But Some Say If It's Not Official Law All Bets Are Off

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Nearly 20 inches of snow fell in parts of the Tri-State Thursday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised that all New York City streets would be plowed by Friday. How are they doing?

In Queens Village, a city sanitation hybrid salt and plow truck navigated a tight residential street. The problem: with this much snow on the ground, even a thorough pass will not yield blacktop. The result has driver after driver spinning their wheels, with their vehicles stuck in the snow.

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“Now I’m stuck, stuck. I’m like, I don’t know what to do now. Guess I should’ve stayed home,” resident Claudette said.

“I’ve been trying to call 3-1-1 maybe since last night. I never got a response. Everyone in the City’s been stuck. I think they really need to do something about this,” one man said.

At one point, CBS 2’s Jay Dow spotted a garbage truck outfitted with a plow. The driver told him he was assigned to clear bus stops and that his large plow apparatus was not designed to clear those residential streets.

“These are wings. I’m going to pile a whole bunch of snow. It does not turn to the side where I can push it to the side. See I have wings on. They need to come off,” said plow truck driver Luis.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan with the unwritten rule of the city 

On-street parking is at a premium in Pelham Bay with mounds of snow eating up spaces and most cars still buried. Most residents abide by the unwritten rule of the city – don’t take a spot that a neighbor cleared out.

“People around here are all friendly they know you live around here and that’s your spot constantly,” one man told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan. “Why put up a fight for a spot?”

Still, some people, though they are digging, said they’re not moving.

“I’m not going to move the car cause I would never find parking again,” one woman said.

That led CBS 2’s John Slattery to investigate and he learned violating this unwritten rule can sometimes lead to unpleasant encounters.

Anyone who has done it can tell you, digging out a car is a heavy investment of time and sweat equity. Then, when they drive off, some people will try to hold the parking spot by pulling out garbage cans, or cones, or even with chairs.

“In a way you can’t blame ‘em. They shovel it and when they get home they want a spot. You can’t blame them. Personally, I don’t do that,” resident Frank Morrone said.

But plenty of people do, in all of the outer boroughs where street parking is a prized possession.

“You put two garbage cans out in front of your house and you hope for the best. You hope nobody moves them,” resident Mike Lauri said.

For generations, many residents have honored the markers. But some do not.

“There are people who don’t and that’s where you get problem. Cops come. I’ve seen it. It’s not nice, you know,” Lauri said, adding when pressed about his seriousness, “over a parking spot.”

“I haven’t seen any physical disputes. They gripe over it. Not friendly. Neighbors no more, you know,” Ron Bleimeyer said.

Some residents look upon the parking spot in front of their home as an extension of their own property.

“It’s not their space. It’s not their spot. Just ‘cause you shovel it doesn’t mean it’s theirs. But people lay claim to it for their own. It’s been done as long as I know,” said John Wohlfahrd.

Can you legally hold a parking spot you cleared? Of course not, but it’s a local custom that many residents honor and support.

On top of that battle, storm-weary residents across our region are facing the fact that when it comes to cleaning up the snow, it has to go somewhere. Neighborhoods across our region are simply running out of room.

“I think it’s ridiculous. It’s really ridiculous. All the plows push it into everybody’s cars, and we all got to dig it out,” said Joe Leone of Staten Island.

Matthew LiPani, spokesman for the Department of Sanitation, told the Staten Island Advance that they will start transporting the snow to melters which are positioned above city sewer connections. He said the city used to dump snow in large bodies of water but due to environmental reasons the practice was ended.

LiPani said residents should not throw snow into the street, instead they should pile the snow in their front yards or on the sidewalk near the curb.

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The Department of Environmental Protection said it will allow some New Jersey towns and counties to dump snow in rivers on a case by case basis, The Record reported.

Municipal road crews from the suburbs to New York City seemed to be on top of this storm, clearing first the major roads and highways, and then the side streets Thursday. “The streets are definitely clearer. The last one was a disaster as we all know,” said Abigale Leone of Staten Island.

