NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Maybe it was the haircut.

Maybe it was because the arena was filled with die-hard sports fans, and not his usual audience of tweens.

Whatever it was, pop star Justin Bieber was loudly booed at Wednesday night’s Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

A video making the rounds on YouTube shows the footage from the game, and the commentators can be heard joking about the loud Bronx cheer. The crowd erupted as when the singer was shown wearing pink glasses on the overhead scoreboard.

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While some may be very surprised by the reaction, we can’t say we were – he made our list of stars we love to hate.

Perhaps the crowd was venting over the Knicks disappointing performance – they ultimately fell to the Mavericks 113-97.

Separately, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is making his own headlines in New York, with his overture to the Mets.

Also, check out our list of the Top 10 Worst Knicks Trades.

What do you think? Is Bieber worth booing or were Knicks fans being rude? Sound off in the comments section.

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  1. Dave says:

    Am no fan of him, but again New Yorkers step up and show what kind of douchs bags they really are

    1. Caroline says:

      I’m from new york and could not agree more!

    2. Kilroy says:

      Amen Dave. The crowd reaction was classless and oafish. Grow up people.

      1. CeeBeeinPA says:

        Yes, New Yorkers are so over 9-11 and back to being rude and crude. Now take us Pennsylvanians…a much more polite and considerate group. : ) GO PHILS, EAGLES, FLYERS, etc.!

    3. Lou says:

      Whether you like him or not, he’s a 16 year old kid. I’ve managed to raise three of them, and, despite Justins poise, it still must bother him. Leave the young man alone. I’m so surprised at the NY fans. How many of them are parents?

      1. New Yorker 4E! says:

        0 NY fans are parents.

        Disgusting reaction towards Justin!

  2. A penguin. says:

    Who is Justin beiver??

    1. richard says:

      a justinbeiver is the last drop of urine that waits till you zip……

  3. tb says:

    Leave it to New York Hospitality… I’m not a fan JB.. but let him be.. he went for his didn’t.. leave your jealousy and envy at the door.. he’s a good kid… How about saying good job kid… you worked hard and put yourself out there and made it… He’s an example to all teens to go for their dreams..

    1. Caroline says:


    2. salem says:

      Dreams? Maybe we should pay more attention to getting our kids through school, rather than being magically pulled into the music biz by a washed-up hip-hopper who was looking for the next big puppet. He didn’t work hard…he was picked up on a YouTube video. I gotta say, not the role model I want for my kids.

      1. tb says:

        Do you know about his life before youtube? Playing in the streets? He had ambition… more than your teens may ever have or make…

      2. tb says:

        Oh yeah.. I guess Lindsay Lohan is a better role model for your kids… they need to be drugged up and classless before they can be worthy of praise.. NY Morons. Keep doing what you love JB… you are doing what you love….unlike 98% of the moron’s in Sewerville

  4. Smokehouse says:

    New York and New Yorkers Suck. If this kid would have had a pocket full of change to pitch up in the air for these bus, they would have cheered him along. New Yorkers a jealous of his sucess and his wealth, pure and simple. They want that Plick Bloomburg to go take it and give it to them.
    I hate New York it is an OPEN SEWER full of you know what.

  5. Jason says:

    That pathetic girl who is crying needs to get a grip.

    1. Jade says:

      I agree!!! Get a life. He is just a kid, he did not do anything worthy of that kind of reaction

  6. ray says:

    he’s a phoney…….totally plastic

    1. Padous says:

      Yeah, and NBA players are all wonderful “real” people. I’m not a Bieber fan but leave the kid alone. What has he done to New Yorkers who need Bloomberg to tell them what to eat, where to smoke, how much money they get to keep, and probably when to go to the bathroom. Jerks, one and all.

  7. Armed Texan says:

    She should sue for sexual harrassment

  8. Bubba says:

    Perhaps he should stick to the Burning Man festival. That’s his type of crowd. that kid is as gay as a three dollar bill–absolutely no doubt about it. He’d love to be a Knicks groupie, as sure as the sky is blue. The limp wristed helmet head looks ridiculous when he tries to “prove” he’s not.

