch was shut down and shut up in the first half, and the Jets’ defense was dominated by Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall and the Super Bowl-bound Steelers.

“It’s the toughest loss I’ve ever been a part of,” linebacker Jason Taylor said.

New York was silenced until a second-half comeback attempt fell short. And it was because of a stunningly slow start that lacked the intensity of the Jets’ first two playoff victories.

And the reason was inexplicable.

“We just came out flat,” cornerback Darrelle Revis said.

Added defensive end Shaun Ellis: “They came out and out-tempoed us.”

Ryan’s aggressive defense was leaky from the beginning, allowing Pittsburgh gain after big gain as the Steelers jumped out to a 24-0 lead that the Jets couldn’t recover from.

“They made plays when they had to,” Ryan said, “and that’s why they’re moving on.”

That’s not the only reason. New York’s run defense allowed 166 yards rushing, including 121 by Rashard Mendenhall, after giving up only 91 yards a game.

“It came down the most basic lesson in football, man: tackling,” defensive tackle Sione Pouha said.

Added Ryan: “The tackling was not up to our standards to any stretch of the imagination.”

Pittsburgh held the ball for more than 21 minutes, outgained New York 231-50 and outrushed the Jets 135-1 in the opening half. New York’s defense had a solid second half, keeping the Steelers off the scoreboard. But the Jets needed to make one more stand to give themselves a chance at a late comeback.

With the Steelers facing third-and-6 with 2 minutes left, the Jets got pressure on Roethlisberger. But the big quarterback rolled out and got a pass off to Antonio Brown, who went down and grabbed the toss for a first down, allowing the Steelers to run out the clock.

“Ben is Ben,” said Pouha, who smacked into Roethlisberger as he threw. “I was just hoping it would deter the throw, but that’s second nature to him.”

Ryan then slammed down his headset, knowing his team’s season again ended one win short of where he told everyone it would.

“There’s no tomorrow,” Pouha said, almost whispering. “We’re going home.”

That wasn’t in the script.

Ryan said all season he thought his team was going to win the Super Bowl, even boldly scribbling “Soon To Be Champs” on an ESPN bus during training camp. On Friday, he reiterated that he wanted to see green and white confetti fall, wanted the celebratory hats and T-shirts and to raise the trophy as AFC champions.

It wasn’t to be. Again.

“Think about the worst thing that can happen to you,” center Nick Mangold said. “That’s the feeling.”

Ryan called the Jets’ first-round playoff game against Indianapolis “personal” against Peyton Manning, and the defense bottled up the Colts’ Pro Bowl quarterback.

The next week, Ryan said it was between him and the Patriots’ Bill Belichick, declaring he needed to outcoach his counterpart. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie fired things up by calling Tom Brady an expletive, and the trash talk escalated from there.

The Jets backed up all the big talk by stunning the Patriots 28-21. But things took a silent turn last week when Ryan heaped praise on Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, using words such as “respect” and “like,” and his players followed suit.

Turns out, the Jets might have needed to keep that mean streak going.

“I would change the outcome of this game and that’s the only thing I would change,” Ryan said. “We don’t need to apologize to anybody. We’ll be back, you’ll see.”

But how many of the players who walked off the field will be back?

Jason Taylor was teary-eyed after the game, sounding as though the end was near for him. It’s uncertain if LaDainian Tomlinson will be back. And the Jets will have plenty of other decisions to make on players such as Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Brad Smith and Shaun Ellis.

“This team as you see it tonight will never be together again,” Taylor said. “Whether Jason Taylor’s back or anybody else is back, it will not be the same football team again. It just can’t be. It’s sad in its own right.”

Who do you think was to blame for Sunday’s Jets loss? Sound off in the comments below…

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Comments (54)
  1. Rochye says:

    This is what I am talking about. Craig is so irrelevant, why is he talking about the Mike Francesa’s dinner that happened two days ago. Craig your on the moon when it comes to being relevant in this town. Your a true clown…

  2. Horold says:

    Craig you ediot. Ed Reed’s brother had mental issues. You are a flipping ediot you made it sound like he was a criminal, you make me sick and I wish you would get fired for your stupid comments.

    Boomer warned you and told that was ed’s brother and you had no right to open your mouth about. Next time shut your trapp you frigging ediot…

  3. seymour says:

    Carton is the worst – a low-life, Hard to understand how such a person is allowed to be on the air!

  4. Kenny says:

    F you haters! You can’t stand the Jets, yet you come onto NY websites, read the articles, watch the games, heck you even spend time posting comments. Pathetic. Go Jets!

  5. dico.j says:

    Fireman Ed…You’ve been inhaling too much smoke.

  6. Tom Brady says:

    HY CANT WE BADMOUTH THEM? hE BADMOUTHS EVERYONE ELSE! They choked as they always do. There was no fire under their @ssesandit showedwhen they came out flat. They should have beaten Pittsburgh but didnt because they came out so flat. East Rutherfordand the rest of the New Jersey fans should be used to it

    1. ken G says:

      rex”s song LOL !!

