NEW YORK (CBS 2) — On Wednesday afternoon here in the city there was an impromptu rally as Egyptians vowed continued support for protesters in their homeland.

In Egypt, the order and peace of the last week disintegrated into violence, with bricks and knives the preferred weapons among some protesters.

“I cannot eat, I cannot sleep,” Nermin Abdelwahab told CBS 2’s Demetra Ganias.

Abdelwahab was among the dozen protesters just outside the Egyptian Consulate in Manhattan. Like so many, she said she has been frantic worrying about generations of family in Egypt. Even her father joined protesters on Tuesday.

“Famous American quote: give me liberty or give me death. That’s the stand they’ve taken,” Abdelwahab said.

Tahrir Square, or Liberation Square, in Cairo is still embattled. Molotov cocktails have started small fires. The number of injured is reportedly growing.

Just as pro-Mubarak forces have come out in Egypt, here in New York City there was another pro-Mubarak voice as a driver pulled up to the protest and gave a thumb’s up to the leader.

“Very good, Mubarak. Mubarak, very good,” the driver screamed, to which a protester yelled back, “Mubarak is a criminal!”

One American, with no ties to Egypt, said protesters there deserve the right to choose their leader.

“It’s breaking my heart. I feel like this is a fundamental American value,” the person said.

That’s one reason why, the protesters said, they cannot wait until the next election.

With the Internet back up and running in Egypt, people at Wednesday’s protest said they’re in constant contact with family and friends.


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