NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Practical jokers Improv Everywhere are at it again, with an ice skating stunt that dazzled onlookers at the ice skating rink in Bryant Park.

A newly posted video on their website entitled “Worst Ice Skater Ever?” depicts the bizarre spectacle. It begins with a message sounding over the busy rink’s public address system, asking skaters to clear the ice, so that a Zamboni can smooth things over.

As the skaters trundle dutifully off, one seems to be having considerable trouble: a man in an orange sweater, who can apparently hardly move an inch without tumbling on his backside.

As the crowd looks on, the man – who is really a professional figure skater — Kenny Moir of the Ice Theater of New York — repeatedly struggles to make any progress towards the edge of the rink. Then, quietly at first, the delicate sounds of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto start to be played over the rink’s sound system.

What follows is a well-choreographed piece of clumsy skating, with our orange-clad “victim” progressively skating better and better, ultimately moving gracefully and swan-like across the ice as onlookers applaud.

If this puts you in the mood to skate, check out our guide to family-friendly rinks in the area.

This isn’t the first stunt by Improv Everywhere. They’ve previously caused a stir with their pants-free subway ride and by hitting the beach in black tie.

It’s a good thing they put this together before we get slammed by the large storm barreling towards the area. The resulting ice expected from that blast may have many New Yorkers echoing Moir’s performance just by walking down the street.

Do you have an ice skating tale of woe? Can you believe that nobody went out there to help the guy when he was initially stumbling around? Are you sick of Improv Everywhere’s antics? Share your comments below!

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  1. Enzo Martino says:

    I LOVE New York for crazy stunts like this! Thank you to Improv Everywhere for cracking me up in the middle of a LOOOOONG winter.

  2. dan says:

    Great, now that’s entertainment!

  3. Bistra says:

    So many cameras, deferent vews, shots to a public reaction, I was shure something will happen …..:)))))
    Thank you for the show, it makes me smile 🙂

  4. mike harkin says:

    Gary Beacom and Debbie Thomas did it already, 20 or more years ago

    1. Jirina says:

      I beg your pardon? Please elaborate. Thanks

      1. Jirina says:

        I did some checking and Debi Thomas created “Wand Beasle” in 1986, but her routine was complete slapstick throughout. The piece Rob McBrien created for Kenny Moir at Ice Theatre of New York in 1991 was purely intended to show what coaches observe at the rink on a daily basis – how novice skaters develop into accomplished performers. They deliberately did not want to do slapstick. I am waiting to hear back form Gary Beacom, but to my knowledge he did not have a similar piece. Show skating has a long history of slapstick skating performed by some fantastic clown skaters in the heyday of the ice shows. None of these pieces show an arc of progression to an experienced skater.

  5. alienspecies says:

    I don’t know who’s idea this was, but wow, it was genius. I loved every moment of it, thank you.

  6. Dave Leubber says:

    Now THAT’S a People’s Theatre. Wonderful work.

  7. Jennifer McGee Sheremetta says:

    lol awesome!

  8. Ellen says:

    That was great. Loved it.

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