  7. daMonstah,CEO of daBlogPound,Inc. says:

    I live in Los Angeles so I don’t know if I even have a right to comment. But I rooted for the Jets BIGTIME. I freaking HATE the Steelers. I’m a Raider fan.
    But I think the Jets just started way too slow. The Steelers are an experienced team with an experienced QB and I believe they have about 11 players that have been to the Super Bowl. You need TWO good halves to beat a team like that in a game of this magnitude. Gallant effort by the boys in Green and White…but far too little far too late. Take solace in the fact that you have a HELLUVA team and a great coach in Rex Ryan. The JETS will be back. Mark my words. Good luck.

  8. dabooch says:

    Francesa harped, if you don’t win it all The Superbowl, your a forgotten commodity. Jets turned into Bombers and they got nuked by a squad they could of beaten if they didn’t spot them 24.

  9. Dan Rakow says:

    I am very proud for Rex on another great run during Post Season and he will get his opportunity of representing AFC in Super Bowl very soon.

    I like to see Jets vs. Chargers schedule for Sunday Night Football at New Meadowlands Stadium next NFL season.

    1. JOHN WYLEY says:



    The operative word is IF, and would. But, it didn’t happen so no sense in saying If this or that. The Jets and their fans can sure talk a lot of trash, but they can’t seem to stomach things when it blows up in their face.

    1. frank says:

      im not a jet fan but it sounds like ure a giant fan– all im saying is the kid is gonna have a great career– all he needs is experience like the other guys you mentioned as far as if and would if you would read what i wrote you would see thats what im saying—anyway love the banter–it got me through the last 2 hours of work–have a great night


    Sanchez is still in puberty compared to the likes of Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady. Choreograph a 4th quarter comeback when it counts, win, and command the field, then you’ll be destined for greatness. After all is said and done, the Jets are THE JETS, all talk and no game since 68′

    1. shanghai joe says:

      Good point forgettaboutit, rexall should have broadway joe make the predictions for next year, he backed it up on the fileld.

      1. frank says:

        shanghai joe 13 college games 2 seasons in the nfl with 2 consecutive afc championship game appearances. manning and brady who sanchez just beat i may add and brees have how many years experience do you need a calculator for this one true same old jets but it falls on the defense defense wins games ala giants and bradys 18-0 team that fell on their face if the defense played the way they played against indy and pats jets would be going to the bowl

      2. shanghai joe says:

        the jets are a good team and had a good season – no doubt – but 13 games at usc etc is all rear view mirror stuff….if you’re in everyone’s face about how you’re going to win the super bowl… ya need to back it up on the field and win. that’s all… joe backed it up…

  12. Devenio says:

    You haters… They beat Manning. They beat Brady. For a quarterback with just 2 years in the NFL to make it as far as Sanchez has is not normal. I’m a Giants fan but I am also a fan of the Jets after this season. You will be Superbowl Champs one day.

  13. jerzeyjoey says:

    Look on the bright side , The Jets did Better than the Philly Losergulls. Allways next year, Stealers take it all in 011 win by 6 pcts in SB.

  14. Ron says:

    Everyone is blaming the Jets Defense for their loss… and maybe they deserve a lot that… but it is not like the JETS OFFENSE was that spectatcular!! How many yards did they have in the first half??? First 3 drives were horrible! How about that goal line stand in the 2nd half? SO, lets get on the offense some more please!

    1. frank says:


  15. frank says:


    1. Ron says:

      Sanchez hasn’t proven anything yet! It is not like he was legendary yesterday, especially in the first half!

  16. Ellen says:

    Daniel Pedraza, Your right on target with the comment about fans acting like morons. So your on the Boston Globe site, go on the Boston Herald site, and see all the morons posting there. It’s embarrassing to see all the trash talking going on there, and they talk about Rex Ryan!

  17. Steve says:

    There is not logical explantaion for how Ryan mismanaged the clock and the play calling in the 4th quarter. They had the Steelers on their heels…but made terrible decisions on 3rd and 4th and goal and then simple ran out of time.

    1. Shanghai Joe says:

      right, time is fussy like that. i guess if they had another day and a half on clock they would have pulled it out…

  18. FinFan says:

    I couldn’t believe what idiot Carton said on the radio this morning that Sanchez is a better quarterback then Eli Manning???!!!! Without his receiving core, he’d be considered mediocre at best!!

    1. ttc says:

      In all reality, Eli is done, and I’m a giants fan. His arm is weak and his accuracy weaker. The Giants will never get back to the Superbowl with Eli at the helm. He can run the offense but can’t execute the plays with consistency. Recipe for disaster.

  19. kpgill says:

    Hey Bart “can’t stop a nose bleed” How that working for you!!

  20. jdjetsfan says:

    I thought Mark Sanchez held his own yesterday. He takes the blame for the fumble touchdown. He takes the blame for being shaky at the start. However, he gets credit for competing and for regaining control of the game. He wasn’t perfect, but his passer rating was nearly perfect. He gets credit for making big time throws in tough conditions. He may never be good in the wind, but the cold he is as tough as you need. What he needs now is good health, and some time away from the cameras to let things settle in his head. He needs to be able to consistently adjust running plays at the line, and he needs to be given the freedom to call plays near the goal line, as Manning and Brady do.

