By Al Jones

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The Hells Angels, who are infamous for their tough guy ways, are apparently pretty sensitive about where they rest their rears.

The Hells Angels clubhouse on East Third Street (Photo/Al Jones)

They put a metal bar across the private bench outside their clubhouse on East 3rd Street, just about daring anybody to remove it and sit down.

As though that wasn’t enough to dissuade unwanted posteriors from plunking down, there’s also a sign: “PRIVATE PROPERTY: DO NOT SIT ON BENCH NOT FOR HOTEL GUESTS.” Apparently guests from the nearby Sanctuary Guest Suites were getting too cozy.

The motorcycle group apparently is having a tougher time getting respect these days. Guests at the neighboring hotel apparently leave trash in the painted Hells Angels sidewalk planters and bravely enough sit on members’ motorcyles to get their picture taken.

“If people are sitting on the Hells Angels motorcycles it just goes to show you they don’t know who they are,” Eric Ellison, who lives next to the clubhouse, said. He said residents in the area are unhappy with the hotel but have no problems with the Angels.

“They keep to themselves, they don’t make an unnecessary fuss and they don’t bother me so I have nothing against them,” Ellison said.

Neighbors tell 1010 WINS’ Al Jones that they’re unhappy with the Sanctuary Guest Suites

The clubhouse, between First and Second Avenues, has been at that location since 1969.

We’ve decided we prefer Charlie’s Angels – check out our gallery of them from then to now here.

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  1. Sonny Barger says:

    Lay off of the Hell’s Angels, you yuppie interlopers! They were here long before you and your Starbucks were!

    If I ever came out of my house and saw some tourist sitting on my hog, I would slap him right off of it!

  2. goin2town says:

    they’ve always been very gentlemenly towards me : )

  3. dan says:

    weshardin,maybe you ought to tell them that little fact of yours to their face,not hiding behind a keyboard

  4. Paul says:

    The bench appears to be partially on their property and Mostly on the property next door so maybe this whole issue is really a non-issue on the part of the HA. Perhaps they should move their bench over a bit and let the “Hotel” put a bench beside theirs.That would be an interesting photo…”Hells Angels sitting beside vacation goers”…an uncomfortable moment.

  5. are Gee says:

    The bench isn’t in a park,it’s in front of THEIR place,and against the wall,ITS THEIRS ..Common sense should dictate that if it’s in front of a place ,it must be owned by the place…Yeah,try sitting on a bench in front of some overpriced NYC hotel and see how long before they tell You to leave..BTW,I worked up the block from The Angels in the 70’s till 1980,the safest block in NC,and any time You ran into any of Them ,They were just nice human beings..Treat People the Way You want to be treated,Sonny Barger said that…maybe those hotel guests should try living with that credo

    1. Xhdbiker says:

      Are you stupid?? It’s on nyc property! They don’t own the sidewalk! And as far as “just nice human beings”, do you have any idea what it takes to become a member of the Angels, Pagans, Breed or Highwaymen?? You must murder someone. They don’t just let you join because your ugly and own a Harley. Get it through your thick skulls.

      1. d says:

        Xhdbiker you are an idiot

      2. brad says:

        Xhdbiker is right on the mark with his membership comment.

      3. are Gee says:

        Xhdbiker,You’re an idiot and a very brave man behind a keyboard…Why don’t You go to E3rd st and tell them to their faces what their membership requirements are…You don’t have to murder someone A@#hole,but maybe you can be the first

      4. FormerAngel says:

        are Gee, you should check your facts.

  6. DAMIEN HIRST says:


  7. ny resident says:

    …and btw… it’s not a “metal bar” across the bench, it’s cheap ass plastic Con-Ed expandable pvc….. sheesh…report the facts.

  8. Roy says:

    Bring in the Pagans,and they can fight for the bench……….

  9. argyle says:

    So, are these authentic Hell’s Angels – the kind that bust up bars and pull trains on women??

    Or are these more like our modern bikers who work on Wall Street and play biker on the weekends (when their kids don’t have play-dates & if their wives will let them)??

    Hey, remember what happened to those bikers who tried to bust up one of Sonny’s bars in the movie A Bronx Tale. “Now yooz can’t leave” 😛

    1. weshardin says:

      Maybe the Hell’s Angels should concern themselves with personal grooming, like bathing more often. That’s one way to get respect! Make yourself look like you are a member in good standing of the human race.

      1. The Checkered Demon says:

        weshardin, Maybe you should stop snuffling bikers?

  10. bman says:

    try sittin on a bench at a private country club of golf club with out permission and see how long that lasts.

  11. mike says:

    FFFFCCCKK the Hells Angels they should have died with the 60’s they are a disgrace to NYC

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      FFFFCCCKK mike he should have died with the 60′s he is a disgrace to NYC

      1. flyer says:

        From what I hear the block is crime free and for the most part clean. I would like them to move to my block and clean up the crime there.

  12. J says:

    I agree with the Hells Angels. People have to learn to respect; plain and simple.

  13. Marie Munk says:

    Keeping this article in perspective, I think people are entitled to their own private property. If the bench is in fact on their property, then people should stay off of it. This article wouldn’t have been a big deal at all if it was a Women’s Auxiliary(sp?) bench or a bench in someone’s garden. Furthermore, people wouldn’t appreciate other people sitting in their cars or on their motorcycles to take photos, so show a little common human decency and don’t mess with people’s bikes whether they’re Hell’s Angels or Lil Timmy down the street with his Big Wheel.

    1. nyc res says:

      It’s on a public sidewalk!

      1. Johnny Handsome says:

        So your car is parked on a public street. Can I open it up and take a dump in your back seat? Its on a public sidewalk. Idiot.