Armed with three dozen industrial sized snow melters and a healthy dose of embarrassment from last month’s bungled blizzard response, Mayor Bloomberg proudly declared Thursday that all primary streets and highways had received at least one plow pass.

“We learned. We asked the question of what didn’t work last time and whether there’s anything we could do differently. And we did have a lot of things different in terms of lining up private contractors. We have more communications as you know,” Bloomberg said.

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You ever dig out your car only to have someone steal your spot? If so, let us know about it in the comments section blow.

Comments (96)
  1. David says:

    Mobile Snowmelter


    The city needs to buy this!

  2. Jed says:

    I think it is insane grown adults fighting over parking spaces like idiots. Band together and clean the whole area up like we do in the suburbs. Most of the cars snowed in more than likely are junks that don’t start or run anyway, so why not get tehm out fo there altogether ?? I lived in NYC briefly years ago, and was always amazed how people lose their brains the minute snow hits. It always seems to be someone elses fault, and no one will grab the bull by the horns and do something…Easier to whine and complain………

    1. A says:

      Jed, you’re an idiot. These are the cars people drive every day to work. Why would they be “junkers” They are digging them out to drive obviously, since the point is that when they drive off they are worried they won’t get their spot back. Which I think is valid. If you dig a car out from four feet of snow and/or additional snow piled up from when the plow went past that’s going to take hours, not minutes. The cars are snowed in because most places do not have driveways, everyone parks on the street. Do not mistake the boroughs for the suburbs.

      Do you live in the south where snow doesn’t happen? People do not lose their heads when it snows, but when you live in a city with 8 million people packed into a relatively small geographical area concerns do begin to mount. There are more people, more streets and less places to put the snow.

      1. Jed says:

        You appear to be the idiot. If you bothered to check statistics and police records, you would see that most of the cars parked on city and neighborhood streets, do not get moved for days or weeks. That is until it snows. Then all of a sudden a crisis pops up where they just have to get out, and carry on like idiots when they can;t park the oil burner missing three lights and hubcabs, back where it was dug out from. Parking a car on a city street never ‘entitles’ you to that parking space, just because you dig it out. It is a public street, where all who pay taxes and are not behind on them, can move about freely. Unless you think you live in China, I would check the law first……..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chain-lock five 50-lb dumbbells on the spot. Without the key, it’ll require 2+ people to move the dumbbells. If you managed to move it, then you deserve the spot.

  4. Susan says:

    Nonsense. Just because it snowed doesn’t make a piece of a public street now your private spot. Grow up.

  5. Judy Vigorito says:

    My neighbor across the street has done this many time. They only use their driveway WHEN it snows. Parking is only on my side of the street. They stand at their windows watching us spend hours, and with the 2 BIG storms, DAYS shovellling out, then take the spots on the street we shovelled out, again leaving their driveway empty. This storm I mentioned it to them. Last night again, they took the spot. I left a note on their car – “May God forgive your selfishness in taking advantage of someone else’s hard word by parking in this spot.” My neighbors also know that I am 52 and disabled, watch me shovel and shovel, and take the spot anyway.

    1. JudyVigorito says:

      I did not mention that I live in a small town in NJ where there are single and mutlfamily homes. We do help each other out during storms, check in on our elderly neighbors in the freezing winter and hottest days in summer. We are not strangers to each other, we are friendly neighbors. The people who live in single family homes simply choose not to use their (very long) driveways, even when their snow blowers have dug them out, leaving fewer spaces for those of us who have to partk in the street. Respect for someone’s hard work during winter to dig out their car is seen with each of us helping each other, but that respect turns into greed when we see people who have their own driveway take our spots, leaving their driveways, empty. A sad comment on how things have changed.


      thats when you take an ice pick and stab not just 1 tire but two, and do them both near the curb so its very difficult for them to change it. and you ask why two tires ? well, most idiots carry a spare or donut, but they dont have TWO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  6. casper says:

    There are just too many cars, 4 to 5 per family

  7. Haywood Jablome says:

    sanitation needs to stop wasting time replowing these streets and should start scooping up this snow into dump trucks to bring to the melters. Then we’ll have more parking spots. Such mismanagement.