    1. shanghai joe says:

      I’m in china where there is no free speech or football scores. Are the jets going to the super bowl?

  21. nick says:

    hey heard a joke What does the Jets offense and chinese take out have in common….. They both show up at half time.

  22. FinFan says:

    SAME OLD JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait till they face the Pats next year!! They got lucky in four games this year that they shouuld have lost – shouldn’t even have made the playoffs! Hell even my team beat them this year and they were pathetic.

  23. Ellen says:

    Regardless of what people have to say the Jets did have a terrific football season. At least they made it further then the Pats, and this coming from a Pats fan.

    1. Daniel Pedraza says:

      Ellen, Thank You very much. Its great to see some good professional fans in new england. I also post on Boston and am professional and gracious. Not like these morons who write junk.

    2. 2Mannings-1Cup says:

      You’re right, the Pats are worse losers than the Jets.

  24. ty2332 says:

    Sorry, Rex, but people absolutely do have every right to bad mouth the Jets. You allow them to every time you open your mouth. When you stand up one week ago after beating the Patriots and mock your detractors by saying “Same old Jets, getting to the championship game two years in a row,” you had better go out there and WIN THE NEXT GAME. As it is, you’ve gotten there two years in a row, and lost both times. So, guess what, Rex…Same Old Jets. Can’t win the big game. Nothing’s changed. The Patriot game was nice, but is already forgotten. Doesn’t mean a thing anymore. Get to the Super Bowl and then maybe you can mock people about Same old Jets. Win one and then you can say whatever you want. Until then, you’re in no position to tell anyone what they can or cannot do when it comes to bad mouthing your team.

  25. Kayte says:

    It would have been a Cinderella Story if the Jets made it through the GAUNTLET of the mighty trio. I am refering to Manning, Brady and Rothlesburger. Lets face it Jets fans, It’s ALWAYS going to be the “Same old Jets”. Old Rex did get his mouth full of Foot. (I hope he liked it since he enjoys his foot fetish). I don’t think he can talk now, he is too busy crying in the terrible towel. Come on boys no need to cry. If you want to come up to upper Manhattan my girlfriends and I can give each of you tampons. If you need instructions in their use, just ask we will tell you ! Rex, you might want to use pads.

    The Jets are NOT a Superbowl caliber team. Not even next year. So your dreams end here. You can’t just stay quiet. This was your destiny. You boys man up! Or do up scale young ladies have to show you how its done?


  26. 2010 AFC Champs says:

    From a Steelers Fan to all the Jet/Rex Ryan hateful individuals…. good grief, your coach put it out there for you…. it was up to you to win the game….Rex is an awesome guy and gave his heart to the team and the fans….so why not do the same for REX…go out with dignity and respect for the man because that is what he did for you everyday of the 2010 season……. don’t hate the coach, hate the game !!!!!

    1. King James says:

      yeah, sure you’re a Steeler fan. Your a Jets fan so stop hiding behind your Steelers fan claim. Just your comments alone it shows you’re a Jets fan. Steelers fans do not give a damn about the Jets & their coach. Stop the lying, you sound like a girl.

  27. kelles says:

    Could Rex Ryan please lap-band his mouth too?… and just concentrate on football perhaps? a loss is still just a loss. there is no ‘almost-won’ trophy.

  28. neil says:

    i agree with you 100% thanks for telling the truth here

  29. tomcat says:

    what is the difference between the jets and a dollar bill ? you can get 4 quarters out of a dollar

    1. Neil Oratz says:

      very funny, great observation

  30. MIKE DAYEM says:


  31. 2Mannings-1Cup says:

    Shut up Rex! You dumb fat bastage.

  32. kpgill says:

    Jets spent too much energy and emotion playing New England. They are now the Eagles of the AFC!!!!

  33. dabooch says:

    The Jets handed the Steelers a win by spotting them twenty four points. They played nobly after that but it wasn’t meant to be.

  34. talkinnow says:

    Ahahaha Dont bash my team what??? How about when you live by what you say we wont bash your team. C’mon people all you did last week was hit up Boston sports sites runnin your mouths. Just like the team and your head coach. Now that you did what you Jets do which is CHOKE you want all of us to just let that go? Well i got 2 words HELL NO. Rex is in heaven hes got a foot in his mouth. LT lived up to his name doing absolutely nothing in the AFC Championship. Defense looked horrible out there until the second half where the heck was Scott? All that mouth and no game. Looks like you guys tired yourselves out talkin all that ish and runnin around Gillette doing airplanes. Should have spent more time preparing for your game against the Steelers than dreaming about how you just beat the Patriots. See you next year!!!

  35. Fireman Fred says:

    Joe and fireman Ed are 2 dopes,Rex is the man.

  36. Fireman Fred says:

    The above 2 comments are from morons.

  37. Joe from NC says:

    Rex ryan is an overstuffed, pompous a## and i’m glad to see him lose!

    1. RavensFan says:

      Were all kinda glad we shipped Ol’ Foot N Mouth outta B-more.

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