  9. Three Chord Monte says:

    Man, Lundqvuist really can get a date with anybody.

  10. LA Doc says:

    One needs to only view the reaction that the teeny-bopper dingbat had when she saw Beiber to understand how another useless pop-culture tool (ie: Obama) could get elected.

    1. Trollolol says:

      Coming from a guy who does face lifts and breast augmentations all day I thought you’d be more shallow in your comments but I would like to thank you for your deep thoughts you’ve expressed.

    2. Mac says:

      Agreed LA Doc. Mindless drones.

  11. Rohn says:

    from the idiots that vote solid liberal and ruin our country? What a bunch of losers. Leave the kid alone.

  12. KnickersBockers says:

    Booing Bieber? Bieber Boos? Great product concept. Market Shirley Temples as Bieber Booze at the Knicks’ concession areas.

    The Knicks do concede often, don’t they?

  13. No good says:

    No, they got to him and turned him out, he’s now a flammer. Entertainmnet is a nasty biz.

  14. Jack says:

    Looks like a little girly man. Did he make the rounds of the gay bars?

  15. Dave says:

    Obama is a socialist and the people who voted for him are complete morons.

    1. Mike says:

      Get a grip. You really need to claw your way back to the surface. This is a story about Justin B somebody.

    2. Dave is a Twink says:

      Replace Obama with Dubya and fascist and then we agree, twink!

    3. Trollolol says:

      Stupid troll is stupid.

  16. blt says:

    typical NY fans. they hate everyone, because their lives suck!

  17. JP says:

    If he was Diddy or 50 cents and rapped the N word, big butts he would be applauded.
    He a clean cut kid. Just a kid for god sake

    1. VA says:

      Agreed! Sounds like the fans are the ones that need some growing up to do. Pathetic!

    2. CH says:

      Thank You my thoughts exactly.

    3. Paul says:

      You’re correct – If it was some gutter-bum no talent rapper like Lil Wayne at the stadium, they’d all be applauding and cheering. I’m no fan of this kid or his music, but the response seems crude considering he’s a 16 year old kid.

      Basketball fans are the lowest form of sports fan. Bottom of the barrel.

      1. Paulbloneous says:

        …. and we’re proud of it.

  18. Paulbloneous says:

    I booed cause he was canadian.

    1. Charleene says:


      1. Jojo says:

        … says the one that doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  19. Mike Merryman says:

    Fresh fruit!

  20. Mike says:

    Justin Beiber hot?? He looks like a chick. Not only that, isn’t he a little young to do the comb-over hairdo? That is exclusively reserved for those bald on top. Or is he (or she)????? Hmmmm

  21. Karmen says:

    who? over-hyped! don’t see much talent in the kid. not his fault. if he is not careful too much $$$ will eventually do him in.

    1. Padous says:

      This merits boos?

  22. Just4Fun says:

    @Dré MuthaPhuckin Roberts

    Why does a preoccupation with things like ‘Justin at the game’ vs. ‘personal education and job security’ have to be mutually exclusive? I go to school and go to work every day, I am buying my own house, I own my car, and I am trying to better myself. But, in all the rush and bustle I still find time to not like Justin or spend any of my hard earned money on his… uh… music? I also still find time to go to recreational events, like basketball, and I can boo any person that I like… it is still a free country (the last time I checked).

    So, your premise is wrong. People can be doing very well for themselves and still find quality time to boo Justin at the game, or read news about it and comment on others doing it. They are not mutually exclusive or prove any point about society no matter how hard you try to split the hairs. It is just some people that don’t like the kid and expressed it vocally… and if Justin can’t handle it… well, I can’t help him there. He will have to work that one out on his own since that is one of the consequences of his line of work.

    1. ObamaisMugabe says:

      And I’m sure booing a 16 year old kid must make you feel even more successful and sooooooo much better about yourself, booing a 16 year old kid… may have material success, but you are a real loser!!!!!

      1. chuckster says:

        Pretty rich and hypocritical coming from someone equating Obama with Mugabe.

  23. steve says:

    Unfortunately the price of being a celebrity is not being liked by about half the world.

