WESTPORT, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — If you needed any more of a warning about the dangers of driving in these treacherous conditions – this is it.

Thursday morning, firefighters in Westport, Conn. responded to a call of an overturned pickup truck near Exit 42 of the Merritt Parkway.

Photo: Westport Fire Dept.

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones talks with residents who are dealing with record snowfall.

The driver said he was traveling in the northbound lanes when he hit a snow bank and the car flipped over onto the highway’s median.

He managed to crawl out of the vehicle and escape the situation unharmed.

Firefighters blocked parts of the northbound and southbound lanes while the truck was cleared.

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  1. 01608 says:

    SPEED. Hit a snow bank txt or calling.
    As I c it end or story.

  2. General says:

    Fact of the matter speed was obvious the cause. If you hit a snow bank going slow, or a speed respectable to the road conditions, you wouldn’t slip over you would just get stick. I agree with John in that payment should be carried by this person for his excessive speed on the roadways. As far as the WY comment goes, WY does pay for their services. Each land owner pay a yearly fee to have fire and police services. Just because its not the big city, don’t think they don’t pay for services.

  3. Nick says:

    Listen up squirts. If you keep lying to make your point, all people is going to see is “the other guy MUST be right”.

  4. A.B. says:

    It is quite obvious that he was a hot shot drunk who was texting on his phone while driving his 4×4 truck. Sober people who are not texting and who do not drive trucks do not have wrecks EVER, period, it does not happen.

  5. ken says:

    Looking at the front wheel, can see it is 4X4. These people? that have them think can go anyplace,any speed, an stp on a dime, wheather it is snow,ice, or dry. They never learn.

    1. Nick says:

      So mind explaining how you see it’s 4×4???

  6. Rich says:

    Speed may have been a factor!

  7. John says:

    The police should examine his cell phone and if it is determined that he was using the phone at the time of the accident they should charge him the full cost of sending the emergency personnel and vehicles to clean up his accident. I’m tired of paying real estate taxes for the salaries and very healthly pensions and benefits of the firemen who spend the majority of their time cleaning up accidents on the Merritt Parkway and I95.

    1. Omar says:

      So then quit your job and move to a log cabin in the Wyoming high country so you won’t need to pay taxes that pay for the much needed emergency services. And when a drunk driver crashes into you and you need help, you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and walk to the hospital.


  8. steve says:

    Mr hot shot with a pickup truck. Oh i can go any where I want, with my truck. It great in snow. yea right. grow up

    1. Nick says:

      I love bigoted idiots like steve. If it was a car that flipped over, than it must have been an accident. If it was a truck, that “it’s mr hotshot”.

      I wonder if there’s a wind blowing there between the skull plates.

  9. When idiots drive... says:

    No doubt it was either alcohol or texting.

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