    1. KPMc says:

      Tell me… where does this magic money for these fantasy city services come from? Oh that’s right… from the taxes of hard-working people while the rest of the city looks for some type of subsidy.

      What a society of whining, crying complaining losers this society has become. Faced with the smallest of hardships people all blame the government and hold out their hands.

      How do you people even cross the street or tie your shoelaces without Uncle Sam’s help?

  8. joe says:

    if you want you can simply shovel the snow and put it back where you found it after you’ve got your car out — if someone including you wants the spot back.. shovel it

  9. HaleyIrate says:

    It would also be nice if the snowplower operator used common sense and not re-plow a street where most cars were already dug out. Why plow us back in???

    1. dsny says:

      so you people complain when we dont plow the streets and now your complaining that we plow the streets? gotta love new york

      1. HaleyIrate says:

        Why plow my street a a whole day after the snowstorm???Makes no sense to me.

  10. houari says:

    Nothing but your car belongs to you when you leave a spot. No more or less. If you want that spot you have cleaned to be yours for 12 or 24 hours leave your car parked there. Once you leave the place, it will be someone else’s. That’s the common sense. If all people think they own spots they cleaned it will be a non-sense.

  11. miguel says:

    Like the GLOBAL WARMING ‘HOAX’ Ask ‘idiot’ Gore’

  12. erica says:

    New Yorker, Born in Brooklyn and lived there all my life. Just now moved to Long Island. Let me tell you something, NY is not for sissies and if you actually think that you are entitled to a parking spot because you dug it out and you cry about it? Then you’re not ready to live in NY, I’ll tell you that. Fair? Life’s not fair and living in NY you learn to suck it up and move on. A new Yorker will help you out if they see you in a tough spot, but as far as all these unwritten rules? That doesn’t fly in NY.

    1. OG says:

      i never heard of sucj a rule and i have been living in NYC my whole life. This might fly in some upper middle class neighborhood, but there is no way anyone will respect this anywhere else.

      If you are lucky enough to have a house in NYC, stop complaining about “your spot”.
      The street belongs to 25 million NYC residents, not just a privileged few.

      Get rid of all the junk in your garage and USE IT!!!

      reminds me of people who want extra seating in the subways.
      this nonsense wont fly in my neighborhood.

  13. Sailordude says:

    Yeah i was born in New York City, remember it well.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!


    1. Ozzie says:

      you obviously left as a child and still have the same mentality.

      I love NY—4evr

  14. Aja Kali Laury says:

    thats why we shovel in front of our driveway and park there, that way noone gets to park in front of our house, and we always have a spot becuz no one is allowed to park in front of your driveway

  15. Jambo says:

    I would like a spot or two on my street for myself. Snow or not, that will be nice. Unwritten rule my ass.

  16. Sol Rosenberg says:

    I got hemorrhoids. Bad. My heiny hurts me so bad.

  17. Paco Raban says:

    Ustedes son un patético manojo de grito bebés. ¿Por qué no sólo cerró la f up ya?

  18. jean pierre says:

    we need a Mayor like Giuliani remember blizzard 1996 he told everyone who have a car to moved it if they don’t they will get a ticket n they city will tow they cars if they don’t moved they cars what happen everyone moved they cars n the city street was clean Mayor Bloomberg should do the same thing

  19. be more considerate says:

    If we live in utopia, then Yes, we clean up the spot, we own the spot! That is ideal. But, please be realistic, we live in New York, we have difficult time to find parking spot on streets even in regular normal day! Those people they want these unwritten law, because they are selfish. They only see their own needs, and don’t care what the real situation is. Yes, they clean up the spot, they move their car, and they use their garbage can to hold the spot, and they want others to respect that. What about they need to drive to visit a friend?? If they see a parking spot with a garbage can there, will they respect that, if it’s a congested area, no other parking spot available??????? Come on, be honest, they will be the same, like ‘FXXX it!’ and move the garbage can and parked their car!!!!!!! People need to be more considerate!!!!