  24. Frank says:

    Well he is a white kid so he’s fair game.

  25. mari n says:

    I guess ur a D I C K

    1. Nick says:

      So you like little boys with no D I C K, huh, Mari?

  26. Erin mc says:

    I love justin hes so hot!! How dare anyone boo him, who ever boos him is obvs jelous and talentless!! Love you justin and all his beiblivers 😀 xxxxxxx

    1. Richard Pagli says:

      Spell Check?

    2. Trollolol says:

      mmm… beiblivers… that’s a french delicacy, right?

    3. haha says:

      justin beibers fans at there finest right there….

  27. Chris Bove' says:

    In the pic he looks sad at just finding out not everyone loves him the way 12 yr old girls do.

  28. M says:

    I’m no fan, but who has the last laugh? He is about 16, a millionaire, has a Ferrari, and gets more A$$ than a toilet seat!

    1. ben says:

      he gets ass for sure, just what variety?

  29. Scott_121467 says:

    Get a life people, of all the things he is and is not, just remember one thing, he IS a 16 year old kid…give him a break. Don’t buy his albums if you don’t like him, don’t freaking traumatize him and humiliate him thogh…what if he was your kid? Losers..get a life!

    1. SlyDude says:

      Shut up you! He’s made millions of dollars… do you think he cares how many people boo him…? he’ll get over it!

      1. Padous says:

        Sure he’ll get over it, but the NY “fans” will never cease being bush league jerks, taking their frustrations of living under Heir Bloomberg out ona harmless young singer.

  30. Uncle Fun says:

    Remember what they did to Vanilla Ice on SNL?

    It’s comes with the money kids.

    911essentials dot com

    1. GeoPo says:

      It wasn’t SNL, it was on MTV – and it was the last time they uttered his name, banning poor Rob and his videos. It was hilarious to watch Jeneane Girrafalo’s (the stuuuuupid b1tch she is) face during the “bat” incident.

      1. Craig says:

        Actually it was on In Living Color…

  31. bluebird88 says:

    All the men picking on Justin are showing their insecurity. They know their wives, girlfriends, and daughters would leave them in a HEARTBEAT to be with Justin.

    1. Smooter says:

      Yes, an underage who can only rhyme baby with, baby, and baby, and baby….

      1. bluebird88 says:

        wow, I didnt mean anything suggestive. It’s just that it would be more fun to have lemonade and cookies while chatting with Justin than to be taken anywhere fancy by these so-called “men” picking on him.

    2. Trollolol says:

      My girlfriend DID leave me for Justin Timberlake. Thanks for bringing up the bad memeories bluebird 🙁

  32. Fred says:

    An androgynous no talent. An arena full of NY morons.

    What was the question?

    1. scottfree says:

      Fred gets a gold star for getting it right

  33. Double-R says:

    Let me just get to the point…
    Who the hell cares?

    1. val says:

      That was my thinking exactly! Bravo!

  34. Henry Thoreau says:

    I have no idea why this little boy is famous. All I know is other kids that are boys seem to not like him very much. When insulting each other they sometimes mention his name as a curse. I don’t know what’s going on, nor do I care. He’s as good a reason as any to not turn on the TV. I don’t see the point.

  35. joe says:

    Justin Who? Umm I was booing because they were airing basketball on this channel I happened to click to.

  36. Dré MuthaPhuckin Roberts says:

    lol yes they are!

  37. mzglenn says:

    And why is this news?

  38. says:

    Justin Bieber has created a product designed for teen age girls. As an older adult male his stuff does not resonate with me.

    However, after watching his interview on the Jay Leno show I have been convinced that he worked hard for his opportunity to be a star, and worked hard at it when he had his opportunity. Therefore, he has earned my respect.

    And, of all the people who were booing him because he was not an example of “excellence”, I seriously doubt any of those people were going to attend the MET tonight, attend a classic broadway musical, nor were they going to listen to anything significantly better than him anyway.

    Even though he is not in my favorite genre, I have to admit he can carry a tune, show up for work, and entertain his fans with sincere effort. ’nuff said.

