ARLINGTON, Texas (WFAN/AP) — The football field wasn’t the only place fans could get a glimpse of stars at the Super Bowl — there were plenty of famous faces watching the game as well.

As the game began, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz were flashed onto the screen and promptly booed by the Super crowd.

A-Rod, no stranger to uncomfortable moments, was broadcast all over the globe having popcorn fed into his mouth by Diaz. Fox’s Joe Buck admitted the moment bordered on awkward.

“I’m sure Alex is thrilled we just put the camera on him at that moment,” Buck said.

Plenty of other celebrities streamed into Cowboys Stadium Sunday afternoon to watch the matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.

Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Micheal Douglas are among the attendees. Owen Wilson and Jamie Foxx — who both grew up in North Texas — were also there.

As Lea Michele of “Glee” sang “America the Beautiful,” the gigantic screen in the middle of the stadium flashed to former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush, who made their home in Dallas after he left office.

Ron Howard was also spotted by the cameras at the game.

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Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker, who is married to tennis star Andy Roddick and stars in the upcoming film “Just Go With It” with Sandler and Aniston, said she was excited to be there.

“I’m a big football fan,” said Decker, who added that her husband had brought his father to the game.

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Celebrities arrived at the stadium under clear blue skies and a bright sun. North Texas endured an unusual week of ice and snow leading up to the game before the sun finally came out and temperatures went up for the weekend.

Ron Perlman, star of the television show “Sons of Anarchy,” marveled at the difference in the weather between Sunday and his arrival earlier in the week, which featured a treacherous trip from the airport.

“Now it’s gorgeous,” he said.

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  1. Paul Caraballo says:

    what is she doing with that D CK

    1. LOL says:

      same thing your woman is doing with you. It’s a question everyone is asking Cara De Bolas. LOL

  2. Anthony Gibson says:

    Really, whats so bad about two people who are together sharing food. Puritan idiots. Sorry if you lonely none happy people have never had someone feed you. Get a life

  3. Ellen says:

    Just goes to show us that A-Rod loves to be mothered. Anyone remember Madonna .

  4. Lord Kinbote says:

    That Cameron Diaz has a really large mouth. You can fit a whole lot of … um, hot dogs … in there at the same time. Yeah, hot dogs, that’s what I meant to say.

  5. BDAY55 says:

    It is kind of a motherly/control thing. As a guy, I don’t really go for that stuff. Now if all you could see was the back of her head…well that’s romantic!

  6. sk says:

    yah! that defnetly a weird picture. I see nothing romantic in putting popcorn in someones’s mouth! it just something stupid and looking for attention!

    1. Jeter says:

      SK, you’re just jealous in seeing a beauty woman like Cameron taking care of her man. Because your BOYFRIEND does not do that for you does not mean it’s weird. Don’t be a hater SK.

      1. Brady says:

        Diaz is FAR from being a beautiful woman. She definitely looks like a man, so if that’s is what you find beautiful, enjoy.

      2. Jeter says:

        Brady, you don’t find Cameron beautiful because you’re gay. You’re more of a Biebar fan. You love those little boys.

  7. Mayor Booberg says:

    Booing a Bronx Bomber? I believe booing was banned after Bieber was bummed by his booing blooper.

  8. Devenio says:


    1. George39 says:

      Now that is the best comment! This is WFAN, not the E! channel!

  9. the METHADONE man says:

    I love my METHADONE

  10. the METHADONE man says:

    Take me to the superbolw A-Rod,
    and I’ll feed you some METHADONE….

  11. Daniel Helming says:

    I don’t get being fed popcorn in public by someone else. You won’t be able to eat much…Eat the popcorn yourself! It isn’t exactly an intimate moment. I don’t care, but I question the brainpower of the two involved…

    1. Ha,Ha,Ha says:

      Daniel, do people question you about your relationship with your guy? It must’ve started as just a college thing and you loved it.

  12. mg says:

    AP needs to get back to reporting news. Get a clue.

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