  20. Hot Blooded says:

    Re Ms Stubbs story, I seem to be the official fire hydrant clearer on my block. So yesterday as usual I clear it again. I am just about done and I see the plow truck coming. I stand there with my shovel raised yelling fire hydrant but the efen a hole continues to plow it in. So I left it. I went back in my house and tried to find the phone number for Sanitation District BK 18 but it was not listed in the phone book. I probably would have got arrested for what I wanted to tell them. Long story short I’M not doing it anymore, let someone else!

  21. Hot Blooded says:

    Will somebody please explain to me because maybe
    I’m not too bright , but why can’t they dump clean snow into a polluted river ???? Is this another Al Gore thing ?

    1. DanTe says:

      Hint: contaminants. Salt is a big part. So are various chemicals that these environmentally “friendly” T ARDS just pours into the streets.

      It also requires sanitation workers to be removed from sanitation and/or snow removal operations – just to drive dump trucks to the water.

    2. Aja Kali Laury says:

      maybe you no one ever told you, but snow melts, plus the more snow you add to water, the water levels will rise

  22. DanTe says:

    Here’s another unwritten NYC rule:

    You Keep What You Kill.


  23. Trish says:

    I don’t understand why the show is not dumpted on the East River or Hudson?? What is the environmental issue??

  24. Dennis says:

    With the amount of snow this winter and the poor lack of response by the City, you realize how broken this City really is. I mean can you imagine living and working in a place that’s one of the highest taxed in the US and getting the kinds of services? And to add insult to injury, the garbage piles up highere and higher, along wiht the snow.

    1. Denise says:

      Since you dislike NY so much maybe you should go back to the corn fields that you came from and give us all a break. A_ _ _ _ _ E!!!!

  25. nativeNYer4gens says:

    it’s NYC people, you don’t NEED a car! oh and to the ‘knowlegeable one” GO BACK TO OHIO!!!!

    1. Denise says:

      YOU SAID IT!!!!

  26. Dennis says:

    When I lived in the Bronx years ago, people would respect the fact that you shoved out the spot and wouldn’t park there. However, since I moved to Whitestone, Queens, that unspoken rule is not honored. I meanI can shovel out a spot in front of my house, and as soon as you leave, someone will grab it. I guess we live in a different era.
    Meanwhile, a plow finally came through my block about 1 hour ago, and they did such a good job, that a car got stuck right after the plow left. Yesterday, there was no mail delivery. Fedex wasn’t able to deliver my package yesterday and again today. Parts of the city are crippled with the amount of snow on the ground.

    What the city needs to do is rent some snow melting equipment which can melt the snow right on the spot rather than cart it off. The outdoor strip malls are also a mess. Very limited parking due to the piles of snow.
    Something really needs to be done soon

    1. Charlene Stubbs says:

      The Queens Chronicle sent a reporter here to do a story about the fire hydrant that is covered by a mound of snow on my block. We rang the bell of the day care center where the fire hydrant is in front of. A woman answered from a first floor window. She said she is tired of shoveling because she has a corner house. She said the fire hydrant is city property. The reporter tried to tell her it is the home owner’s responsibility to clean out the fire hydrant. She said if it bothers the other neighbors they should shovel it out themselves. She doesn’t care that she has a day care of children who are at risk if a fire breaks out & the fire fighters can’t get to the fire hydrant to fight the fire.

      We did a tour of the neighborhood. I showed him the lot next door to me that has not been shoveled since December 26TH.

      I showed him The Andrews Avenue Bridge which finally got shoveled today thanks to Eileen Boland from Margaret Markey’s office. She had to contact the mayor’s office to get this bridge shoveled.

      We look at other fire hydrants around 56TH Street & 62ND Avenue & 60TH Street. Some home owners cleared them & others did not. We spoke to one resident of 56TH Street who said the fire hydrant next door to him was cleared by the fire house on Metropolitan Avenue because he walked over there. He said his neighbor would not clean it out.

      We walked over the 60TH Street Bridge & left hand side by The Metropolitan Oval Soccer Field had a path shoveled. We stopped in NE & WS Wood Working Company. The owner said he plowed the path up the bridge because he said it would never get done otherwise. He also cleaned out his fire hydrant because he said it is part of his property.

