NEWARK, NJ (AP / WCBS 880) — A study commissioned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey calls for major expansions at John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty International Airports.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports from New Jersey

The Regional Plan Association also calls for upgrades at LaGuardia Airport, which doesn’t have room to expand.

Newark and LaGuardia are plagued by low on-time performance.

The study, reported by The Star-Ledger of Newark, suggests it will only get worse if nothing is done. The report says demand for travel at the three airports could grow by nearly 50 percent over the next two decades.

The report says additional runways should be added at JFK and Newark Liberty and the PATH train should be expanded to Newark Liberty as part of $15 billion in improvement projects.

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  1. Robert Senn says:

    there is to mutchnoise to mucch traffic to mutch crime now at newark and they cant secure the primiiters now along the highways

  2. joey g says:

    I see a fox sneaking around the chicken coop? The P.A. does a survey? don’t they run the airports. I run a car service and the majority of my work is airport service which is off by 2/3rds. Who’s smokeing who here. They advertise to get to the airport hours earlier to shop at more than 150 retail outlets within the airport complex. Are they operating a shopping mall or an airport. Baggage handeling and passenger deployment should be the priority. the watch dog for the P.A. has no teeth and is blind in one eye. Follow the money people and wake up.

  3. Gypsy says:

    They should expand Stewart International near Middletown. They have the land and they could extend rail service. All the talk about “Upstate” needing jobs and improvement and they ignore the obvious. Politicians and their “lip service” is over the top.

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