NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Thursday’s storm made January 2011 the snowiest the Big Apple ever saw since records were kept. And consider this: February is usually our snowiest month. Many people are asking why there’s so much snow and why so often?

One factor, CBS 2’s meteorologist John Elliott says, is changing wind patterns. Normally, the low pressure systems that bring precipitation would be to the west of us. Nobody knows why, but worldwide, winds have shifted.

This winter, those systems, with their precipitation, have blown into our area. Mix that with colder than normal temperatures, and voila, lots of snow.

Bringing those persistent cold temperatures is something called arctic oscillation, which has shifted the boundary between warmer and colder air masses.

That line has moved south and that has allowed the colder air from the polar regions to move into the entire eastern seaboard.

With all that cold air, it doesn’t take much moisture to produce snow and produce records.

Normally, we get 22.4 inches of snowfall a season, but so far this season, we’ve had 56.1 inches and 19 inches with this storm alone.

With forecasts of continuing below average temperatures, it may help to sit back and try to make the best of it.

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  1. Paul Polar says:

    I Just want more snow and a blizzard!

  2. k says:

    IT”S Not The End of the World– the People who control with Fear-use this to their advantage.

    1. Vyzygoth says:

      You”ve been listening to Bill Deagle too much. The Gulf Stream didn’t get blown up. The weather isn’t because of HAARP or EMPs. This is why conspirarcy types get a bad name. Weather cycles are always changing, some longer than others. The Tamnpa Airport runway designation addressed the ever-shifting magnetic north pole, which has moved 40 miles east through this last year–more than usual but well within its range. Headings on runways are updated.all the time to reflect the shift. St. Pete-Clearwater is next. Kennedy is also due for one. Now go howl at the moon.

  3. karen says:

    “No one knows why, but World Wide, winds have shifted.”–First, i know some people for Certain know why and here are a couple speculations I’ve heard from “alternate’ news sources: The Gulf Jet Stream is BROKEN-hence the 4 weeks of snow in an otherwise temperate climate, of Ireland and England –Also, the Pole’s are shifting, as they do every so many thousands of years (birds and fish perish as well) An Airport in Tampa had to change the runway because of a ten degree shift already– Research__GULF STREAM BROKEN…hence the dipping of the Arctic air. Or it could be the Shifting–Or Both.

  4. midi-man says:

    Reminds me of the movie The Day After.

  5. Jason says:

    The world can be both 6000 years old and billions of years-old. Gerald Schroder discusses this in Genesis and the Big Bang. No need to mock the Bible, just to understand it. Thank you for listening.

  6. The Good Samaritan says:

    So much for the global warming theory…

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. Shawn says:

      ….you do realize global warming doesn’t mean the planet is gonna get really hot? Try and look beyond the term global warming and do some research. Even if you don’t agree with it at least know what it’s talking about.


  7. Nostradamus says:

    Weather all over the world has been changing and it’s probably due to the shift in the Earth’s axis. It’s all related to the predictions of the “end of the world” by 2012, whether you believe in that stuff of not. Interesting programs about this on Discovery Channel! Regardless, it’s winter so just buck up and deal with it!

    1. aldous huxley says:

      You are correct, sir. Magnetic north is way off – the axis is shifting – look how they had to shut down & recalibrate the runways in Florida so the pilots could properly navigate.

      Some of the best speakers on these kinds of topics appear on the radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. You hear the REAL news – not this filtered stuff that CBS and others put out.

      1. hamy says:

        but won’t we catch on now, since CBS has let this little tid bit out on shifting wind patterns. Will they pull this report off air and disavow knowing of its existence.

      2. karen says:

        well said-AH

  8. Denise Aponte Smith Kline de Cono says:

    Why, from my cornhole, of course!

  9. Charlie Sheen says:

    Did somebody say corn hole?????

  10. Denise Aponte Smith Kline Glaxo-Smith Wellcome says:

    Why, from my corn-hole, of course!

  11. brucie says:

    my mommy told me that rain is when the angels are crying and snow is when the angels go poop

    i asked my teacher mrs hanson this and she yelled at me so now i don’t understand

  12. jerseyjoey says:

    Well NYC Al Gore told ya so, lol Could be worse your halfarse city revenue collecting liberals could enact a new snow law.

  13. Next question? says:

    Why Is The Big Apple Seeing So Much Snow?

    Um….because it’s winter?

  14. Barre Flynn says:

    The NY Times had a great article about this. It is worth reading. Evidently the warmer air over the polar cap makes it so the colder air in canada fall southward. The article is not a global warming ad but a really good eye opener.

  15. Bernie Sanders says:

    history repeats itself !

  16. ringo says:

    Little Ice Age

  17. Storm Field says:

    Global Warming

  18. Common Sense Kidd says:

    Bush is doing it.

    1. gracie prophet says:

      then get a razor & trim it

    2. kath says:

      What?!? Obama didn’t do it?

  19. Steve M. says:

    As usual no mention of the fact that accurate daily”records’ only go back a couple of hundred years at most……..This planet has been here 4.5 BILLION YEARS! …….Now, in that context; do you really think this weather is ‘unusual? C’mon; get a perspective!……

    1. Trinity Holmes says:

      I agree with you.I was surprised to read in the article that they don’t know why.Usualy these articles always have the phrase in them”due to global warming’

    2. Denise Aponte Smith Kline says:

      The earth is about 6,000 years old.

      1. Luis Almodovar Schwartz Fonseca di Goldfarb says:

        Really!?!? 6,000 years? Where exactly do you get your information from?

      2. Michael H. says:

        Denise gets her information from the bible, where else?

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