      That’s why I have a feeling if I want that fire hydrant shoveled out on my block I will probably have to do it. Unbelievable that I have to not only clean off my property I have to worry about others’ properties.

      That’s the new attitude if you don’t like how I keep my property do it yourself. What do you think about this? Where is people’s community spirit? Where is pride in your own property?

      1. aardvark says:

        honestly.. how long do you think it would take 5-6 firefighters to shovel around a hydrant, 10 seconds?
        i understand it is that lazy womans duty, but there are worse crimes going on.

      2. Denise says:

        RELAX!!!!! Get the shovel out of you A_ _!

    2. riri says:

      There are 10 times more cars than years ago.

      Someone needs to do a story on home owners who have driveways so they put all the snow in the parking spot in front of their houses taking away a much needed spot in Brooklyn.

      1. Dennis says:

        Well, this homeowner takes all the snow that drifts on his driveway and piles it onto my lawn. The pile is so high that I don’t know where I’ll put it it there isn’t any melting soon.

        Doing a story on this? Yeah, I’d like to see them do a story on the City’s complete ineptness, all the dead wood that draws a paycheck from the City and doesn’t do squat. How about a story on the Sanitation Dept. and how some of the garages end up picking up garage 3 hours and spend the rest of their shift in the garage playing cards, sleeping, etc?

        Oh, yeah, I can think of a lot of interesting stories that could air.

    3. OG says:

      melt the snow?… so we can have dangerous ice all over the streets at night?..ur silly.

      the street belongs to NYC. those who are lucky enough to own property in NYC should not complain about their so called “spot ” being taken.

      i never heard of such a rule, born and bred in NYC. sounds like upper middle class BS. try that nonsense in the hood.

  27. problem solver says:

    i have a driveway and garage so I could care less but if I didnt i could clear it up easy, baseball bat the windows of the scum who jack a spot and if need be the owners of the car

  28. chyeaa says:

    suck it up new york. Well most of the vehicles are under equipped with tires. Not many people in the city have winter tires for the winter. Usually summer or poor all season that dont do the job. This is unsafe and the reason why many drivers are getting stuck. Insurance companies began looking at tires of the cause of accidents that occur druing the winter in winter conditions. I once had a guy plow into me from the back. First thing I checked was his tires. Not only was it time to change them but they were summer tires . No thread pattern as a winter tire would have.
    Former New Yorker.

  29. R.F. says:

    WABC-TV’s RoadCam makes Mobile 2 look like a Fisher-Price toy for infants. Just saw it on Ch. 7 live – terrific pix. Mobile 2 – ugly. Upgrade time already!

  30. sawney bean says:

    I love snow!!!!!!

  31. Paulie says:

    Sorry guys this isn’t Boston or Chicago!

    No dibs on parking spots. Welcome to NY!

  32. BS Meter says:

    See what happens when a reporter & editorial staff.. just move into NYC?

    There’s NO unwritten rule about parking spaces. Once you drive away, the space is free for a lucky driver afterward. This article is nonsense.

    1. Guest says:

      Actually BS Meter, I lived in NYC for over 30 years and there really IS an unwritten rule about parking in a sport that was dug out by someone else. It was a respect factor. If someone spent 30 – 40 minutes digging out their car, and a neighbor saw them do it then they would like the other neighbors know who’s spot it was. Or the would ask the neighbor if they could have the spot once they left. Now if the spot that was dug out belonged to someone who was just visiting or not coming back, then that spot was free for anyone to take. Now you could have someone (and I suspect you are that type of person) who would just come out of nowhere and try to park in a spot that someone else dug out, but they would be politely asked to park somewhere else. I”ve dug my car out many times before so I know how much work it takes to do so, especially when it is surrounded by 15+ inches of snow. It is wrong for someone to come reap the benefits off of someone else’s hard work. I know it happens in corporate America all the time, but parking on the street isn’t corporate America. I’m glad that I grew up in such a neighborhood where we respected each other as such.

