STAMFORD, Conn. (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — Several stranded trucks turned Interstate 95 into a virtual parking lot in parts of Connecticut Thursday morning. As CBS 2’s Wendy Gillette stood in the thick of it, she ran into former Mets player and manager, Bobby Valentine.

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Valentine, who is Stamford’s safety director, was out in the snow directing traffic Thursday morning – and he had his work cut out for him.

WCBS 880 Reporter Fran Schneidau finds out how Bobby Valentine managed the traffic.

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According to Connecticut State Police, one disabled tractor trailer by Exit 12 caused traffic to stand still for four hours as crews worked to get the vehicle moving.

By the time they got it cleared, however, the backup had done its damage. Because there was such a long period of time where traffic was at a standstill while snow was falling, there are now several cars and tractor trailers stuck at Exit 10. At one point, the highway was closed in six different spots and traffic was backed up all the way to Westchester County.

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“This has been a problem since early this morning,” Valentine said. “We don’t have enough men to close this ramp and try to get people to understand what they’re doing.”

The baseball legend, who served the Mets as both a player and a manager during his career, was busy giving directions to motorists trying to avoid the mess on the roads.

“I’ve been doing this since 3 in the morning,” he told CBS 2. “Most of the roads are really clear. I think the city’s doing a great job.”

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  1. Sanford Hall says:

    Not bad for a days work. A man has to do what he has to do.

  2. BS Meter says:

    If he wore a hat, you wouldn’t recognize him. (Unless it was a baseball cap?)

    Which is why as cold as it was, that he’s not wearing one… I’d say.


    BOBBY V is the BEST Manager in all of Baseball. He is a brilliant guy, who has been a WINNER wherever he has gone, including winning the WORLD SERIES in JAPAN, where he became a hero, and learned to speak fluent Japanese!
    More importantly, is that he is a LOYAL husband, DAD and friend.
    BOBBY was the FIRST non-player to win the BRANCH RICKEY Man of the Year Award, for his enormous contributions after 9-11.
    BOBBY V gave several hundred thousand dollars, and NEVER told a soul…
    That is INTEGRITY, and GOD’S work.

  4. Marc D says:

    All the nice things about Bobby are right on the money. I will never forget right after 9/11/01 Bobby and his New York Mets Coaching staff and some players were outside of Shea stadium for days helping load tons of supplies for the rescue and recovery effort down at ground zero. They all worked hard as did the many volunteers during that very difficult time in our history. Bobby was a good ball player, a very good manager, but most importantly, he is a great man.

  5. Mike from New Fairfield says:

    A fair baseball player and a so-so Manager.

  6. A. Nonny Moose says:

    And thus are inexorabily linked, the twin declines on Connecticut’s roads and Met’s baseball

  7. Ellen says:

    Looks like Bobby just wanted to do his job, and somehow was harassed by this aggravating newswoman,

    1. Nuñez says:

      …. (completing your grammatically unfinished sentence) newswoman, who was trying to do her job but was rebuffed by this insenstiive Valentine.

  8. Rob Pollard says:

    I agree – who is this annoying reporter? “Hey Bobby, come over!” like he’s just wandering around. He’s directing traffic! Leave him alone.

  9. Roger James Smith says:

    He got the job because he is a friend of Mayor Pavia. Mayor Pavia took the job himself when he was elected and then he handed it to Valentine.

  10. Lester Krinklesac says:

    Mr. Valentine is a class act !

    1. frank says:

      I’ve known Bobby since he was a teenager. He was ALWAYS a class act.

  11. bradwins says:

    This woman is extra stupid. Anyway that I can erase her from my memory? I didn’t realize you could get a job annoying people and being ignorant for a living.

  12. Kenny says:

    Always a gentelman !

  13. Joe Sr says:

    Go Bobby, go !

  14. steve says:

    I like the man. He should be managing the yankees!

    1. Edward Hoyt says:

      The Yankees can’t have him. He should be replacing Lieberman after the latter’s retirement. That’s what he should b edoing.

  15. Robert says:

    Baseball legend?! Maybe in his own mind. I respect the man , but he’s hardly a legend.

  16. Captain Obvious says:

    Bobby V is awesome – I just love the guy!

    Out there in the middle of the blizzard doing whatever he could to help people. Just amazing!

    I have been a Mets fan since 1969 and Bobby V will always be one of my favorite members of that organization!

  17. James P. Piccoli says:

    Bobby Valentine, Forever THE MANAGER!!!

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