    1. Dré MuthaPhuckin Roberts says:

      <3 this!

  39. Mr. Armena says:

    Who care about that moron?

  40. Ellie says:

    Maybe they were booing his hair. The kid is like 12 or something though-booing might emotionally scar him.

  41. Kevin says:

    Women and feminized men love useless, weak, clueless stars. This is why the US is a feminized, nanny-state today. Just look at the politicians that the useless US population elects….

    1. mari n says:

      Kevin wy don’t you move to N. Korea if you hate it here…….or better yet, Iran where they don’t have f a g s , remember?

  42. DesertDog says:

    Bullying??! This clown has been riding the gravy train at the expense of music for years. If he can’t take it he can give the cash back and crawl under a rock.

  43. DCBryan1 says:

    Which one is Beiber? The one to the right of Hillary Swank?

  44. ben says:

    I guess that young girl hasn’t figured out that Justin plays with his own team. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  45. Dré MuthaPhuckin Roberts says:

    i love how unsuccessful adults always boo children who are doing something with their lives… smh … that’s why America’s economy is the way it is … people who have low income jobs are more preoccupied with booing teens than they are with bettering themselves.

    1. American says:

      You have a very stunted view of reality if you think that’s the reason for our failing economy…

      1. Dré MuthaPhuckin Roberts says:

        its not the only reason … but general preoccupation with things like ‘Justin at the game’ vs. ‘personal education and job security’ IS a problem … you can split hairs because i made a general statement … but you doing so will only prove me right 🙂

      2. says:

        Hey, as a lower income American, I work hard for my money and I can tell he works hard for his. If I had the opportunity to be a star like he does I would take it.

        Just because somebody is working for a living doesn’t mean that we are hecklers of more successful people. There are plenty of jerks who are not cultured who have plenty of money to waste on a sports game.

        He does sing well. He tries hard to entertain his fan base. What is there to ask of him? Some other celebrities try to be all things to all people. That comes across as fake and lazy. Even though I don’t dig pop music designed for teenage girls, does not mean it is not a legit market.

        Lack of affordable health care, and tax deductions for companies moving overseas has much more to do with our economic problems than a well paid teenager.

  46. tylerjake says:

    Justin Bieber: The next Leif Garrett! Celebrity Rehab 2026!!

  47. Sally says:

    He was there to watch the game, he is just a kid, leave him alone. I am not a fan, but a mom, and it’s just mean to pick on someone, I don’t care if they are a celeb or not, he deserved to be able to watch the game like everyone else. This is large scale bullying, and it’s pathetic.

    1. New Yorker 4E! says:

      I agree Sally! I’m a Mom as well and I wouldn’t want spectators booing my kid either. There is plenty of unwanted envy and hatred in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if some spectators at the game were booing him because they feel envy and are spiteful towards him. He’s young but he has the world at his feet right now! Plus, he’s such a sweet kid and was raised the proper way.

      1. steve says:

        He was heckled because he was in New York. They are the rudest people in the world except for Boston.

  48. goldenhamma says:

    I’ve got the fever…..Bieber Fever!!!!!!

  49. Tommy Salami says:

    We don’t like you, Ben, so perhaps you should follow your own advice.

    1. Ben Yankin says:

      You may not like me, Tommy, but I still love you. Let’s stop fighting and make up already. I told you not to worry about it – it happens to all guys at one time or another – we’ll get you the purple pill.

      1. Jimmy Pugh says:


      2. mari n says:

        LOL @ Jimmy!

  50. Ben Yankin says:

    This is New York – if we don’t like you, we will boo you.

    If that bothers you, get your androgynous ass the hell out of Dodge.

    1. Padous says:

      Out here in “fly over country” we don’t have much use for yobs like you Ben. Big deal, you boo people you don’t like. Well, isn’t THAT special! NY isn’t the world boo bird, thank goodness.

    2. I Don't Like Ben says:


      1. Ben Yankin says:

        But I love you. That is what makes me special. You can boo me and I will continue to love you. You can throw stones at me and I will continue to love you. You can nail me to your tree and I will continue to love you.

        Peace 🙂

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