      1. BS Meter says:

        If you shovel out a space, and drive away. It’s over for you and that space. That’s the way it is — and ALWAYS has been. There’s nothing more to it. This article/the news are dwelling on Queens Village – which is close to suburbia-styled living, where people feel there’s an ownership in front of their HOUSE (in addition to their driveways) for their 2nd and 3rd cars.

        That doesn’t fly, say in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Especially when there’s restaurants and shops nearby, as well. The police can easily be brought in, if someone pops off, at that. (Beyond a quick “shaddup”, for people that whine about this nonsense.) I’ve shoveled 15-20 sidewalks for older folks since Tues. – so that they may enter/exit (and not get fined, etc.) and passersby can pass their homes. My own car’s space WILL be shoveled tomorrow, and we’ll use it on Sunday — and there will be NO place to park when we return. THAT is the way it is.

        Listen, I don’t have to rely on nostalgia – to understand NYC more than you’ll ever. Thirty years? That’s little leagues, to me. (Plus, you’re a runaway – so deal with where you live now.)

  33. Devenio says:

    Might I suggest you people tired of the snow move to warmer climates. The is New York, It snows here. We’ve gotten more than usual this year but the last few years we’ve gotten less. Suck it up. Spring soon cometh then you get to complain about it being too hot. Have a great weekend all… Curl up with a good book or a movie and enjoy a nice hot chocolate. Winter is made for snuggling.

    1. Bernie Sanders says:

      i agree i love the snow mor more more !

  34. Diane D says:

    Haven’t seen any industrial sized snow melters in Whitestone, Queens, NY. We sure could use them, because the piles of snow is now getting real real scary!

  35. Reginald D. Vanderbilt III says:

    I again commend my friend, Mr. Michael Bloomberg, for an outstanding response to this latest storm. As financial supporters of the Mayor during his elections, he made sure that our specific streets were cleared multiple times and have remained completely clean after each storm.

    Being a financial supporter and friend of Mike’s certainly has its advantages.

  36. Schmellma Arss says:

    You’d think with all the “sensitive” souls and bloated government officials in this city, their collective flatulence would be enough to blow all this snow back to Idaho.

  37. Marc says:

    During an impending storm, there should be a total ban on street parking, so that plows can efficiently clear the streets. If it means wondering what you’d do with your car, who cares! Street parking is a luxury, but not at the expense of being able to clear the streets properly. Either get rid of your car or buy a spot in a garage. Ownership of cars in NYC is a huge problem for bad winters

    1. Jimmy D'Lox says:

      And speaking of bloated and flatulent ….. you stink Marcky Marcky!

      1. geminilady5 says:

        that might work for Manhattan but most residential areas in the outer boroughs don’t have parking garages or parking lots. so now what do you suggest?

    2. jtorres says:

      Hey Einstein, parked cars do NOT get in the way of street cleaning. They plow the TRAFFIC lanes, not the edges of the sidewalk. That’s why cars parked on the street get buried by the plow when it goes by. I have a garage and I STILL get plowed in when the plow goes by. That’s just life in the city. No matter who you are or where you live, eventually you gotta plow your way out. Why don’t you move out of New York if it’s so distressing to you. Your idiotic solutions might work in Hicktown, USA

      1. Denise says:

        Hear! Hear!

    3. John says:

      we need to get rid of this rich mayor and liberal policy that favor the rich in NYC or it will turn out like San Fransisco

    4. MLT says:

      You’re an idiot. That was just about one of the most moronic comments I have ever seen on the net.

    5. Jesus C. says:

      wow, ur are ignorant, where the hell do we put all the cars? LOL, u obviously are envious of car owners. i guess i need my shovel again, this time not for snow.

  38. Marc says:

    How do streets get cleaned properly when everyones’ cars are still parked and in the way?

    1. MLT says:

      Maybe you should change your name to Dumb Dumb.

    2. Iofthebeholder says:

      Where on earth would all the city residents put their cars you genius? Do you seriously have any idea how idiotic a statement you are making? Street parking is a LUXURY??? Guess you don’t read what all the surcharges are for NYC residents registering their cars…

      Do us a favor. Find Bloomberg, crawl under his desk, unzip his fly, take his shriveled up peepee stick in your hand, open your drooling trap and shove it in, and shuddup.