  14. Bonnie-ex-old-lady says:

    We all seem to want respect for what is ours so why is it hard to understand that the Hells Angels deserve that same right for respect!! DO NOT JUDGE BY COLOR or in this case (COLORS), JUDGE BY CHARACTER!!! They have earned the right (since 1969) to have a bench of their own, then so be it. What part is not understood? As for sitting on one’s motorcycle for a picture…HELL NO!!! If you have that owners permission to sit, that’s one thing…BUT…if you don’t have permission to sit on that motorcycle then stay off!! If you ride a bike then you would know the protocol, as it is not acceptable behavior to sit on anyone’s bike ever!!

  15. StormsNYC says:

    Do they have a sidewalk permit like a restaurant needs to have in order to operate outdoor seating?

  16. Jesus Saves says:

    Did they sell their souls to the Devil?

    1. OpenEyes says:

      @Jesus Saves

      That is a rather ignorant question if I might say so. Being a woman of Christian faith, having a family member who was very active within HA; I can say first hand that my uncle DID NOT sell his soul to the devil! That is a stereotypical comment solely based on the name of the MC. I will not disclose things that my uncle shared with me in private or facts that many people assume about members of HA’s. My uncle was a good man, and many of the members of HA’s commit crimes, some however have different roles; they do not publicize their activities as much as society likes to speculate. I do not agree with criminal activity; murder, drug sales, etc. It should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, which I will soon partake in first hand. However, there are many other criminal organizations and groups that are a threat today that people should focus on rather than the Hells Angels! Get off their back and stay off their bikes!!! A word of advice…the Hells Angels just know first hand that there are many versions of hell on earth, it doesn’t mean that they do not know God!!

  17. 22 says:

    Men have certain underlying principles that are important to them. If you are a man, you know what those are. For those who are not men, here is what I mean. If you borrow a tool from a man, return it. If say to a man you are going to do something, do it. If you borrow a man’s car, return it with a full tank of gas. If you are on another man’s property, respect it. And never ever sit on a man’s bike. The bench issue is a matter of principle and has nothing to do with these guys being bikers. When people are so dumb, so incredibly dumb not to understand principles then action is required. And that is what happened. These guys got fed up. Thankfully, nobody has died …………. YET.

  18. Biker4Life says:

    Their bench, their decision. People need to learn to respect other people’s property.

    Come on people if it was your Clubhouse and your property you would want people to be respectful of what is yours too.

    If you haven’t lived the biker life you wouldn’t understand anyway.

    Ride to live, Live to ride!

    1. Joe Law says:

      Fine, but your clubhouse and your property doesn’t support drug dealing, murder and extortion.

      1. OpenEyes says:

        @Joe Law

        The Hells Angels do break the law, I will give you that as a factual comment. However, it seems that when they do distribute illicit substances, etc they are forever remembered for that aren’t they? Perhaps you should do some research before stating that this is all they are responisble for doing…the Hells Angels do good things as well, the problem is nobody cares to show recognition for the charitable contributions they made and raised! I am the neice of a deceased Hells Angel, who was a VERY GOOD MAN. Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself. Only God can judge Mr. Joe Law, and I am heading into LE, acquiring my BA of Science of Criminal Justice, there are two sides to every thing. Impartiality is always key, and they are not always breaking the law!!

    2. REAL BIKER says:

      Any wuss like you can own a Harley now a days. You just want to be like us

  19. tumbler says:

    If this is all it takes to make them happy I say give the friking bench, Who is the grown here.?

  20. Robert Louis Pagnani says:

    You don’t have to like the Hells Angels, but it is their bench. However, perhaps if they didn’t want people sitting in it, they shouldn’t put it in a public place. They are relying on an intimidation factor that they just don’t have anymore.

    it is their bench, though.

  21. Paul Kohloff says:

    Who does the sidewalk belong to?if its the citys sidewalk then they need a permit for the bench to be there,if somebody trips over it who’s responsible? sounds like there could be alot of legal problems here.maybe Sir Bloomy can outlaw the bench like everything else.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      If its the city’s sidewalk then why the hell was I shoveling snow off of their sidewalk last week?

  22. Jimmy says:

    I used to live near there in the 1970’s. It was the only block I felt safe walking down. I don’t know how it is now but back then there were much worse elements than the Angels in that neighborhood.

    1. Bob says:

      I also remember the low flying helicopters when they were filming KOJAK in that area.

  23. NO1Pagan says:

    They need to be locked up, not the bench. They are criminals. They are a scar that won’t heal. You can’t sit on their bench but you can buy their mugs, tee shirts and red machine bumper stickers, oh yea, and DRUGS. They are a dieing breed that needs to be put out of their misery. Support 81 my ass.

    1. Biker4Life says:

      Why is it people only look at the criminal factor of things instead of what the Club does for the community. Just because it is a Biker’s Club does NOT mean they are all criminals. HA’s also support their communities, and the safety of their neighborhoods!

      1. NO1Pagan says:

        The Hoboken MC is a biker club, so are the Trike Masters in Newark, but they don’t deal drugs or murder people!!

    2. Johnny Handsome says:

      Hey NO1Pagan, you realize this is 2011 and not 1969, right. Might want to see someone about those flashbacks.

  24. Jerry Shanahan says:

    It’s their club, it’s their bench…what’s the problem?

  25. Jerry Shanahan says:

    And then charge them $50.00 to get off the bike

  26. Jerry Shanahan says:

    If they were smart they’d start charging $20.00 for a picture on their bikes.

  27. Brooklyn B says:

    no sympathy for gangs

    1. NYC is nor for New Yorkers says:

      No sympathy for disrespectful tourists

    2. Johnny Handsome says:

      The police are the biggest gang in NYC. And they act WORSE than the Hells Angels.

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