NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s a much easier ride Friday. The Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North and New Jersey Transit all were reporting some residual delays from the snow, but mass transit services were expecting a pretty normal rush hour.

Commuting to work with up to 19 inches of fresh snow on the ground was no picnic for anyone, but it was especially bad for straphangers stranded when their N train suddenly changed its route, then suspended service at the height of the storm.

“It was snowing, a snowstorm, 2 in the morning and they just didn’t care,” said Charlie Oliver, whose nightmare on the N train was captured on cell phone camera. “The absolute worst moment was having that engineer look at me and say ‘It’s not my job. I don’t care. Get off the train’.”

Passengers captured the nightmarish scene on their phone cameras, refusing to trade the warm subway car for the freezing cold snow.

“I said ‘What do you want us to do?’ and he said ‘Take a cab’. We’re very vocal. ‘Are you crazy? Would you treat your mother this way?’ We argued him down,” Oliver recounted.

The train finally began running again hours later and the MTA concedes mistakes were made.

While that appeared to be the exception rather than the rule, getting anyplace Thursday was tough.

Metro-North, NJ Transit and LIRR either suspended trains or had hour-plus delays, but most seemed to take the latest headache in stride.