  39. The Good Samaritan says:

    Why not remove all the snow from the good neighborhoods and dump it all in the bad neighborhoods and streets such as MLK Drive and Rosa Parks Blvd etc.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. bjeannie says:

      Perhaps the snow should be dumped on “the Good Samaritian’s” door step. That’s just the sort of comment that one would expect from an ingnorant person. So perhaps the name should be The Ignorant Samaritan!!!

    2. The Good Samaritan says:

      Forgot to mention the projects too.

      The Good Samaritan has spoken

    3. Devenio says:

      …better suggestion would be to dump it all on Coney Island beach.

  40. Stan B says:

    The worst thing with all this snow is: No Garbage pick-up

  41. mary says:

    The mayor should have sanitation dump the snow in city parks until the melters can get to it. It is not the prefect solution, but at least it will clear up the crosswalks and sewers.

  42. Joe Sr says:

    The ski slopes in Vail or Killington have nothing on the one I have on my front lawn ! But that’s ok, the kids like it.

  43. Carlos Liriano says:

    Evelyn, sue king Mike

  44. jelina delfin says:

    I’m from the Philippines and I sould just imagine the trouble you people are haaving there right now.I love the sight of snow but after all I ‘ve read and seen…..thanks but no thanks….Here in the Philippines, it’s flooding .Not everywhere but in some provinces…….I’m wondering if there is truth in the theory of another ice age eto come….Take care guys….

  45. Common Sense says:

    you should stop walking down the middle of the street brainiac.

    1. Evelyn Martinez says:

      Well if ur trying 2 get ur car out and have 2 be going in and out of the car 2 shovel outside Cus the city is not doing there job than u have 2 be in the middle of the street shoveling doing the city’s job! I pay lots of taxes and so does the majority of us but I’m not gonna sit in my house while they decide 2 plow my street!

      1. Iofthebeholder says:

        Evelyn Maritinez. Can’t spell and writes in broken ingles. Tax payer you say? You must be a project dweller. What can I get for 10?

  46. christine says:


    1. Sol Rosenberg says:

      Last time I saw the streets in Elmont, a packof gang bangers jumped me. A little pack of monkeys. They all had their underwear, you know the little tag was hanging out the back of their pants and their pants were so loose, they were falling down and their shoes fell off. They beat me unmerciful. Then they left me for the dogs to nip at me in front of the Key Food. Ugh, It was horrible. HORRIBLE I tell ya.

  47. Mr. Armenia says:

    The job of the plow driver is to clear the streets so they are passable.

    It is not fair that they plow cars in as it can show incosideration to the car owenrs bu what can you do?

  48. ratso says:

    Where should they put the snow..? Would you rather them truck it away fro millions of dollars..?? I guess people have no moe common sense.

  49. Stara Zagora says:

    Well, strap in my fiends. I did checked the long range forecast and there would be more of the snow wonderful on the way.

    It will be snow later today … and to be more snow later tomorrow.

    Then snow more next Tuesday and then again next Wednesday.

    More more more more more more more … keep it coming … we break the snowfall record that was originally set in 35,000 B.C.

  50. Evelyn Martinez says:

    I’m so tired of the snow!!! I understand it’s mother nature but what I don’t understand why is it that my block in queensvillage 88th Rd between 210st and 211st. Has not been cleaned! We still have snow in the middle of the street since the December storm! You could only imagine how this is! I’ve falling in the middle of the street twice and almost broken my shoulder!

    1. Kyle Smith says:

      Evelyn, you should call a news station!

      1. TT says:

        No genius. She should call 311 or whatever number the city setup.

      2. Evelyn Martinez says:

        Thanks guys, I’m tired of calling every where! It’s so bad here that for the last storm they lasted more than 2 weeks 2 pick up the garbage here! Wish I had some kind of plow of my own I would do my whole block and not even pay attention 2 the city!

    2. harriet in ny says:


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