Town Of Brookhaven Reads NextG Networks The Riot ActBy Sophia Hall

BROOKHAVEN, N.Y. (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — Imagine coming home and suddenly finding a cell phone tower on your property.

It happened to a Brookhaven family.

And as CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports, now town officials want the company to tear it down or they say they’ll do it themselves.

It may look like a flagpole, but it’s not. It’s a tower for cellular transmission. You would think you couldn’t put something like this up on someone’s property without their permission.

But that’s exactly what happened.

The company that did this is called “Next G Networks.” And homeowner Michael DiMarco and his wife, Lori, said workers just showed up and started digging.

Shock could not even describe Lori DiMarco’s reaction when she came home a few weeks ago to find the 40-foot cell tower on her front lawn.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall with Lori DiMarco

“[It’s] somewhat traumatic because we’re afraid of what the emissions are,” DiMarco told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall.

DiMarco said prior to the tower going up, she saw workers measuring. But she said the men and women lied to her, claiming they were with the town and were putting up a light post.

“This kind of corporate arrogance I’ve never seen before. It’s corporate arrogance and construction by ambush,” Brookhaven Highway Supervisor John Rouse told Guzman.

The streets of Brookhaven are Rouse’s business. To say he’s furious with NextG Networks is an understatement.

In a statement, Robert Delsman, general counsel of NextG Networks, said: “NextG’s pole installation is in the public way, not a resident’s ‘front lawn’ …NextG’s installations in Brookhaven were anything but surreptitious or a surprise…NextG reasonably (acted) in good faith…”

“They have 10 days to remove that pole, otherwise we will do it for them and we will be charging them for the removal,” Rouse said.

This is not over yet. The Brookhaven highway supervisor said they found out NextG has put up nine other towers that may also have to be taken down.

NextG Networks said if their workers lied about what they were doing, that was wrong, but also said it applied for the permit in 2009 and heard no response from the town. The company believed the town did not require permits, so it constructed the tower.

Do you agree with the highway supervisor? Is this construction by ambush? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. notanidiot says:

    JerseyJoey, your buddy of a friend might take in 50k over the life of the lease. he probably receives 500-1500 a month. Cell phone companies would be out of business if they were paying 50k a month.

    I think your buddy was trying to impress some shore girls by tossing some unrealistic figures. I hope it worked out for him.

  2. MSH says:

    It’s construction by stupidity. Did this company really think they could do this without permits?

  3. Liza Pfeffer says:

    First that IS the actual tower on MY neighbor’s lawn! I see it every morning when I open my bedroom window and when I take my kids to the bus stop!! Secondly, I love how Next G says they acted in “Good Faith!!” Is it in “Good Faith” to erect a cell tower in the middle of a bedroom community, on someone’s lawn without any notification to them or the surrounding homeowners!?! I added an extension to my house and had to notify 15 of my surrounding neighbors before I could do any work! And, let me add that not only did they not notify them, but they didn’t even offer them a dime…..not that they’d take it anyway!! Can’t even imagine what it’s going to do to our property values!!!! How many families are going to want to buy in a neighborhood that has a 40 foot cell phone tower smack in the middle of it!?! Doesn’t sound anything like “Good Faith” to me!!

  4. cal says:

    if it was me i would have taken it down(being that it is on my property and they lied)

  5. joe says:

    me i would just take a chainsaw to it !!! no phone calls not could you remove your cell tower form my lawn just take a chainsaw to it

  6. cygon says:

    WOW. a company of jerks. amazing. such typical new yorkers.

  7. Cameron says:

    2 words: Cable Winch

  8. Steve M. says:


    1. Karen E Scavone Rizzuto says:

      I would of charged them a monthly fee. The catholic church has one in the back of the New church but it is decorated tree………..

  9. Borsia Novak says:

    What company in the US thinks that they don’t need a permit and written permission to put up a flagpole let alone a 40′ cell tower.
    They could at least try to make a believable argument. Pure BS it should be taken down unless the homeowners are willing to rent the space.
    If they had done it on my property it would have come down before they got around the block.

  10. James38 says:

    How can a company be so stupid about public relations? Let alone permissions from the appropriate government agency. If they are willing to pay rent, a little canvassing would find lots of places for the towers, and no complaining. Arrogant or stupid or both. Need some interviews with the “executives” of this “company”. That would be a real study in corporate reality. And the Supreme Court gave corporations the right to act as persons? We all need a reality check.

  11. jerseyjoey says:

    Guy down south jersey had one big tower put up on his vacant lot in the pines, he is a buddy of a friend, lol i know it sounds funny but true, he gets 50,000.00 g’s a month and verizon maintains it and his land. Hell if i kept my 5 acres i would put up 3 towers a sand quarry and a windmill and Fek the town. lol

  12. Gregg says:

    If I lived sooo close to a cell phone tower, I would certainly purchase a EMF (electromagnetic field meter ) to measure if it is safe in the area !

  13. Orson says:

    At least make them look like palm trees.

  14. avxnj says:

    “CSI”: Well next time you complain about dropped calls, ask a communication company to put up a tower on your lawn.

  15. RonMACD says:

    At $1000,00 @ month rent I’ll but one up on my roof!!

  16. Gramaarr says:

    If not taken down “within” ten days, not “with” ten days. Does anybody do a check on these articles, or is proper english grammar too tough without the computer’s help?

    1. TT says:

      CBS articles are all like that — poor quality. I think they hire just about anyone without proper screening

    2. Rhino says:

      Or what about “on are lives” ??? What a joke…

    3. LGB says:

      Ain’t nobody checks no grammar no more. It kills me when they use loose instead of lose.

  17. CSI says:

    Everyone wants a cell phone but get upset when they see a tower. Well next time you complain about drop calls think about where the signal is coming from.

  18. Yankees368 says:

    Way to put up a STOCK photo in this article. That is at least a 100 foot, non-camo’d tower. That looks nothing like what is being put up.

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