NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — State Senator Eric Adams is launching a public service campaign to shed light and focus on effective methods to combat gun violence.

Adams said parents need proper information to prevent young people from committing violent acts and hopes his citywide multimedia offensive will help combat the problem.

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola with more on Adams’ campaign

“We want to replace alcohol and cigarette ads, and put up positive messages about stopping gun violence,” Adams told WCBS 880.

Adams also said he hopes to have celebrities join him in his crusade against gun violence.

“We’re reaching out to many celebrities and asking them to do PSAs, various soundbytes, radio PSAs, tv PSAs and be part of the billboard campaign that’s we’re doing,” he said.

The Brooklyn lawmaker and former police officer will use radio, television and billboard messages along with an upcoming YouTube informational video that will show parents how to search their homes for drugs and firearms.

“We can’t wait for an Arizona-type tragedy to take place in New York City before we realize that the shot that was fired in Arizona was the shot heard around our entire country,” he said.

Adams holds candle light vigil for Arizona shooting victims:

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  1. Luis A. Ramos says:

    Once Again We Have A NY State Politician Who Is Under Investigatoion For The Racino Debacle That Left The NY State Racing Association Without A Qualifiied Legitamate Bidder. All While Using Camppaign Fund’s Meant To Further His Political Goal’s, Goal’s Of Which Have No Focus, Like His Love For The Common New Yorker’s Problem’s In Housing, Homelessness, And Other Small Thing’s Like Employment, And Healthcare. We Did Not Hear Senator Adam’s When During The Negligent Bloomberg Blizzard Fiasco, A Mother Died From The Lack Of Preparedness By The NYC Mayor. We Did Not Hear Senator Adam’s When A Mother Lost A Newborn In The Lobby Of A Strange Building, Because Bloomberg Would Have Had Other’s Not Like Her Go To A Broadway Show Or Take In A Movie. We Did Not Hear Semator Adam’s During The Past Election Cycle Visit The Apartment Of The Poor Working father Who Was Living In Horrible Condition’s With His Children. So Now He Is Off, Not Unlike The Yearly Visit’s With Taxpayer Funds To Puerto Rico For The Annual S.O.M.O.S. Conference. He Went Off To Arizone To Be By The Side Of A Siituation That Is All Too Common In New York, But That It Happened To Involve A Politician Who’s Title Is Like His Own, But On The national level. Sebator Adam Forget’s That he Is A State Senator And Not A U.S. Senator, A Dream That Given His Alleged Corrupt Background, Like Bernard Kerik, Another Offical With Enforcement Background, He May Never See, But Like Kerik End Up In The Same Place. Can I Get An Amen,

  2. Johnny says:

    Perhaps Mr.Adams should turn in his firearms to set an example.

  3. 01608 says:

    All talk.

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