NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Three suspects were arrested on two separate incidents of animal cruelty in New York City on Friday by animal control officers.

Humane Law Enforcement agents of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals apprehended the suspects, charging each with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

ASPCA agents responded to a report of an emaciated pit bull at a Bronx residence, and found the dog appearing extremely thin. The dog’s water bowl had completely frozen over due to the frigid temperatures.

The suspect signed the pit bull over to the ASPCA, where she was taken to Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital for treatment. Veterinarians at the hospital determined that the dog had been starved.

Bronx resident Eugene Elvin, 32, was arrested for neglecting and starving the two-year-old female pit bull. If convicted, Elvin faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

In a separate incident, ASPCA officers responded to a complaint at a Queens residence, where they found two pit bull terriers who appeared very thin. Upon further investigation by HLE agents and veterinary experts, it was determined that both dogs had been starved and there were no underlying medical problems to explain their poor body condition.

Leroy Shepard, 18, and Nikira Shepard, 20, were arrested for neglecting and starving the two dogs, a nine-month-old male and two-year-old female. The siblings were charged with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, and if convicted, they each face up to two years in jail and/or a $2,000 fine.

All three dogs are currently being treated at ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital and not yet available for adoption.

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  1. Bailey says:

    Wow Joe You ARE A LOSER!!!!

  2. Callie Nestora says:

    I hope that the punishmnets delivered are “and” not “or.”

  3. jaintn says:

    I think they should publish the address of those low lifes.

  4. jaintn says:

    What a completely moronic comment. Why can’t you care about both? You, and “people” like you, are what’s wrong with the world.

  5. voiceofreason says:


    1. Christine A. Jubic says:


  6. nathan THE GOOD SAMARITAN says:

    That was how I was raised.
    And I turned out good.
    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  7. Trish says:

    Having a pet is like having a child for 15 or more years. They need to have food, shelter, vet and dental visits, grooming, training etc…. If you do not have the money, do not get a pet.

    1. Asia says: Read this page and tell me how the ASPCA missed the boat on an obvious case of neglect and abuse that forced the CACC to return this dog to her owner. There were approved rescue groups ready to take this girl into their care, provide veterinary care, grooming and a loving home and yet the ASPCA found no cruelty.

      1. Lily from Oz says:

        Yes how did they miss the boat so bacly? I’ve got my fb friends signing up and sending the message around here in Australia. We have the same issues here also. But it was reading Baby’s story that got me off my butt to finally try and do my little bit to help. Sign the petition and write to your ASPCA to tell them how disapointed you are at the lack of action they took in her case. Please be polite as abuse will only make it harder for our voices to be heard.

  8. Pamela says:

    what sickos they will def be going to hell and oh i hope they go there fast!!

  9. Penny Lane says:

    FYI Joe, the ASPCA has had law enforcement officers with police powers since 1866. That’s “what the……?”

  10. jhuna says:

    People like this also should get the same treament.They should get not for 1 years but for atleast 5years.My question why people why you do this you should be atleast scared of GOD .

  11. elmer fudd says:

    maybe we should starve them three tough guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sharon White says:

    They should come to Contra Cost County, Ca. The courts would have gotten them off with a small fee and community service, EVEN when it was a case of beatiality and the dogs involved died from complications of a human disease. But then, a senator was involved and court personnel. Video proof, and AMPLE evidence.

  13. Nakia Colon says:


    1. Bailey says:

      I agree

  14. tom says:

    This has gone too far. No wonder no one respects the law anymore. Anyone who wants to be can be a cop. To give arrest rights to anyone is not law. They should have called in the police if there was a problem. What next. Go out and leave pussie at home will become child neglect. No. NO. No. Politicians really are the lowest form of life to allow this.

  15. Peter says:

    Those arrested for the cruely should get the same treatment. Put them in a room until they are emaciated as the dogs. Such low-lifes lack a conscience as does the idiots who cry out “government agency” and next thing Greenpeace will be arresting people. These morons should be put in a room until they are emaciated too.

  16. Mike says:

    Joe, You truely are a moron. ASPCA Humane Lae Enforcement Division is ACTUALLY a GOVERNMENT AGENCY. Let me remind you now to stay out of the city. IDIOT!!!!!!!

    1. Joe Hepperle says:

      It’s ACTUALLY a GOVERNMENT AGENCY, Mike? Uh… I think that was what my complaint was about. Other than the fact that you can’t spell, what have you brought to the conversation?

  17. Joe Hepperle says:

    ASPCA Officers?? What the…? So if I start a club and get members to join can I have my own Police force too? This is a slippery slope. Next thing you know, GreenPeace will be arresting people with their own ‘Greenpeace Law Enforcement’ officers. Remind me to stay out of New York City. My luck they probably have Yale Club Law Enforcement officers arresting people fro ‘disparagement of the Rich’.

    1. bill says:

      Stay out of NY Joe. We don’t want you here anyway. Thanks!

      1. Joe Hepperle says:

        Uh… Bill… I didn’t literally mean to “remind” me. But thanks anyway. I’ve made a note to myself that ‘you people’ in New Yawk may not understand rhetorical phrases. You’re welcome!

    2. Brian Myers says:

      You’re not as smart as you’re trying to make yourself out to be. As a matter of fact, you’re pretty dumb.

      1. Joe Hepperle says:

        I’m pretty dumb? You know Brian, for a few moments that thought made me happy. I realized that if you were right, Brian and Joe could probably be real good friends (you know, that “Birds of a feather…” thing). But you’re wrong. Sorry. Thanks for playing anyway! Next caller…

    3. Glenn says:

      Joe, the dog should be your mother………and by the way the dog is better looking.

    4. voiceofreason says:

      Joe have you ever considered suicide? You should try it.

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